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Looking to join SCW-UCW? You've come to the right place! Any questions can be posted directly in this thread, or start your own topic in this forum (and only this forum).

This is where you send in your contracts to be perused by the Staff. If and when you are accepted, within 48 hours, your contract will be posted directly into the appropriate forum by the SCW-UCW Board account. If there are any issues, a staff member will PM you. Only Admins have access to start new threads in those areas. However, if you ever need to update your contract, you can reply to it with the new information, and we will edit it in.

SCW-UCW takes contracts for Single Stars, Tag Teams, Stables, and even NPC's (Non-playing Characters, such as managers). One note; if you submit a tag team, please have contracts for each member available.

SCW is a CAW fed which means original creations ONLY. The Roster List will have current information on Lookalikes, Entrance Themes, and even text color usage (specifically for show coding). It will include current AND past roster member of SCW-UCW (former stars for either solo fed will NOT be included).

SCW Application do not need to follow this exactly, but please provide all the info that is asked for. If you have an application from another fed that is more extensive please feel free to use it here.


Ring Name (If Applicable):





Allignment (Heel/Tweener/Face):


Home Town:


Entrance Music:

Entrance Destcription:

Ring Attire:

Sample Moves (At least 10, more the better):

Signature Move(s):

Finishing Move(s):

Short Bio:

Curtain Jerker
Curtain Jerker
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[align=center]Current Creative Team[/align]
Star, Kinvar, RDS, Bondic, Kris
Phoenix (parttime backup)

[align=center]General Fed Rules[/align]

Remember. This is a game. Have fun!

Be respectful to your fellow players and the Staff here. This rule applies to Staff as well. If someone is being disrespectful, let an admin (Star, Kinvar, RDS) or a Staff member (Bondic, Kris) know. If one of them is being disrespectful, let a different admin or staff member know.


The new card will usually go up two days after the show. If the show is a bit late, the card will go up within 24 hours.

Promos have two deadlines. The first will be 24 hours before the final. All deadlines are 11:59 Central Standard.

A show cycle is three week. Two for promos, one to build the show.

[align=center]Promoing Rules[/align]

In order to be allowed to promo in the final 24 hours, you must have a single promo in before the first deadline hits.

The initial promo cannot be a placeholder. Placeholder is defined as a short promo, usually a few lines, clearly meant to show the illusion of not being a no-show. Placeholders will be ignored.

To prevent unfair last minute sniping, you can only post one RP in the last 6 hours. It doesn’t matter if it’s your second or your fifth.

We judge RP’s by quality not quantity. So even if you do post five rp’s, that doesn’t automatically mean you will win because your opponent only posted one.

SCW-UCW allows both On-Camera and Off-Camera promoing. OC is most widely known as Character Development, and we do like the effort. However, this is still a wrestling fed. If your promo is solely CD, or even 75% CD, there's a good chance it will fail to win the match. Be sure to label each section of your promo so there is no confusion.

We allow for one no-show. On a second consecutive, your character will be buried, via match or outside attack, and placed Inactive until you speak to an Admin or Staff Member. If you know you're going to be unable to promo for a show, let someone know. Even if it's during the promo period, at least we have a clear understanding of the situation, and can work with you.

There are time limits placed on Editing Posts after they go up. Please try to use the Preview Post feature to make sure your work is set the way you want it. *No one, not even Admins, can Edit a Post without a notation showing.*

Promos are judged by members of staff. Staff members are NOT allowed to vote on their own matches, and all votes must be accompanied by a short reason as to why they voted as such. In the event of a staff members match, another party will be brought in to vote in the same fashion.

Rape, killing, racial slurs, other violence, and sexual content is allowed, but only with characters that you create (thus you control them). If you are doing one of these things towards another handler's people, you must have THEIR permission before posting said RP. Basically, PM them and tell them what you're going to do, even allow them to see that part of your RP, and make sure they are ok with it. If you think your RP may be too graphic or offensive to anyone due to its content, submit it to Star for approval. You will be told one of three things: It’s OK to post, to add an OOC note at the top to warn people, or you may be asked to edit parts of it. If a graphic/offensive RP is posted without consulting me first, it will be deleted and you will be subject to suspension or immediate firing, depending on the severity of the content.

No "stealing" them from other people, also known as ripping. This means you take someone's RP and only change the names to fit your character. Anyone found in violation of this WILL be dismissed from the fed immediately AND it will result in being banned from the board as well. You must be able to prove that your RP's are your own work. This includes match writing as well.

[align=center]Writing Rules[/align]

SCW-UCW accepts help for Match and Segment writing from anyone that chooses to do so. You can offer in the Card thread each show, or PM staff. We know you have good ideas for what you want to see, so let us hear them!

