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Please ask your questions about this format in here. I know people are apprehensive about anything that is different, and I would like to alleviate any and all concern. Posted below here is the general format and how things will be done here. For the below example, I'm going to use the feud I'm in now in CWF (Nate Redman vs. Chris Heel w/ Alex Barron - No DQ Match)

PPV Cycle: 4 TV Shows (bi-weekly) ending with a PPV

Before the Cycle: Execs will pair off the handlers into feuds. PMs will be sent to said handlers to give them their feud details.
Nate Redman vs. Chris Heel w/ Alex Barron. This is going to be based off what happened last month with Nate Redman's surprise debut and interruption of Barron/Heel promo. You have already teased a history between Barron/Thalia/Redman, so we would like you to play off that. Heel is the odd man out and his partnership with Barron is new, so he could be upset in regards to this man appearing out of nowhere and throwing a wrench into his plans.

Once you receive the details, you need to communicate with your feud partner(s) to determine what the storyline is going to be. Below is the feud plan that me and my partners came up with. You can either plan things week to week, but I've always found it beneficial to plan the entire cycle out in advance.
wrote:2/27 Annihilation
Segment 1: At Drastic Measures, KK said he would give me permission to the building. However, due to this “big announcement” that is set to take place, when Redman arrives to the building, he finds out that his clearance has been revoked and he is not allowed into the building. Redman clearly is not happy by this but there’s a big enough security presence available at the door that Redman decides to live to fight another day and walks away, visibly irritated.

Segment 2: I figure we could have an “unannounced match” with Barron (and Thalia present). Before the second competitor comes out, there’s a disturbance in the crowd. Redman bursts through the crowd, catching security off guard and gets into the ring. Redman blindsides Barron before he can realize what is going on and there is a massive brawl. Redman is not only fighting Barron, but fighting off security as they rush to the ring. Thalia is screaming for Redman to stop, and its touched upon that there is some sort of weird tension between Redman and her. Heel, you would run down once Redman has the upper hand and blindside Redman, leading to a two on one assault. During this Thalia is screaming for Barron and Heel to stop, adding to the speculation of Redman/Thalia connection. Redman is left in the dust in the ring among massive destruction.

3/6 Annihilation
Segment 1: Could have a backstage segment where Barron and Heel are celebrating their beat down of Redman last week. Thalia is only going through the motions of the celebration; Barron is unaware. Barron and Thalia start to walk away (maybe to have the match they were supposed to have last week) and Heel grabs Thalia. Heel says that he’s not stupid and sees what is going on. Heel threatens her and says she’s not going to Oko the momentum that they have going. Thalia, half afraid and half pissed, stands there as Heel walks away.

Match 1: Barron vs. ???
Doesn’t really matter who he faces. Heel comes down shortly after the introductions (coming from the conversation with Thalia). Barron wins the match, and the two men do a beat down on whoever is his opponent is. Barron notices Thalia is not there, but not enough to stop celebrating. The camera cuts to the back and we see Thalia is still seething, before getting on the phone.

No Redman promo to sell the injury. I can write the match or something.

3/13 Annihilation
Segment 1: Another Barron/Heel promo this time setting up a game plan for Conquest. Heel seems distracted and Barron bites on the bait. Heel talks about his concerns with Thalia and points to some evidence about a connection with Redman. Heel implies that she is going to screw him, and with the biggest match in Barron’s career coming up at Conquest, he shouldn’t have to worry about who’s coming at him to put a dagger in his back. This gets Barron to contemplate his situation again as he looks over the evidence presented to him by Heel.

Segment 2: Heel runs into Thalia and verbally instigates her again. Heel’s motivation being that he wants Thalia to prove his point that he was trying to make with Barron. Heel walks away and Thalia is seething. She hops on the phone and asks “how soon can you get here?”

Segment 3: Thalia comes out, still seething and calls out Barron. Barron is confused with what’s going on. Suddenly Redman comes through the ramp and Barron begins to yell out that security needs to get down here but none of them are moving. Thalia reveals that Redman is her special guest for the evening and Barron is not happy. Redman steps into the ring and Thalia talks about some of their past history, and that they used to be a tremendous team and that she was the one that indirectly caused the rift, etc. She’s always felt bad about that. When Redman showed up, she knew it was her opportunity to right that wrong. She thought Heel could be part of that too but he’s too selfish, naïve to see that. She says she’s been talking to Redman for days, and that he’s finally willing to let things go. Redman talks for a brief moment about this and has Barron contemplating this arrangement. Redman extends his hand but before Barron can make a decision Heel comes out. Heel reiterates his points that he made to Barron earlier and she even went as far to prove his point by admitting that she’s done this to him before. There’s some more squabbling between Redman and Heel that ends up with them shoving each other. Barron then makes his choice and attacks Redman, much to Thalia’s dismay. 2 on 1 on Redman again leaving him down and out in the ring and Thalia not sure what to do next.

3/20 Annihilation
Segment 1: Barron/Heel come out united and call out Thalia. It’s time for her to make a decision. Does she want to be part of this group or not. Before Thalia can answer, Redman comes down through the crowd and attacks Heel and Barron. Sends them both scrambling before grabbing a microphone. Lays down the challenge to Heel for a match at Conquest. Heel laughs him off saying that he’s not even contracted here. Cue Alloy. Alloy says he’ll allow it; and if he impresses, he will definitely have a contract. Heel is pissed off and refuses. Alloy says its not up to him, and that if he doesn’t take this match, not only will he be suspended, but Barron will be removed from the Main Event. Now both men are livid and Heel begrudgingly accepts the match.

3/27 Annihilation
Segment 1: Alloy decides that Redman deserves a tune up match before he fights Heel at Conquest. Heel is also scheduled with a match.

Match 1: Heel match – Heel wins

Match 2: Redman match – Redman wins; Heel comes out post match and lays a beating on him with a chair. Heel decides that if he is going to have to face Redman at Conquest, its going to be on his terms; a No DQ match.

3/31 Conquest (PPV)
Match 1: Nate Redman vs. Chris Heel – No Disqualification Match
Essentially from that point on the feud partners would write these segments (above there is a lot of co-promos but really the design of your feud is up to you. You can set it up where there is a lot of solo promos). The fed above is a weekly fed. FTW is going to be bi-weekly but its the same idea.

After the final TV show of the cycle, there is a normal 2 week RP period going into the PPV. There's normally not any segments on the PPV anyway, so your focus would turn to facing each other in a traditional RP duel to determine the winner of the feud (unless there is plans to the contrary).

There's typically a week off after the PPV to set up the new feuds and get the details out to everyone. Please ask any questions you have as I think if given a chance here, you all will like the format.

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