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(Off camera)

Brian is at Cosmo's which is located in the city of Baltimore. As he walks into the restaurant he notices that Requiem is already there. As well as Andrew Cohen. He walks up to the table and he sits down with them the waitress walks up and Brian looks up and smiles at her and it orders him self a sweet iced tea as he takes the menu from her looking to see what he's going to be getting to eat.

Requiem:. "I got some decent news for you Brian, the doctors are looking into me to return to the ring."

Brian:. "Damn that is some great news brother!"

Andrew:. "The Empire might rise up higher than we are already. What sucks is Brian hasn't had to defend the titles because there's no tag teams worthy of stepping up to it to anybody and don't matter what combination we are be Death Sentence or the DEA or you to as the Empire. "

Brian: "Yeah I just finally got to listen to what this Jonathan Mills character had to say about me the best he could come with is, I step on kittens I mean come on now what kind of clown is going to try to come at somebody that's going to be facing and is one of his biggest matches of their career and say that I step on kittens that I think I'm a bad guy this dudes a damn clown."

They all laugh.

Requiem: "Oh Brian if I know you I know you already have some things that you're going to go and say to him that might just ruffle his little feathers."

Brian: "You already know!"

Andrew: "Well Brian I got some pretty big news for you I've been thinking about coming over to SCW."

Brian: "That's great news. I'm just waiting to see who Terel is going to put in place to try and take the Tag Team Titles off of us. I mean we have held them since SCW reopened. I don't see us losing them any time soon."

The other two nod in approval. The facts remain. Brian is on the verge of being the longest reigning champion in history of the company. The waitress walks up and he orders his self a full Cheesesteak with the works and then he wears his self another drink which is a jumbo half and half.

(On Camera)

Brian is seen sitting at his favorite restaurant eating Cheesesteak with his jumbo half and half. he takes his drink of his half and half as he's finishing up watching what Jonathan knows I just said for their upcoming match in SCW. As he speaks the rest of the men sit in silence.

Brian: "Jonathan it seems as though you seem to think that I'm just going to be an easy victory for you here and our upcoming match. The truth is I'm looking forward to this because what I've seen you are one of those men that actually will make me work to win."

He Chuckles.

"You see I'm actually looking forward to this match, I actually want to see if you can bring to the ring all of this that you that you talked to the ring. Because up to now everybody that mr. Walker has put in front of me has been nothing but a huge disappointment. When this company reopened I knew that I was going to be standing at the top of the food chain and well the truth is I am at everybody that I am aligned with our as well. you see Jonathan you're going to have to learn the hard way about who Brian Kennedy really is and all the time that you've been sitting here watching you should have been researching and learning who it is that you're going to be standing across from in the ring."

He smirks. he stands up and he walks over across the restaurant to a wall and on this wall are all kinds of pictures of Brian from when he was a teenager growing up pictures of him in the gym training pictures of him standing on the street with all bunch of his friends Brian looks back at the camera.

"As you can see I've been involved in this business since I was a teenager but the past doesn't matter I can see hear and talk about all the world titles I've won. I could stand here and talk about all the Tag Team titles that I won. But in the realm of this time and existence that shit doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is what's going to happen in the future here within a couple of days we will find out who is the better wrestler who is the better man and he will be moving on and climbing up the ladder at this company. And my plans is for that person to be me. I've stood around and watch all you rookies walking into this company taking all the veterans, the ones that use their blood their sweat their tears to build this company to the side. Well that isn't going to be happening anymore."

He walks over to the counter where the register is and hands the girls standing there a $50 bill.

Brian: "Keep the change."

Cashier: "Thank you!."

He walks towards the door of the restaurant and turns looks at the his team mates and nods and walks out the door as the cameraman follows he continues to speak. Requiem and Andrew follow behind them.

"Son, the clock is ticking. The time is running out I asked you are you worried do you have any doubts that you're going to be able to beat me because that's exactly what you should be thinking. And see I want you to take time and listen close to what I'm saying. You noticed that little Spark in the corner of your eye that's your career and well that spark was going to start to fade as a Time grows closer for us to be standing in that ring and us to fight and I'm going to knock that spark out of your life. Me beating Azly was just the beginning. That was the night that Brian Kennedy the monster I've been awakened and when I was awakened I have had the taste of blood since and that's what I'm coming for our match I'm coming for your blood I'm coming to hear you cry and pain I'm coming to beat the living hell out of you and to see how much of a beating you can take. I'm going to see if I can beat you so bad that the doctors have no choice but to put you up on the shelf for a while and I'm going to continue to do that to every person that stands in the rain with me until I'm holding the world title again. I've put this locker room on notice and I'm hoping and praying that he'll that you've taken notice to what I've said and as I told Azly I want you to take that personal because it's all good business.

Brian stops walking and he looks deep into the camera.

"Jonathan Mills this was your fair warning and it was brought to you by Brian Kennedy the one-man apocalypse."

The scene Fades back to a Empire logo.

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