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"So that's the place." Judy stated as she casually looked through a pair of binoculars at the Happy Kits and Cubs Daycare Center.
"Yup. Works twofold as a front for a smuggling operation, and as a money laundering outfit as well." Fangmeyer said with a frown, never liking it when children are brought into any kind of potentially dangerous situation. While the tiger and her husband had never had any children themselves, she had always had a soft spot for little ones. And her husband, Darrell, shared her feelings. She wondered to herself if perhaps that was the reason why the chief had put her on this undercover mission. She looked into the rearview mirror and smiled at the sight of the rabbit officer, Judy Hopps, as she observed the operation from the bright pink carseat she was sitting in. Presently, Judy was wearing a pair of childish overalls, to help sell the image a little. It had taken her a little bit of convincing to pose as a little kit for the undercover operation. Fangmeyer couldn't suppress a giggle, which of course drew Judy's attention as was evident by one of her perked ears swiveling in the tigress' direction.
"Something amusing, Nadine?" she asked in a tone that suggested that there had better not be anything even remotely interesting about the situation.
"Sorry, Judy. It's just that you look so cute, dressed like a kit." Judy let out a sigh at that.
"Nadine, it's considered offensive for a non-bunny to call a bunny cute."
"I know, Judy, but for the duration of this assignment, you're going to be treated exactly like a baby bunny, so it's probably going to be something you're going to have to get used too, for the time being at least."
"I know... but do we really have to keep up the pretense even when we're at the safe house?"
"For the safety of all of us, as well as to ensure the success of this assignment, it's going to be best to not break character, not even when you're back home with us." Judy simply rolled her eyes and nodded wordlessly, as the navy blue SUV turned down a different street, before pulling up to a house. They were currently in the Meadowland Suburbs, as was evidenced by many similar-looking houses. Nadine climbed out and opened the side door near Judy's carseat and unbuckled the grumpy bunny herself, before scooping her into a cradled position and carrying her inside.
"Welcome home sweetie!" Nadine giggled as she rocked Judy a little in her arms. Judy looked around at the classic suburban interior that was going to be her home until they closed this case... or if their cover were to ever get blown. It was as Nadine shut the front door behind them that a male tiger, wearing a light green shirt and jeans, came around the corner. He had a grin on his face that got even wider when he saw the two of them.
"Hello, Darrell." Judy said to Nadine's husband.
"I think you meant to say "Hi Daddy!" in your best cutesy voice." Darrell snickered. Judy rolled her eyes again.
"Can you set me down now?" Judy asked Nadine.
"I understand how annoying that this can be," Nadine said in a gentle voice while looking down at Judy in her arms, "but it's important that we all try to learn to get used to this arrangement."
Judy's eyes went a little wide in shock at how gentle the tigress cradling her was being. She had personally seen Nadine punch out a drunk elephant biker on a rampage with just one hit. At that moment, that's when she came to fully understand just how serious Nadine was taking this.
"O-Okay... m-mommy..." Judy's face burned with a deep blush. Nadine's smile grew wide and leaned down to plant a kiss on Judy's forehead.
"Now, let's get you all situated in your new high chair, and then go over the plan one more time, because tomorrow is game time." Nadine says as she carried Judy into the kitchen where a pink and white high chair awaits the bunny. Judy didn't resist as she was buckled into the seat with the tray snapped into place before her. Nadine and Darrell each took a seat at the table, and suddenly there was a serious air hanging above the trio.
"Now, thanks to some information gained from interrogating a Mr. Duke Weasleton, it has come to our attention that the Happy Kits and Cubs Daycare Center is actually a front for smuggling and money laundering. Aside from that, all we know about the operation is that, while a front, they do take care of children and babies." Nadine looked to Judy.
"Now, here's the critical part of our undercover work. Judy, you are going to be posing as a toddler, and me and Darrell as you adopted parents. We have all of the appropriate documents ready at a moment's notice. Your job in this is to maintain the ruse of a little kit, and gather all the information that you can, which we will pass on to Chief Bogo himself. Understood?" Judy and Darrell nodded.
"Good. Now, as I said earlier, it's going to be best if we do not break character, even here at home, so, Judy, that means that you're going to be babied here as much as you will be at the Daycare." Judy winced a little, but did not object. She did enough of that when the Chief had first proposed this idea in the beginning.
