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David Pryor w/ Elijah vs Britani Gattis

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RP limit of 3 max
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Scene 1: More Bullying

Britani (Narrating): It had been a week since I was released from the school prison, along with my friends. We wanted back at Melissa for having us put in jail and would get the revenge we were after on her. She wanted us in jail? Well too bad, we were out now and were about to go find her and get our revenge on here, as she still had not paid her money to me. But as we're looking we see her, wearing new glasses, as well as her trademark kneepads, which would give us a target to work on. But she also had a broken arm it seemed. This girl really was a klutz and injury riddled.

”Oh look. It's that freak, Melissa again. Aww you broke your arm? That's awesome. We may as well break your other arm. Where are you off to in such a hurry?”

Britani (Narrating): My group then follows her, as she leads us to her gymnastics area. She would then get on trampoline and start bouncing. As Taryn and Tiffany distract the teacher, I sneak up to Melissa and wait for her to jump to the edge of the trampoline, at which time, I bounce up, landing both of my feet into her back, sending her flying. She then lands on her arm, crying, as I signal for my group to run, then follow them. The teacher then comes over, hearing her crying, as we hid where we couldn't be seen.

”Miss Stephens, Britani and her thugs attacked me while I was on the trampoline. I think I broke my other arm. Someone call a doctor!”

Britani (Narrating): As the teacher goes to call an ambulance, the group then goes back out to mock her. Taryn steals Melissa's glasses and puts them on, while she grabs her own arm, mocking Melissa's injury. Taryn then speaks, in a mocking voice.

”Owie. I broke my arm! Someone call a doctor! I'm just glad they didn't break my glasses again. I hope they don't or I can't see again. Oww my knees are so bad that I need kneepads. Maybe I should quit life and die.”

Britani (Narrating): As I smirk in the background, the teacher returns and we decide to split. We all had class and didn't want to get caught again. But Taryn was nice enough to give her glasses back as she left. As we leave, an ambulance would come for Melissa, who was not only injured but in bad shape in more than just her arm. She wasn't getting off her back and thought it might be broken or severely injured. As they load her into the ambulance, the entire class drops to a knee, in prayer, as we sneak out, knowing it would be the perfect time. We then decide to skip the rest of the day at school for some fun.

”So what do you girls want to do? I sure don't want to go back to school. So why don't we go hang out and smoke, maybe drink a bit. We may not be old enough but I got ways around that, no doubt about it.”

Britani (Narrating): As I wait an answer, I light up a cigarette, and begin smoking it. At that time, Taryn had an idea. When she had an idea, an evil look would cross this sexy red head's face. I'd had feelings for Taryn since last year but had no idea how I would even tell her yet. As she speaks, her exotic voice becomes more apparent. She had come to the US from England, so her accent was pretty damn hot, haha.

”Well, Britie, I was wanting to go grab a drink and maybe do some shopping but it's really up to you, mate. You're the leader of the pack, mate and it's high time you made some decisions here.”

At that time, the scene fades off, as I smile, with my blue eyes shining in the sunlight. I loved my beautiful blues as did a lot of people and it seemed that it was what attracted people to me, specifically girls. Even though I was a lesbian, no one knew it yet. But Taryn would soon.

Scene 2: The Promo

As the scene returns to present day, Britani is seen, as pissed off as she's ever been seen, at the comments of RDS, towards her own sister in a past promo, as well as her trainer and any one she was associated with. As she prepares to address him, she sneers.

”RDS, you want to make fun of my sister and anyone associated with her, calling us the suck squad? Well here's a hint. All of us, even me, worked our asses off to get where we are. We weren't handed shit. So you can get your facts straight. My sister had two failed careers as a teacher and a movie star before hitting it big in wrestling. Our family friend, Angelle, falied in teaching before becoming a rocker and a wrestler. And me? I've been mistreated any place I've been, including here. But you see, the reason your taking your frustrations out on innocent people is simple. You're jealous. All of us have had wins here in UHW, but because of your beliggerent bitching about losing, it's earned you even more losses. So here's a hint. Man up, if you got any balls at all, and take ownership of your own damn mistakes. Oh and since you can't seem to respect anyone that I care about, I'm just going to beat it into you.”

I then smirk, as I know what to say next. There was a lot to be said about this classless piece of crap. There was a lot to be said about the way he treated people who left his company, which was now failing big time. As I let the camera take a shot of my ice blue eyes, I take a cigarette out of my pocket and begin smoking it as I speak.

”Sadler, you deserve to have respect for other wrestlers beaten into you. You act as if Angelle, Eric and Brandy, as well as Hendrickson, Marvin Shadows and so many others are your property just because they work or have worked for you. I've sat back and watched the atrocity you call shows. I sat back and watched you disrespect my family and friends long enough. So, if you don't want to be beaten within an inch of your pathetic, sorry excuse for a life, I suggest you shut the fuck up before I knock your teeth so far down your throat that you're gonna need dentures to eat.”

A sick, evil smile then comes across my face. One that hadn't been seen since I beat the fuck out of Melissa back in seventh grade, multiple times. In my own estimation, Rage was a pest that deserved to be exterminated. And I would be the one to do it. As sick and twisted as I was, there was an even more sick and twisted Britani inside.

What you need to do is get your head out your ass and realize that everyone you pissed off MADE UCW what it was. I watched Brandy's run in UCW, as she is my sister, and under Hendrickson was when UCW was at its peak. Where were you? You were hiding under a rock like a damn chicken shit. Well it's fitting because lately, that's what you have been. You've bitched about people leaving ucw. You've bitched about losing. It's time you got your head out your ass and realized that these idiots in UHW can't stand a damn crybaby. What all of us want is for you to crawl back into your hole and realize that your time in this business is up. And if you're looking to retire, I'd be happy to end your worthless career for you. Because I'm going to break your neck anyway for everything you've done to my family and friends. For every unflattering word you've said, you get my fist down your throat. And when I'm done with you, all that will be left is a broken neck.”[/color]

I then smile, evilly, as I decide to wrap this up. I had said a lot of what no one had the balls to do so about RDS and his constantly running mouth that spewed nothing but diarrehea. I'd had enough of his verbal diarrehea and actually felt much better after letting off how I felt about this whole situation.

”David and RDS, as I stated a month ago, I am a ruthless individual. I've been beathing the shit out of people who crossed me since I was in seventh grade. And Rage, I've already covered you but you definently need to have the shit kicked out of you. As for you, Elijah, all I can say is that you too will bear witness to the bloodiest beating you've ever taken part in. You are just an innocent bystander in a beating in which Rage deserves. However, should you decide to get involved, you too will suffer that same beating that Rage will garner. But Rage has made this quite personal and it is time to teach some respect. David, you have two choices. You can help me beat some respect in to this arrogant prick, or I can beat the hell out of you too. What's it going to be?”

As the scene fades, I then punch the camera, with my brass knucks, to send a message to my opponents. I had hoped what I had done had scared them and maybe put me across as a crazy girl because its what I was looking to do. But now, it was time to get packed and ready to get to the show.