Time to Shane Part 2

Emily Desmond
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Alzy looks at the weather that is blown into Vancouver. He sighs, but is grateful that he doesn’t have to travel in the fog that has settled in. He goes and sits down, grabbing the remote to the TV and DVD player, deciding that perhaps he might be able to figure more out about Priest, although Priest seems to have gone off the radar. Alzy had expected Priest to say something by now, but Priest hasn't uttered a word. It’s frustrating when your opponent can’t even say hello, and it’s really bugging Alzy. He was an Alternative champion a couple times in FTWO, and he figured that Priest would be the right challenger, having been an Alternative champion in SCW. But nothing could be further from the truth.

What’s on your mind?

Alzy turns to see his wife Candice who is coming to join him. She sits on the couch and he gets up and takes a seat so she can snuggle up to him.

Alzy: Priest is what is on my mind. What is with the people in SCW? It’s like they are all deaf mutes. I will give credit to this Owusu. He was in SCW before it closed, and at looks like he did ok. Not wonderful, but ok. However this Jacina? Not a word, and it’s not her first match that she hasn’t even said boo to anyone. Priest? As in the guy I’m facing? I will give him a bit of credit, he did show up for his matches, but basically at the very last minute as they’re shutting the door to the plane. It’s….annoying. If Lynn was in charge these people would have their heads handed to them on a silver platter.

Candice: Well you may have to work with what you have.

Alzy: I know. But crap, I can see why Emily wanted me to join her. Hell I’m surprised Lynn didn’t step in and slap these people around.

Candice: Well she did retire…..

Alzy: And look how long that lasted. She’s working over in SWAT right now.

Candice: Ok, yeah that is a bit ….it raises a few eyebrows. But we don’t know what kind offer they made to her. Plus remember she does……

Alzy: Anyway back to this Priest guy.

Candice: Take what he’s done the last few matches and I think you’ll find the answers to the questions.

Alzy: People may not like me.

Candice: People will like you just fine.

To Be Continued:

On Camera

The camera opens and it appears that Alzy is at the arena already. He’s wearing blue jeans, a light green pull over shirt, and has his bag with his gear in it over his shower. He feels a tap on the shoulder and turns around to see the cameraman. He gives a bit smile as he sits the bag down.

Alzy: Let me guess…..you want to know why I’m back! Or you want to know my thoughts on Priest. Well I’m going with option ….C which is both.

Why have I returned to SCW? Plain and simple, SCW needs me. Seriously have you looked at the talent around here? Oh please don’t get me wrong, I have the greatest respect for Jessica. I mean how can you NOT respect the lady? She has done an awful lot and hell even my son is impressed. The kid is all of three years old and even he can spot talent! Plus that was a hell of a match, and Paige darling, please don’t be too upset. I’m here to tell you that you were damn impressive, and plus look how young you are! You have a lot of life in front of you, and ok let’s say you decide to take on Jessica for the International title, once everyone else has had their chance, same with Alternative, don’t see it as a step down hon, see it as facing damn fine talent.

That brings me to the current holder, Emily Desmond. Oh I know people are already doing the whole “oh they’re related” speech, and yes she’s my niece, but that doesn’t mean I’ll hold anything back. See I want to hold the SCW Alternative title just as much as I want to hold the World title. Hell I wouldn’t mind holding them simultaneously, but I don’t want to be too selfish. You know the whole “spread the love” type thing.

Finally that brings me to the man I face tonight, and that man is a former Alternative champion, the man who Emily did beat and that is Priest. You know Priest all I hear is ….well less than six valid points and that’s this. That you were beat unfairly, that people are out to screw you over, that people are kissing management’s ass and……need I go on from there?

I mean I sat back and listened to see what you had to say the last few shows and all I’m hearing is poor me, I’m better than whoever I’m facing, I’m an icon of SCW, blah, blah, blah. I hope this hits a nerve because Priest it’s all you’ve been saying. You bitched about how Jessica held you back, then you won the Alternative title, and now I just imagine you thinking Emily is holding you back too. Um….she beat you fair and square in a ladder match. You losing? Is your own fault, no one else. You talked about why both Jessica and Emily beat you, but the way YOU make it sound is that they were out to screw you over, about how management is keeping you from the title, and such. Dude….you got your rematch for the Alternative title when Jessica beat you. You got a rematch when Emily beat you! How many rematches do you think you need? Let me guess….as long as it takes for you to win it back. Please, there are plenty others who would like shots at titles, myself included.

