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Wrestling Name: Red Dragon

Real Name (If Different from Wrestling Name):

Nicknames: Minister of Evil

Face/Neutral/Heel: Sadistic Heel

Home Town: Parts Unknown

Lives In: Parts Unknown

Billed From: Parts Unknown

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Unknown

Describe Your Gimmick if any: Sadistic and blood driven wrestler that will do whatever it takes to win a match or make sure his opponent leaves on a stretcher


Height: 6’2”

Weight: 232 lbs

Eyes: Red

Hair (Length and color):shoulder length and black

Body Appearance (Ripped, Skinny, Heavy):Ripped

Picture Base: Vampiro and on occasions Drago ... 0223161545 ... 889qd4.png

Wrestling Attire (In Ring): Vampiro - ... o_stat.png

Drago- ... 889qd4.png

Out of Ring Attire: Vampiro- ... ry0006.jpg

Drago - ... 889qd4.png

Entrance Attire: Vampiro- ... ry0006.jpg

Drago- ... 889qd4.png

Weight Class (Heavyweight / Cruiserweight / Diva):Heavyweight and cruiserweight


Interesting Facts about you (Optional):

Titles and other accomplishments: Too many to list

History/Bio (optional):

Describe Your Entrance (Optional): The arena fades to almost complete darkness as lightning flashes on the video wall. Thunderclaps are heard as Behemoth - O Father O Satan O Sun begins to play throughout the arena. Lightning continues to flash on the video wall as a cemetery is panned through. The stage erupts in flames as Red Dragon rises to the stage from below. Scanning the crowd he grins and begins a slow walk towards the ring as a blood red spotlight is on him. . Once at ringside he slides under the bottom rope and rolls up to his feet as a Pentagram appears in the middle of the ring. Fire erupts from all four corner post as he leans against the ropes with the bloody femur in his hands waiting on his opponent.

Entrance Theme: Behemoth - O Father O Satan O Sun

Valet/Manager (Optional):


Wrestling Style: Technical, High flyer, submission

Strengths: speed

Weaknesses: cocky, risk taker

Is Bleeding allowed? (Do you give permission for your character to bleed in a match): yes

Reaction to Blood: Loves it and goes crazy


(Unless otherwise stated, unlimited number of moves. You MUST Number your moves! be realistic with your characters size and moves; a 300lbs brawling is not doing a Springboard Tornado DDT)

Submission Moves: *
1 Flying Scissor Heel Hook
2 Rolling Single Leg Crab
3 Figure Four Leglock
4 Cloverleaf Anklelock
5 Reverse Deathlock-->Muta Lock
6 Deathlock Octopus
7 Russian Legsweep-->Grounded Octopus Stretch[/url]
8 Chinlock Surfboard
9 Bow and Arrow Stretch

Front Grapple Moves:
1 Snapmare-->Shoot Kick to Back
2 Drop Toehold-->Standing Moonsault across opponent's back
3 Sheerdrop Snap Suplex
4 Shinbreaker-->Teardrop Suplex
5 Dragon Screw Legwhip
6 winging Hangman's Driver
7 STO backbreaker-->Hangman's Neckbreaker
8 Final Cut Backbreaker-->Neckbreaker
9 Gory Backbreaker
10 Pendulum Backbreaker-->Gutbuster
11 Arm-Trap Lung Blower
12 Double Underhook Lung Blower

Behind Grapple Moves:

1 reverse neckbreaker,
2. Electric Chair Drop,
3. reverse brainbuster,
4. full nelson into backstabber,
5. chicken wing,
6. reverse chinlock,
7. blue thunder bomb,
8. Dragon suplex with bridge
9 German suplex,

Striking/ Attack Moves: * Knife Edge Chop to Windpipe
1 Snap Jab/Chop Flurry
2 One-Two Punch combo-->Shoot Kick to Leg
3 Dropkick to Knee
4 Super Stiff High Standing Dropkick
5 Kicking Combination-->Jump Spinning Back Kick
6 Corner Bootscrapes-->Facewash Kick
7 Flying Knee Strike
8 Repeated Knees from Clinch/Grounded Chancery
9 Chop Block

Running Moves:
1 Hard DDT
2 Mat Slam
3 Spear
4 Spear and punching
5 Engulfed in Darkness (Side effect)
6 Thrust Kick
7 Big boot (like test's)
8 Spinning wheel kick
9 Roaring elbow
10 Running Thai knee
11 Running Thai elbow

Arial Moves:
1 Backspring Asai moonsault
2 Baseball slide to the groin
3 Frankensteiner off the apron
4 flying somersault senton
5 Leaping through the ropes Frankensteiner
6 shooting star press
7 suicide dive
8 Swanton Bomb

Apron Moves: 1 CANNONBALL
4 hurricanrana

2 springboard running front flip senton
3 springboard
4. springboard enziguri,
5. springboard running front flip senton
6. springboard swanton,
7. springboard hurricanrana

Turnbuckle Moves:
1 Top Rope Power Bomb
2 Snake eyes
3 Tree of woe with mutable knees
4 Blatant choke
5 Punches to jaw
6 Praying Rope Walk (Hakushi/Jinsei Shinzaki rope walk)
7 Knee Drive ( Stands on top rope and then drives his oppoent to the ground with their head tucked under his knees)
8 Stinger Splash

Signature Moves:

1 Carnage Clutch

(Modified Camel Clutch/Dragon Sleeper)

{Opponent is straddled like the beginning to the Camel Clutch but instead of hooking their head and arms Red Dragon locks them in a Dragon Sleeper with their legs stretched out under him}

2 Dawn's Twilight

{Red Dragon executes a springboard Moonsault and catches his opponent by the head locking them in position for a reverse DDT. Instead of dropping to the mat Red Dragon lifts the opponent into the air and delivers an Osaka Street Cutter driving their head down into his shoulder}

3 The Gallows

{The victim is on their stomach, Red Dragon kneels down and grabs the victim's leg and places it over his shoulders and neck. Lifting the victim into a modified crab position Red Dragon kneels over them and applies pressure to the thigh and shin with his left arm, bending the victim's knee across the back of his neck. While kneeling over the opponent he uses his right arm and drives his forearm repeatedly down into the back of the opponents head}

4 Slam of Sin

{Opponent is set on the top turnbuckle and Red Dragon climbs to the second turnbuckle. Lifting the opponent across his shoulder he sets them up for what could be a fallaway slam. Instead of falling back to the mat Red Dragon turns and drives the opponents head into the ring post with a Death Valley Driver}

5 Legacy of the Disturbed

{Opponent is lifted into position for a vertical suplex before being dropped into a piledriver}

Finishers: Finisher 1: Nail in the Coffin

---Description: spinning backwards 450 splash

Finisher 2: Devils clutch

---Description: Stf/Double Chickenwing submission

Finisher 3: (only used when he injuries a wrestler) Soul Shredder -hammerlock arm snap

Favorite Weapons: bloody femur wrapped in barbwire

Weapon Finishers: Femur across throat to choke the opponent


Name/Handle: Randy

Age: 43

Experience: around 15 years

How did you find SCW (So that we know what is working):searching internet
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