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Kayla Perkins

First Name: Kayla
Last Name: Perkins
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Birth Name: Kayla Perkins
Date of Birth: 11.20. 1993
Place of Birth: Kentucky USA
Height: 5'6
Measurements: *
Dress Size: 2'
Shoe Size: 7.5'


* Into The Darkness
* Big Momma's House 3
* Love Don’t Let Me Down
* Secretariat
* The Simple Life Season 5
* Dreamer
* The Phoenix
* Halloween Homecoming
* Hell House
* Nightmare Fuel
* Red River
* Navstar
* Devils Playground
* The Girl
* The Runaway
* Nin9 Lives
* Midnight Hour
* The Way Station
* A Glass of Water
* Surviving Guthrie
* Mountain Mafia
* Room 110
* Shoot The Moon
* Hate The Living
* Hell-Ephone
* The Gift
* Haddonfield
* The Francesco
* Last Breath
* Pool Shark
* Tea Party
* Soup Kitcken
* The Legacy
* Take Back
* Dummy Hoy
* Haunted KY: Spirits
* Guardian Of Immortality
* Block
* Santa Claus Versus the Zombies
* Fluffy 3

On Dec 14, 2009 I received A Proclamation Award from Mayor Karen Tingle-Sames & The City Of Georgetown for my
outstanding achievements. '

You can view a full resume on my website at www.KaylaPerkins.Com

I enjoy Acting, Modeling, Singing & Dancing. I love spending time with my family and my 3 pups. I am involved
in D.A.R.E, Choir, 4-H, I am also a Dare Role Model. In my spare time, I enjoy Volunteering Working with Senior
Citizens and love going around doing Charity Fundraisers to help raise money for different Charity
Organizations. I am an Honor Roll student. In 2003 I was crowned Junior Miss Kentucky, I was also Crowned 2009
Teen Miss Scott County.

Notes: I am honored and would love to... I have worked with alot of Celebs on movies this year like Dakota Fanning, Tim Mcgraw, Paris Hilton, Martin Lawerence, Diane Lane, Kurt Russell and many many more!'

Small Biography:
Kayla Perkins is a Actress/Model, ready to make her impression on the world at a young age, Kayla is quickly
making a name for herself. Kayla states that it was such an honor to get to work with George Bonilla which was
awarded 2008 Kentucky Filmaker of the Year on his upcoming Film, which was Kayla's first Featured Film titled
HELL-EPHONE. Kayla was cast as Madison Monroe. This was a demanding and challenging role for Kayla. "She just
blew us away with her acting ability and work ethic. It was hard to believe she was new to the business. She
has the skills of a seasoned pro" Said director George Bonilla. Kayla has landed several lead and featured
roles this year and has loved every minute of it. "I love Acting and it has been an honor to work with so many
talented Filmmakers in our area" said Miss Perkins. You can also look for her in the upcoming Films called
DREAMER Starring Dakota Fanning & Kurt Russell, LOVE DON'T LET ME DOWN Starring Tim Mcgraw & Gwyneth Paltrow,
Disney's SECRETARIAT Starring Diane Lane & John Malkovich, Kayla is Starring in THE RUNAWAY, NIGHTMARE FUEL &
THE LEGACY, DEVILS PLAYGROUND, THE GIRL, RED RIVER, SANTA VS ZOMBIES and others coming out in 2010. Kayla is also a Dream Calendar Model, She posed for Miss August 2009 Dream Girl. Miss Perkins has also been featured in
Magazines and was in Supermodels Unlimited Magazine as a Rising Star, The Next Supermodel. Kayla also worked as
a dancer in Alan Jackson's Music Video "Good Time", Montgomery Gentry's "My Town", Doyle Lawson "Sadie", and
many more. Kayla has also done TV Commercials, Runway Fashion Shows, Been on Billboards, and is a Print Model
where she has done Catalog work for Clothing Companies. In her spare time, Kayla does alot of Volunteer work
and works with several Organizations raising money for different Charities. Kayla is also former Junior Miss
Kentucky! On Dec 14, 2009 Kayla received A Proclamation Award from Mayor Karen Tingle-Sames & The City Of
Georgetown for her outstanding achievements and all she has accomplished at her age.