CADster's lude - Phase II

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CADster's lude - Phase II

posting god (or fool, your choice)
posting god (or fool, your choice)
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Phase II - Engine

B20a5 block (re-ringed)
B20a5 head - heavyly massaged
B20 intake cam
B21 exhaust cam
GUDE machined intake maifold
GUDE bullfrog TB
AEM adjustable cam gears
12lb flywheel (not installed)
Exeedy Stage I clutch (not installed)
Magnaflow muffler (not installed)

well phase II was going to be interior. this did not happen. still needing to get a pair of superclean front seats.

after buying several parts in my quest to go turbo, i decided to go N/A
with the red lude. so the red ludes engine build became Phase II.
if you never saw the phase I build go here - ... p?t=235352

not 100% complete. still need to install lightned flywheel and stage I clutch and get some kind of exhaust. i got the clutch and flywheel, just did not install yet. i hope LSD or megan or somebody gives us an aftermarket N/A exhaust solution soon.

anyhoo.. on to the photos... ... eng000.jpg
engine before the refresh. while not running tops with a slight headgasket problem,
she cranked everyday and only used a quart of oil every 3k miles. ... eng001.jpg
take the top off and check out the valvetrain. this golden brown look is fine for a 200k mile motor.
after this head was pulled and all the oil drained off, it had a light golden tint and looked great. ... eng002.jpg
like i said.. she was not running tops. you can see here i had two lean cylinders and one 'wet'. ... eng003.jpg
with the top half off, you can really see how old the car really is.
cylinder walls still had the hatch marks and looked great. once the engine was
this far down, i saw all kinds of lost hardware and crap in almost every corner ... eng005.jpg
on to the goodies.... allude sold me this stuff a while back. this was for the turbo build,
but we all know what happened with that ... eng006.jpg
port matched to the new head... ... eng007.jpg ... eng008.jpg ... eng009.jpg ... eng010.jpg
and this is the badboy. just about everything that can be done to a head was done to this. line bored,
valves countersunk, full port, 3 angle, .35 shaved ...
notice the differences between the block side of each head in the above pics ( 002 and 008 ) ..
think i shaved enough off ???

the cams shown are stock b20a5 intake and stock b21a1 exhaust ... eng011.jpg
underdrive pully installed (old pic..... installed long ago) ... eng012.jpg
head on... ... eng014.jpg
per bobnova's instructions... put head on with stock cam gears and get everything lined up. lock cams and remove the gears, install adjustable cam gears. as always.. his info was helpful, and worked like a charm. cant give no rating points though

uhh.. houson.. we have a problem ... e_belt.gif ... eng016.jpg
ahhh.... thats better ... eng017.jpg
bullfrog T/B and new hose routing.. looped both the T/B stuff back unto themselves. very hard cold starter now .... duh. ... eng018.JPG
top view of installed GUDE intake... flipped my vacuum firm lines a while back. i think it looks much better. ... eng020.jpg
two sundays/months later or whatever, and ta-daa !!! she cranks and runs like a top

not tuned, or anything special like that. adjusted cam gears set to -1/+1 (after shave correction).
in a nut shell, runs pretty much like stock untill you kit 5K..
then its like vtec or NAAAAWWWS or something.... its a different engine.
sadly, a mere 1500 rpms later, you got to shift.

maybe if i had put in high compression forged pistons and lighter/stronger rods
i would feel more, so a true bottom build could help some,
but i dont see the need when i looked at the walls.

and sorry for the links... my server dont seem to allow remote image linking anymore....

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posting god (or fool, your choice)
posting god (or fool, your choice)
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