Priest Responds

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The hour is mid evening as noise is heard in the background. Chattering is heard as the local crowd is awe of a certain individual that has just arrived. Surveying the environment, the onimous stranger just walks the streets of Protobello Road in London, England where Jesse Owusu was just a few days ago. Looking around, the stranger checks out some of the antiques and as he does, one piece in particular catches his eye. Looking at it with great interest, the shop owner sees him and tries to make a sale.

Shop owner: Can I help you sir?

Man: How much is this piece?

Looking at it, the shop owner doesn't hestiate as he names the price.

Shop owner: That runs at $1,500.

Man: I'll take it.

Shop owner: Very good sir. Are you here for business or for pleasure?

Laughing slightly, the man responds.

Man: Both.

Shop owner: Well uh.... Priest, that's a authentic antique and it's one of my best pieces.

Priest: I know. Thank you.

As Priest takes the object he bought, Priest smiles as he notices the camera crew.


So what did you expect Jesse? Did you expect me to do a normal promo in a backround familiar to you? I thought about it, and I decided to do exactly what you did. Find a non symbolic place to where nothing relates to either you or me. But you know what? I actually like this place. I was able to find a rare antique and I wasn't even planning to buy anything today. But with the formalities aside, let's cut to the chase.

I saw your promo and I must say it amused me. It amused me so much that I felt the need to instill some much needed advice into you young man. I am willing to accept my downfalls. I mean I failed plain and simple. But unlike you I didn't run like a little bitch when times got rough. The last time I saw you, you got your ass handed to you by Eric Herrera. As much as I hate the guy, he beat you and after that you disappeared. You disappeared and not one single person even knew you left. Damn man. Not one person knew you left. You see Jesse, it's not about winning or losing for me. It never was. The fact is the only thing that's dying is the SCW. That's right I said it. The SCW is slowly dying and it will meet it's demise very soon.

Why is the SCW dying, might you ask? Just look at it's current roster and you'll find your answer. The SCW was filled with talent at one point. We had Frostbite, Requiem, Drew Stevenson, Jordan Post. The SCW was filled with the elite and the future of this business. But what happened? Greed and politics are what drove it the damn ground. I've said it before and I'll say it again, too many superstars are putting a stranglehold to hold onto their spots not giving others to share the spotlight. That's the problem in the SCW and if it continues to run its coarse, the SCW will die.

Why do you think they have you facing me Jesse? Think about it son. THERE'S NO LEFT!!!!!!!!!!! Hell you beat Jaciina. Well done. But on the flip side, I've beaten Jacina. When you fought her, you fought like you didn't have a heartbeat. So let me tell you something son. I'm not one to piss off and you my friend have. So now, I'm just going to beat some respect into you. I must thank you, Jesse. For if it wasn't for you, I would have forgotton who I was. My name is Priest and I am your worst nightmare.

Prepare to face your revelation?

Prepare to face your demise.

I'm going to remind you just who the hell I am and when it's over you will bow at my feet. Be prepared son, because you're in for a war.