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After Effect: Nine!

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"Make a Move" by Icon for Hire, the theme song for After Effect hits as the cameras light up and show Winston Wolfe is walking through the backstage area as the cameras go live....

"Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the Ninth, yes NINTH, episode of the After Effect. Now I know many of you have been expecting this show a lot sooner but there was a lot of things to digest before I came to you live here on the TWN-Triad Wrestling Network. So lets get down to talking about the show we witnessed just two weeks ago. The first thing we saw on Adrenaline Rush VI was the retirement ceremony of sorts of Trent James. This man is a legend in the Independent WRESTLING circuit and he will be missed here in 450W. Nonetheless the part was soiled upon when Brian Kennedy and The Empire came out looking for a fight. Now I love a good fight an all but The Empire should've minded their own business. But in the end after getting beat on a bit by The Empire Trent James was saved by Cash Allan, Nikki Monroe and Justin Justice of all people. The fans were definitely in shock when they say Justin Justice come out to save Trent but the reason for doing so would be revealed later."

"The first match out the night put staunch foes Brandy-Danielle Garrett and Nikki Monroe. This match was very well done and to be honest one of the best starts to a show, match wise, we've seen in 450WRESTLING in a long time. Now I don't say this because it was a Bra & Panties Match, NO, I say it because they actually wrestled in this match much to the dismay of one General Manager Shiv who was also at ringside. Now I think the ending of the match was bitter sweet for the Ladies as they got some revenge on Shiv as well as angered him immensely in doing so. Shiv damn near went off his rocker when Nikki Monroe and Brandy-Danielle Garrett walked away from him when he demanded the match to continue. Good Job Ladies, Good Job! Oh then backstage we say Shiv whining to Mr. Hendrickson about them disrespecting him and Mr. Hendrickson flat out turned his back to Shiv. Once Shiv went off screen the ladies came back into scene and said something to the effect 'The Plan is Working'. Now I am not sure what that means but it is definitely making Shiv even more dangerous than before."

"Lets see what else, we saw a vignette for the return of the "Hardcore Messiah" Eric Herrera. I am excited to see him return that's for sure. So the next match we seen was a 2 out of 3 Falls Match between Angelle Laree and 450W newcomer Ricardo. Now this match was SENSATIONAL! The back and forth of this match kept me on my seats and definitely made me keep watching. There were many solid spots, a blunder here and there, and an ending which shocked me if I am honest. Angelle Laree definitely put her name on the mat in this match and at the same time put Ricardo up there as well. Both of these competitors put on a Wrestling clinic at Adrenaline Rush VII and the 450W audience was enamored by it. I would like to see these two competitors go one on one once more to see if thee could be a different ending."

"Then we had The Empire leader, Brian Kennedy, square off against the tag team Pretty Slicky. Now on Adrenaline Rush VI Brian Kennedy made his debut and faced off against Damon and Lexi Cross beating them in convincing fashion. Now Pretty Slicky seemed more level headed than the Cross' but during this match that started to unravel. When Texan Heart Throb and South-African Trooper started to get the upper hand both men wanted to get the pinfall on Brian Kennedy and really that was their down fall. The in-fighting allowed Brian to make a comeback and a comeback is what he made. The ending was remarkable we say a sharpshooter applied by Texan Heart Throb and then a reversal by Brian into a Modified Gogoplata! I didn't see that coming and neither did THT or the fans in the crowd. I honestly was hoping to see Cash Allan or Trent James or even Justin Justice make an appearance during this match to put the knife in Brian's back in even deeper. But we didn't and that might've been a good thing."

"Our last match of the night was a Handicap Main Event and put Cash Allan up against Rodrigo Sylvia and his most hated competitor Justin Justice. Now this match had Shiv as it's referee and after the attack on Shiv at the hands of Mr. Hendrickson and Cash Allan at Adrenaline Rush VI this was bound to get nasty. The match itself was really solid full of hot tags by the team of Justice and Sylvia and a good hanging on by Cash Allan. Cash, being a master at mind games, lured Justin Justice out of the ring when he had Nikki Monroe and Brandy-Danielle Garrett come out of the back. Cash hit the 'Near Death Experience' on Rodrigo Sylvia and got the three count just as Justin Justice came running out of the back. Justin then took his frustrations out on Cash before being dumped to the outside of the ring by Shiv leaving Cash Allan and ready for destroying. What Shiv did .. What he did was absolutely stepping over the boundary. "

"He got out of the ring and grabbed his sledgehammer. After getting back in the ring and as he was about to hit Cash Allan with the sledge Angelle Laree, Nikki Monroe and Brandy-Danielle Garrett came in for the save. But, each of them were laid out at the hands of Shiv and his Sledgehammer. As Cash is about to get up Shiv was once again about to decimate him with the sledgehammer but that's when Mr. Hendrickson music hit and he came out for the save. Mr. Hendrickson demanded Shiv leave but Shiv wanted none of Mr. Hendrickson until he laid his hand on Shiv's shoulder. Then, I hate to say this, Mr. Hendrickson was absolutely destroyed at the end of Shiv's sledgehammer. This is the main reason why the group known as The Council took over 450WRESTLING. And speaking of The Council we have a member of this anonymous group here with us tonight. Good Evening Sir."


The cameras shift from Winston Wolfe to Mr. Steele on of the members of The Council. His voice is distorted and he is only but a silhouette.

"Thanks for having me Winston."

"Thanks for allowing me to take up some of your time this afternoon. So first question right off the bat what is the intent of The Council here in 450WRESTLING?"

"The whole reason The Council was created was to save 450WRESTLING from itself. We were behind the scenes watching the Rise and damn near Fall of this company at the hands of Mr. Hendrickson and Shiv. We, as a group, took it upon ourselves to take the company from the both of them and to take it to new heights."

"I believe the product was heading towards Greatness before The Council took over but I see so much more ahead for 450WRESTLING, probably more than before. So I want to know what is your strategy to taking the company to new heights?"

"It is simple Mr. Wolfe we do what the fans want. We give them matches they want to see and need to see. We have watched companies like WWE push talent undeserving to the top of the company and that is NOT what 450WRESTLING is about. We are about wrestling PURE and simple about that. We believe we can bring the SPIRIT back to the independent wrestling circuit if we actually focus on the wrestling."

"That is good to hear and after last nights WWE Royal Rumble I think the Wrestling World NEEDS a company who is focused on the talented wrestlers it has and not on those who give a temporary bump in the ratings. So where do you go from here in the Mr. Hendrickson and Shiv saga? What's next for their future?"

"Their future is in their own hands Mr. Wolfe. If they abide by the rules we set for them they should be fine. Once we believe they are able to take over the company once again we will do so. But Mr. Hendrickson would be reinstated before Shiv would be. We believe Shiv's actions at Adrenaline Rush VI were deplorable and they will be swiftly addressed. "

"With that said Mr. Steele the card you guys have put forth for Adrenaline Rush VII has been getting rave reviews from Wrestling Magazines, Fan Sites and so much more. With what you've done as a whole so far for 450WRESTLING I believe we are setting up for a great run here. I want to thank you for your time Mr. Steele but we are running out of time."

"Thank you Mr. Wolfe for having me."

The scene goes dark on Mr. Steele and show just Winston sitting at his desk. He looks into the camera with a smile on his face while shuffling through his papers.

"Well folks I am sorry to cut this short but I am being told to wrap this show up. So until next time Ladies and Gentlemen I am Winston Wolfe and I want to thank you for watching The After Effect here on the Triad Wrestling Network. Goodnight."

"Make a Move" hits as the scene goes to the After Effect logo and then into the TWN one.

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