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Here we are, at Notting Hill located in West London, England. Yeah, the same Notting Hill that Julia Roberts' movie about her falling in love with a British bookstore owner. No, the screen does not open at a bookstore, but rather at Portobello Road where most of the movie scenes took place as we see Jesse Owusu walking down the crowded street while checking out the Portobello Road Market. Ah Portobello Road Market, the world's largest antique market where you can find the most extensive selection of antiques in all of Britain. At least that's what the travel guide said. Anyway, yeah we see "Mr. Young Life" Jesse Owusu, fresh off his victory against Jacina the Jungle Girl, checking out some of the antiques with great interests and whoever is the person behind the camera and is doing a great job highlighting some of the antiques found in the market before refocusing on the main subject Jesse Owusu. How's that for a setting? Jesse Owusu has a smirk on his face once he fully pays attention to the camera and clears his throat, ready to cut a promo.

Jesse Owusu: You know, I could have cut a promo at a grave yard or at a funeral or some shit like that. I could have dressed in all black, buy a bundle of black roses and hell even hire a "priest" to host an eulogy. An eulogy of the wrestler known as Priest. Man, I had an entire speech written out for you old buddy. But then I realized, that shit is corny as fuck and I cringed for having that thought appeared on my mind in the first place. So instead, I decided to cut a promo in front of one of the world biggest and busiest market. There's no symbolism about this place relating to our match Priest. However, before I deliver a verbal ass whooping to you, let me say god bless the dead and rest in peace to Emma Chambers, the actress in Notting Hill who recently passed away.

Now then,'s sad to say this but like SCW...your career is dead. No exaggeration old pal, but your career is dead and has been dead for a long time. I hate to use the whole "ghost in the shell" phrase in two promos in the row, but you truly are a ghost in the shell. It's a sad state to see the man that I once admired turned into a miserable piece of crap. I mean damn Priest, you look so bad that Alzy "owned" you not once, not twice but THREE times. THREE TIMES! I felt the need to repeat that for exaggeration reasons by the way. Just stating the obvious. But three fucking times. One with his first promo against you before the Overdrive 43 show. The second time during the Overdrive show minutes before you two fought and then lastly when he whooped your ass in the main event of said show. And yo you know whats the worst part? People are laughing at you. LAUGHING AT YOU and laughing about oh how the mighty has fallen. Now I know what you're going to say in your promo. You're going to talk about how you're an OG of SCW and how you're a man who deserves respect. Then you're going to break some "wall" and talk about how Terel Walker told you to "put over" Alzy Hawkshaw, whatever that means... But hey keep being delusional old buddy. Man, where is Eric Herrera when you need him? He'd slap the shit out of you right now. Better yet, where is your brother Kronik? Why hasn't he slap the shit out of you yet?

Priest, you used to be one of the most decorated superstar in this wrestling business. You used to be the most intimidating guy and someone not to fuck with. Key word is "used to." But your aura has died down like your career. you're a fucking joke Priest. You hear me, a fucking joke. I mean, did you listen to yourself when you cut that promo against Alzy-boy? Like, I mean really listen to yourself. As in put aside your ego and fully listened to the nonsense you said. If you haven't, I suggest you do ASAP homie. Everything you towards Alzy made no sense whatsoever. From the comment about FTWO closing down, to Lynn Brewster and her cronies holding everyone else back to Alzy not doing research about you. Like dude, you was all over the place. Priest, you like to point fingers at everyone except for yourself and this is why you're a cause to your own downfall

Priest..what more can I say? You're a joke. An unfunny dead joke. I suggest you take some time off like I did. Take a break from wrestling. Take care of yourself and your mental state. Take a step back and focus on rejuvenating. Take a vacation or two. Hell, open your own wrestling school and become a mentor to future stars. I have a protege of my own. Her name is Malika Flores Chen and she happens to be British as well. Wanna say hi MFC?

Malika Flores Chen: Nah

Jesse Owusu Kay. Want to know the truth about you Priest? The only reason why you're still in SCW is because you're the gatekeeper of this company that everyone goes through.You're not a threat anymore, but someone whose task is to "put others over." Nothing more, nothing less. And that is what going to happen at Overdrive 44. you're going to "put me over" like an gatekeeper that you're and help build onto my credibility during my road to redemption. Don't worry Priest, I'm not going to tell you to worship me like these fucktards in the back should. I'm just going to tell you to one thing and one thing only

Prepare to face....your revelation!