"That's going to mean being spoon and bottle-fed, being put down for naps, early bedtime, being coddled, and stuff like that."
Internally, Judy was simply hoping that they would be able to close this case soon.
"And... of course... there's going to have to be diapers..."
Real soon. Judy thought. The trio conversed a little more about some other specifics before Darrell had to head in to work, while Nadine unbuckled Judy from her high chair, and carried her into her new room. Judy cringed again at the sight of her new nursery. She bit down on her lip a little as she was carried over to the nearby changing table and laid down on top of it.
"I still don't see why I have to actually wear diapers." Judy said as Nadine reached under the table and grabbed a baby diaper. Thanks to Judy's small size, as well as the extreme variety in sizes for baby mammals, it wasn't hard to find a baby diaper that fit her. This one was decorated with multi-colored baby blocks.
"Can't we just pretend that I've been potty-trained?" Judy asked more out of desperation to be spared some of this humiliation, to no avail as the slowly shaking head of the tigress declared.
"Sorry, sweetie, but a kit who's mastered potty-training might also be the kind of kit who repeats the funny words that grown ups say. Words like "shipment" or "dealers" and I think you get the point."
Judy sighed as Nadine unbuttoned her overalls and slid them off the grumpy bunny, who was soon left in her white t-shirt and a pair of light green panties, which were too removed.
"Y-Yeah, I get it. T-They'll be less likely to hide something from a baby in diapers than an apparently more mature kit." Judy winced a little as her legs were lifted up and the open diaper set underneath her upturned bottom, which was then dusted with baby powder. Nadine smiled as she lowered Judy's legs and gave the front of her diaper area a dusting as well, before taping up the front. She turned Judy over and inspected her tail, gently tugging it a little more through the appropriate hile and taping the tab right above it into place as well, She ran a paw-finger through the leg gathers, making Judy blush some more, before she was satisfied.
"There we go. Nice to know that I still have the skills I developed as a babysitter are still intact." Nadine said as she scooped Judy up into her arms and gave her a few bounces.
"If I didn't know any better, I'd say that you were enjoying this." Judy said, her arms crossing in mild frustration.
"I won't lie to you Judy... yes, I am enjoying this a little. Darrell and I've been discussing having a cub or two of our own now, and after I got assigned to this, we figured that this could be like a sorta practice run, for when we do get pregnant."
Judy looked up at Nadine in surprise. "Nadine, I don't think that I've ever seen this side of you." Judy couldn't help the giggle in her voice. Nadine giggled as well before gently booping Judy on her pink nose.
"Well, you'd better get used to it. Because you and this side of myself are going to become very well acquainted for a while now." Judy blushed not only at the nose boop, but also at the realization that Nadine was absolutely correct.
Really, REALLY soon. She thought.

The Next Day...

"Now remember, sweetie, to be a good girl." Nadine chirped happily down to the bright pink stroller she was pushing, with Judy securely buckled into it. Judy grumbled around the red pacifier she was currently chewing on, actively trying to ignore the looks and the fawning of the other mammals that they passed on the sidewalk who stopped to admire the baby bunny. The term good girl was code for Nadine to remind Judy to act babyish. That's not to say that Judy wasn't feeling particularly babyish at the moment. Presently, she was dressed in a happy green sundress, that only barely covered her diaper, with two matching green bows snugly attached to her ear tips. When she had seen herself in the mirror earlier, she had to reluctantly admit that she looked very cute. Even downright adorable.
Fangmeyer herself was wearing a white sundress, with her striped tail swishing back and forth behind her. Draped over one shoulder was Judy's pink and blue diaper bag, which Nadine packed just in case. When Judy had asked, just in case of what, Nadine didn't answer. She simply popped the pacifier into the bunny's mouth and instructed her to try to suck on it as much as possible, to really get into the habit of it. Now, they were coming upon the daycare.
Everything about the place seemed innocent enough. Perfectly manicured lawn out front lined with neatly trimmed hedges. A fences off playground out back, already filled with the happy and carefree screams of cubs and kits. The outside of the building was red brick, with a large sign out front with the name of the daycare on it. The windows she could see into, she could make out several rooms from her vantage point, Judy could see many crayon drawings and pawpaintings taped onto some walls. There was a mild and pleasant lemon-fresh scent that she sniffed as they passed through the automatic double doors.
