Candi Bratton

Candi Bratton
Curtain Jerker
Candi Bratton
Curtain Jerker
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Wrestling Name: Candi Bratton

Real Name (If Different from Wrestling Name): Candace Bratton

Nicknames: "Tattle Tail"

Face/Neutral/Heel: Heel

Home Town: Boville, Idaho

Lives In: Same

Billed From: Same

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: None of your damned business.

Describe Your Gimmick if any:

Candi is brash, uncouth, straight forward and ill mannered. She's overweight, nearing the 250 pound mark. She curses like a sailor and has never seen the inside of a gym. So, take that back. There was a gym, but it has been converted to a bar and she tends to go there.


Height: 5'8"

Weight: 255 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair (Length and color): Brown, long. However, she'll typically tie it up into a ponytail before going to the ring.

Body Appearance (Ripped, Skinny, Heavy): There's no polite way to say this, but Candi is overweight, borderlining on obese.

Picture Base: There is no picture that will do Candi justice.

Wrestling Attire (In Ring): Different colored stretch pants, and typically a Bratton brand t-shirt with different slogans.

Out of Ring Attire: Pretty much the same as in-ring.

Entrance Attire: Again, she isn't about flash and glamor. She is who she is.

Weight Class (Heavyweight / Cruiserweight / Diva): Heavyweight/Diva


Interesting Facts about you (Optional): Candi drives a pick up. It's old.

Titles and other accomplishments: Battling Ring Angels World Champion
#23 RSPWF Top 150 Women Wrestlers (!searc ... 7UIP2SLisJ)

History/Bio (optional): Candi has four kids that she has raised on her own including one who was once a professional wrestler, Lara. Candi started wrestling just after the turn of the century competing in GDWA, IEWA, Wildcat Wrestling and Battling Ring Angels. Her first year in professional wrestling she ended up in the annual RSPWF top 200 women's wrestler list at number 24. She was considered the talent to watch in the future.

She quickly rose to stardom having key fueds with Terra Blayze, Bloody Mary and three years into her professional wrestling career defeated Akira Hagawa to become the Battling Ring Angels' World Champion. She lost that title to Lindsey Locke. The BRA World Champion was the only title Candi Bratton ever won.

After that loss, she suffered a career threatening injury that sidelined her and BRA moved her into a troubleshooting referee position on the condition they allow her daughter Lara to compete. Upon the folding of Battling Ring Angels, Candi Bratton disappeared into neverland.


Describe Your Entrance (Optional): Candi's entrances will be custom made for each event.

Entrance Theme: "Big Bad Wolf" by In This Moment

Valet/Manager (Optional):


Wrestling Style: Brawler

Strengths: Weight. She uses moves that utilize her heaviness. Avalanches. Splashes. She's also deceptively quick. Not marathon quick, but she can sprint short distances.

Weaknesses: Stamina. As long as the pace of the match is slow, she can go. But if the pace picks up, she's going to have a hard time keeping up.

Is Bleeding allowed? (Do you give permission for your character to bleed in a match): Absolutely.

Reaction to Blood: Anger, rage, annoyance.


(Unless otherwise stated, unlimited number of moves. You MUST Number your moves! be realistic with your characters size and moves; a 300lbs brawling is not doing a Springboard Tornado DDT)

Submission Moves: 1. Choke. 2. Armbar. 3. Boston Crab.

Front Grapple Moves: 1. Belly to belly suplex, 2. piledriver. 3. DDT. 4. Helicopter spin. 5. Razor's edge (crucific slam)

Behind Grapple Moves: 1. Belly to back suplex, 2. clothesline to the back of the neck. 3. Atomic Drop.

Striking/ Attack Moves: 1. Punch, 2. kick, 3. elbow. 4. Rake the eyes, 5. rake the back, 6. poke the eye. 7. Thumb to the throat. 8. Run the face along the top rope. 9. Rake the face with the laces of her boot. 10. Low blow

Running Moves: Running splash, running corner splash, running corner clothesline. Shoulder block tackle. She cannot do any of these running moves in a row due to her weight.

Arial Moves: Nope.

Apron Moves: Elbow drop to the floor, or splash to the floor.

SpringboardMoves: Yeah, no.

Turnbuckle Moves: She doesn't due too many turnbuckle moves due to her size. She does utilize a splash from the second turnbuckle as well as a sit down splash (ala Yokozuna) also from the second turnbuckle.

Signature Moves: (Up to 15) She likes to splash from the second turnbuckle.
2. She will bounce off the ropes and drops an elbow.
3. She tends to curse as much as humanly possible during a match.

Finisher Set Up: (Up to 5) Typically, she'll do a couple of avalanche splashes in the corner (dated reference here to King Kong Bundy) and then push her opponent to the mat before locking in the Confessional.

Finishers: (Up to 5) Her finisher is called "The Confessional" and it's a cross face chicken wing submission. She says that once she locks in that move, her opponents will confess all of their sins and secrets.

Favorite Weapons: Whatever she can get her hands on.

Weapon Finishers: Nothing out of the ordinary.


Name/Handle: Stevie

Age: Really old.

Experience: Ran the OWA starting in 1992. Handler for Tiffany Chandler, Candi Bratton, Lara Bratton, The Otanashi Sisters, Venus, Stevie Cheesecake.

How did you find SCW (So that we know what is working): E-Fed Central.

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