*These rules will be changed and amended as needed, and a notice will be posted in this thread. If there is anything you don’t agree with; If you feel you can discus it 100% civilized, there is a thread for that exact purpose. If you think it could upset or offend someone, drop us a PM and we’ll talk about it.*
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Curtain Jerker
Curtain Jerker
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April 15th, 2014, 7:38 pm #3

For all things concerning SCW-UCW's Rules and Regs, chat it up in here.

Curtain Jerker
Curtain Jerker
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April 15th, 2014, 8:14 pm #4


Ring Name ~ Color ~ Entrance Theme ~ LookAlike

Allie Queen - Violet ~ N/A ~ Elisha Cuthbert
Anne Carpenter - HotPink ~ N/A ~ Susan Coffey
Brian Solie - DarkKhaki ~ N/A ~
Gringo Sanchez - Moccasin
HPWA NPC's - LightBlue
Jim Arnett - Olive
TJ Johnson - LightSkyblue
Terel Walker - SpringGreen ~ Will Smith
Wayne Miller - Dodgerblue ~ Norman Smiley

Aello - Turquoise ~ "Land of Confusion" by Disturbed ~ Traci Brooks
Alzy Hawkshaw - CornflowerBlue
Andrew Paine - IndianRed ~ ~ Jason Momoa
Ashley Wallace - ~ None ~ ? ~ Leryn Franco

Big Business - "Something New" by Rev Theory
Brian Brewster - YellowGreen ~ "Waiting for the Kill" by Queesnryche ~ Ted Dibiase Jr
Brian Kennedy - DeepSkyblue ~ "Eulogy" by Tool ~ Triple H

Cam Davitt - None ~ "Pain Defined" by Disturbed ~ Robert Roode
Carpenter- Red ~ "Raining Blood" by Slayer ~

Death Sentence - "Violence Fetish" by Disturbed

The Empire - "Vicarious" by Tool

Feral Destruction - "Du Hast" by Rammstein
Flamboyant Nicky - None ~ "I'm Every Woman" by Chaka Khan ~
The Forsaken - FireBrick ~ ~
Frostbite - AntiqueWhite ~ ~

Gabrielle Michaels-Owusu - None ~ "9th Inning" by Missy Elliot ~ Alicia Fox

H - I

James Ryder - None ~"Stars" by Sixx:AM ~ Zack Ryder
Jesse Owusu - None ~ "Started From the Bottom" by Drake ~ Shelton Benjamin
Jessica Tendonin - Salmon ~ "Imaginary" by Evanescence ~ Leryn Franco

Kennedy Ryder - Zack Ryder

Lucius Tendonin - SeaGreen ~ "Carry Me" by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ~ Edge
Lynn Brewster - Thistle

"The Ladies Man" Mike Maddox - "Tired" by Stone Sour

Neela Shizeguma - Pink ~ "Mustang Nismo" by Brian Tyler feat. Slash ~ Nathalie Kelley

Overdrive Theme - "It's My Life" - Bon Jovi

Phoenix - Orange ~ "Playing the Saint" by Digital Underground (Reg), "Bullets" by Creed (PPV) ~ Sean O'Haire
Priest - "Passive' by Perfect Circle


Rachel Ellsworth - OrangeRed ~ ~ Hayley Williams
RDS - Lime ~ "Lawmaker" by Black Sabbath ~ Himself
Richard Faulkner - "Zero" by The Smashing Pumpkins

S&M - "Iron Head" by Rob Zombie feat Ozzy Osbourne
Scotty - Chocolate ~ ~
Section 8 - DarkViolet ~ "Meaning of Life" by Disturbed
Stefanos Los Rios - None ~ "Yakolelo" by Nomads (Gypsy Remix) ~ Santino Marella

T.H. Power - Green ~ "I Will Be Heard" by Hatebreed
Tendonin Xchange - "Everywhere" by Evanescence

U - Z


A - Z
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Curtain Jerker
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A little something to add to the proceedings... This is a free countdown timer that can be added to cards, even the forum title area.

Open the link. Set for CST (GMT - 5:00). Any color. 288 x 18 is fine. Set the target date (start with deadline 1). Set the time 23 59 00. Hit Update next to the date/time. Set your title (First Deadline) and Update. Copy the BOTTOM code.

Paste in the Card thread, or any thread needed.

Go into the ACP. Under Forum Control, Manage Forums. Find the Promo forum you wish to add this to (SCW-UCW TV, SCW Roleplays, UCW Cards & Promos). Go into Settings. Under Forum Description, click the end of whatever text is there, Enter twice, and Paste the code. Down at the bottom, click Edit This Forum.