From the Shadows

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Brian is seen standing in The Empire's lair.  He is standing there watching all the latest rants and raves from the SCW Locker-room.  He laughs as he finishes Emily's last attempt at making her feelings known.  At this point The Empire has held the Tag Team titles long enough for them to have gotten comfortable. Requiem has just made the injuries known from the attack.  He has an idea as to two made the attack and the way he was told.  He had to pick a new partner and put up the Tag Team Titles.   He is facing a nobody from the jobber division and Jacina should know now that Brian is going to do his best to finish off the poor girl's career.   It's the best thing he can do.  As the camera pans out to show a list of names.  You can't make out who the names are but you can tell Brian has been putting in some work on a new project.   
Brian:  "Jacina, look at you.  You are a big joke and shouldn't even be allowed on the roster of SCW.  You will never amount to be anything worthy of even being named in the same sentence as I am.   You have never been nor will you ever be a Champion.   The most you can hope for is being a one hit wonder.  I have done things that have been thought of as Legendary, I have beaten people who you could only wish you could smell the jock strap of.   You, you're nothing but a joke.  You are nothing and you should just retire while you have the choice.  Because if you step in the ring with me.   I am going to do my best to end you.   You see, this is just as much for the rest of the roster as it is for you." 
Brian takes out a Bud Ice and cracks it open.  He takes a long drink before looking back at the camera. 
"There are some things in the works Jacina, you might have thought The Empire is falling.   Well, things are just now going to pick up.   Things are going to happen that will not only shock the wrestling industry.  But will also change the lives of a few people.  You see, there was someone who thought it wise to attack and try to end my partner and my best friend's career.   They took him out and the length of time it will take for him to come back is a huge mystery.   But, someone has agreed to come back to team with me to do what we have already done.  You see, there are others.  Besides Andrew Paine who I have went undefeated with.   Who has helped me retire Tag Team Titles when companies have shut their doors.   SOD thinks they are going to come to 450 and take us out.   There are several who think they have the balls to come stop me from bending this company to my will." 
He chuckles as he keeps talking. 
"So, this is to you Jacina, and to whoever attacked Requiem.   You wanted the beast to be woken, you wanted to see what Brian Kennedy is all about and what I can still do in the ring.  Hell Fire found out and so shall the masses as things become known to the entire locker room.  The DEA shall not fall, The Empire will never crumble and when the smoke clears.  Brian Fucking Kennedy will stand tall, hand raised in victory.  Shit is just now heating up.  Come show me what your made of.   Come bow to the master.   For the record, don’t take what I have said too personal.   It's all in good damn business." 
The scene fades out to an Empire logo.