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After the long flight from London and a few detours from visiting friends, it was nice to be back home, Jesse Owusu said to himself as he was cruising up the long drive to his luxurious mansion on Bridle Path. Sometimes called Millionaires Row, the upscale Toronto neighborhood was home to some off the most successful people in Toronto. Jesse smiled, knowing that meant him, as well. Parking his gold Ferrari La Ferrari , to be moved later, the Toronto Native grinned as Gabrielle Michaels was standing in the doorway waiting for him. He made the distance vanish, catching his wife in his arms, and delivering a warm "I'm home," kiss as the pair stumbled across the threshold, pushing the door closed with his foot. After a fifteen seconds smooching session, Jesse broke free from Gabby’s grasp and bend down to kiss the third member of the Owusu Family who happened to be inside

Gabrielle Michaels is three months pregnant and is one of the many reasons why Jesse decided to come out of retirement and go back to the wrestling fed that he once loathed and swore to never come back: Starstruck Championship Wrestling. Ah the same fed that he felt didn’t respect his talents and appreciate the cliché heart, blood, sweat, and tears Jesse has sacrificed for. The same fed where his best friend Jordan Post was drove out of it despite being the creator and the original owner of said fed in the first place. It took a long time for Jesse to come into terms that somehow he’s back at SCW and broke his own promise, but everything he’s doing is for his family. As crazy as it sounds…Jesse “Young Life” Owusu is now a family man. A husband and a soon to be father whose goal in life is to provide for his family…any means necessary. And if that means signing a deal with the devil, so be it. Yeah it’s no secret that he doesn’t like Terel Walker and his obvious bias towards Jessica Tendonin and her crew. However, Terel did offer him the proverbial offer that he couldn’t refuse and for the sake of his arrival of his child, Jesse accepted the offer. And now he’s back….

After a couple of kisses and a prep talk to his “child,” Jesse got to his feet and took off his Air Jordan 8 before carefully placing it on his shoe rack. Jesse immediately goes to the kitchen and grabbed a malt from the mini fridge while Gabrielle went back to what she was doing before and that is watching a Toronto Raptors game on their Samsung’s 110 inch UHDTV. It was a close game between Canada’s only NBA basketball team versus Denver Nuggets. Kitchener’s own Jamal Murray was back in Canada to face his favourite team growing up and his family and friends were there in Air Canada Centre. Damn, Jesse thought as he knew that he should have bought tickets to see the game live. Oh well as Jesse twisted off the bottle cap of the malt before taking a sip of his the refreshing drink in satisfaction.

Gabrielle Michaels (still watching intently at the TV since it’s a close game) : I finally saw your match against Priest at Overdrive. That must have been rough.

Jesse Owusu : Rough in the sense that I watched the man t hat I once respected become a shell of himself and tarnish his own legacy.

Gabrielle Michaels : Yeah and I’m guessing that you know about Priest basically saying “Fuck this shit” and quit SCW.

Jesse Owusu : Mhm…yeah that was rough. Not going to take credit for ending his SCW career but somehow losing to me was the last straw that broke the camel’s back for him. Not sure whether I should be offended or feel bad because of this.

Gabrielle Michaels : You of all people should know that business is business. You did what was needed to be done. Besides, we all saw it coming from a mile away. Old man has been bitching about the SCW management for a long time and it was only a matter of time before he exploded

Jesse Owusu : True. Heh, been there and done that. I guess Priest should have taken my advice and take a long break from wrestling. Hell, a semi retirement would have been good for him. Oh well, I wished him the best of luck to his future endeavours shortly after hearing about him leaving SCW. I hope he takes care of himself. Dude is an egomaniac, but he’s a good guy believe it or not.

Gabrielle Michaels : And now you have the chance to win back the SCW North American championship. Things are looking bright for you these days Mr. Owusu

Gabrielle smirked as Jesse took another sip of his drink.

Jesse Owusu : Indeed it is Mrs. Owusu

Gabrielle Michaels (playfully) : I preferred that you call me Mrs. Michaels thank you very much. Anyway, I didn’t bother to check who your next opponent is on the SCW website. Have any idea who it is?

Jesse Owusu : My next victim is none other than Rich Anderson

Gabrielle Michaels : Rich? Why the name does sounds so familiar? Isn’t he Brandy Danielle’s husband or some shit like that?

Jesse Owusu : Oh god, Brandy Danielle. Now that’s a name that I haven’t heard for a long time. And I think Rich is married to Brandy. Not so sure. Have to do some research or call up Eric Herrera for old time sake. Reconnect with that Mexican loco.

Gabrielle Michaels [: Yeah get on that later. But for now, come watch b-ball with me. This game is freaking good.

And with that Jesse joined Gabrielle to watch the final moments of the basketball game. Spoilers, Raptors win. Fade to black now!