Cleaner Test 2.0 [OPEN]

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As of  May 10, this will be the test for Cleaners.

What is a cleaner?
  • A cleaner levels, duplicates, redraws, and clones the original image.
  • Makes the page look pleasant to typeset on.
  • Removes any dust, gutter, and dirt that make the image unpresentable.
What are the qualifications to become a cleaner?
  • Must have Photoshop. (Any version is acceptable).
  • Winrar, or any other software that can open zipped files.
  • Knows how to follow basic instructions.
  • Must be hard working and dedicated to his/her work.
Requirements for passing the test:
  • The applicant must know how to level basic gray images, and basic colored images.
  • The applicant must know how to use basic redrawing tools, and cropping tools.
  • The applicant must know how to use color vibrance and color enhancement for colored webtoons, and manga.
  • The applicant must know how to use the diffuse filter, the blur filter, and other filters necessary to make the page look neat.
  • The applicant must know some knowledge on how to clean difficult looking raws.
If you think you are up to the task, follow the next instructions!
  • Download the test here: ... T%202.0.7z
  • Clean the test by following the Notepad instuctions inside the folder.
  • Finish the test, and send it to, with the following questions:
    • Forum username:
    • Slack username (optional):
    • Do you have all the necessary applications for the position?
    • What days are you free? What days are you busy?
    • How dedicated are you?
  • Wait for results.

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