In the past you’ve talked about how everyone around SCW is driven by greed. Please, don’t try to deny it, I can prove it with your match a couple shows ago, when you were facing Jessica. I’ll even give you the precise line.

Priest versus Jessica Tendonin….Overdrive 42
This time you will be humbled. This time you will be humiliated, and this time you will know who the greatest of all time is. That my friend is me. But how unfortunate. That the praise and accolades you crave for is your very own. You're driven by greed.

Right there…..you said Jessica is driven by greed, never mind the woman not only holds the World title but also the International title. From where I sit that’s a damn good accomplishment. But then I hold a title shot at the Alternative title, which much drive you crazy because I KNOW how much you want that title back. Oh please, don’t sit there and try to deny it and say that the Alternative title is the only title you want, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE knows better. You think you deserve a World title shot as well, never mind that you’ve pretty much messed up every single time you’ve been given the shot you want.

Alzy walks over to a tub on the table that is full of ice water and pulls out bottled water. He cracks it open and takes a long drink. He slowly closes it while he’s thinking.

Now I have a feeling Priest that you are going to say I twisted your words, that I took them out of context. Please don’t act like you would NEVER do that because you would. We all know it. See we’re on to your little tricks and quirks and ….well the stuff that makes you an asshole. Hell at Overdrive 43 you continued your little tirade against the management of SCW and about how they’ve already screwed up but let’s correct some things you said way back when it was Survival and to start with how you seem to be laboring under this…..delusion that Paige AND Jessica are the world champion. Um….well which one do YOU want it to be? Only one of them is holding the title now, but just curious who you think it is. Then we wander into the Alternative championship and you didn’t like anyone in the match. I would have thought you’d have an interest in who ended up winning because, it’s simple. Then you would know how hard the competition would be when you decided to whine and beg and bitch about how you wanted a title shot. But hey look! Emily is still champion! So let’s bitch about how we don’t have an interest in that match.

MegaCup Finals….yeah you probably wasn’t too crazy about any of these because supposedly, at least this is the rumor and I would love for someone to confirm this, but Kennedy? Requiem? You? You’re all supposedly part of Empire, yet why is it when they need something to done YOU are nowhere to be found? Must not hold a very high position in Empire if they don’t even mention your name in the same breath as they do the name Empire.

Alzy sits the water bottle, shaking his head.

Priest of the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in awhile, and hell…..I’ve only been back a little bit and it baffles me as to why you would say this. But you bragged about how you’re one of the “most decorated champions of all time” and about how you beat everyone, including Jessica. Ok at some point you beat her, way to go. But you lost to Emily….twice. Emily even went the distance when it was just her and Requiem, she managed to take Requiem to the limit. As for what you’ve done around SCW then …..well you were Alternative champion. Yes you beat Jessica, then a couple shows later proceeded to lose the title back to her. BUT and here’s the good part…..you lost it back to Jessica! Then through a variety of reasons Eric Herrera ended up holding the title, but you managed to beat him for the title. And hell you were given a huge break because you were the only champion who managed to keep their title after SCW was on hiatus for so long. But once SCW was back….you lost to Emily, and you haven’t been able to win it back.

So do you want to dispute anything? Do you want to say “um no Emily that’s not true”. But see I’ve gone through the history, I’ve looked it all up. One thing you’ll realize about me is that I can back up what I say. Was I a hell of an Alternative champion? Yeah I was, and plan on being again. See I don’t just say shit, I say shit that I can back up. As for in the ring am I extreme? Yes I am, I’m willing to go crazy. It’s why the Alternative title is right up my alley! It’s why I’m willing to do crazy matches, and make my opponents wonder what the hell they are doing when they get me in the ring. Well Priest at Overdrive 43, right here in my home town, you will find out just how extreme I am, and it’s not even for the title!

You Priest get to be the one I use to set examples with. I’m going to use your body to say “hey pay attention to this” and have the rest of SCW taking a step back, and they are taking notes wondering just who has come to SCW and I want them doing that. I want them to know I am here, and I am the next Alternative champion, and I don’t care if I have to face friend or family, that title is mine.

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