Some of my Meccano projects of 2016...

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Some of my Meccano projects of 2016...

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15 Jan 2017, 09:56 #1

Something else I got up to in the quieter months of 2016 was to make some Meccano models. The precious little Meccano I had was given away around October to a young lad and his brother who's family were a bit down on their luck to say the least. I hope they are still playing with it and enjoying it as I did!

Meccano Beam Engine, Large.

Meccano Swing Bridge, built after a stay in Plymouth and using the one there frequently during our stay.

Meccano rolling road for my SR1a, this is the only bit of Meccano I have left and I still use it to run my roller on.

Beam engine, small!


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15 Jan 2017, 10:59 #2

Like the rolling Road Will, like my old one. I have one of these too for the SW1.

Always nice to see Meccano, not done any myself for a while!

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15 Jan 2017, 12:04 #3

Will great stuff j have not used meccano since I was a young boy. I do love the beam engines. Thanks for sharing..:)


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15 Jan 2017, 14:05 #5

Like Mike I too like the rolling road !