"Welcome to Happy Kits and Cubs Daycare Center!" Came the peppy voice of a wolverine dressed in jeans a a teal blouse from behind some sort of reception desk. "Checking in your little one?" She asked.
"That's correct." Nadine said cheerfully as she reached into the stroller to unbuckle Judy. Judy said nothing as she was scooped into the tigress' arms, just silently looked around while chewing on her pacifier.
"Okay, well there's just a couple of things to fill out here on this frm, and then you'll be all set!" The wolverine, whose name tag Judy was able to read that stated her name was Christine, said while looking Judy over first curiously, and then with a coo at her apparent cuteness. Judy rolled her eyes when the nursery attendant turned her back. Nadine booped her nose and wagged her finger in front of Judy's face, discreetly, but otherwise said nothing. Judy looked up and nodded before leaning back while she was rocked. Nadine used her free hand to fill out the form, and in only a few minutes, she was handing Judy off to the daycare worker, giving her a kiss on the cheek.
"Now be good, and don't worry. Mommy will be back in a little while to pick up her happy little kit." Nadine cooed.
I am so taking a long vacation after this is over. Judy thought to herself as the wolverine, Christine, cooed at her and bounced her in her arms. Judy looked around curiously, hoping to see anything even remotely illegal or out of place. So far, everything seemed normal to her. All she could see were walls with brightly colored murals of classic fairy tale characters. As they passed by rooms with open doors, the undercover officer peered in. She could see toys of various age groups and the various age groups themselves playing with them in each room. There was a snack room that they passed, which Judy could tell was what it was due to the colorful sign.
"Oh, you're going to have lots of fun today, sweetie." Christine said as she shifted Judy to look her in the eye. The wolverine started to make funny faces at Judy, who realized that she needed to keep her cover intact. So she started to giggle in a very childish way.
"Ah, here we go, the green room!" Christine chirped happily. Judy was puzzled as to why this room should be more significant than any other room at the daycare would be to a baby, and then saw for herself why. All around were lots of different baby mammals. Most seemed able to walk, although from the collective chatter of baby babble, Judy concluded that the majority of them still couldn't talk yet.
"You're going to make so many new friends here." The wolverine giggled as she gently booped Judy on her nose, before setting her down in one of the large playpens scattered about. "Now you have yourself some fun before naptime!" Christine smiled as she patted Judy on the head, before turning and leaving. Judy looked around through the mesh of the playpen, to spot three daycare workers in the room as well, watching over the little ones and making conversation while they drifted from one group of children to the next. Judy let out a sigh as she crawled over to a set of plush blocks, and started to stack them. A little tiger cub wearing a red shirt and a diaper smiled at her and joined in. Judy giggled around the pacifier that she was chewing on at the sight of the cute little cub mindlessly chewing on one of the blocks while clumsily helping her to stack others.
Every few minutes, Judy would look around, acting like a curious baby as she did so in an effort to not attract unwanted attention. She had caught a few snatches of conversation from the attendants, but nothing suspicious or remotely incriminating as of yet. She was focusing on the layout on the room as well as what she had seen of the daycare so far, trying to commit it to memory, when a foul smell disrupted her thoughts. The tiger cub, who had continued to play near Judy even after he had lost interest in the blocks, was babbling to himself as he cuddled a stuffed blue bunny toy.
Judy moved a little away from the baby and tried once again to start focusing on committing the layout of the daycare to memory, when she heard steps coming their way. Judy relaxed knowing that the little cub would be taken to be changed and so the smell would soon be dissipating. But her thoughts were again disrupted, this time by the feeling of the back of her dress being lifted up, followed by the back of her diaper being gently tugged back. Judy froze while her diaper was being inspected.
"Hmmm, my guess is Victor is the one who needs a changie." A cheerful male voice said. Judy looked over to see the male zebra attendant check the cub's diaper, and nod his head in affirmation. "Thought so." He said as he picked up the tiger cub, who's name was apparently Victor.
Judy blushed heavily at realizing that she had just been checked like an actual baby. She had spent weeks both coming to terms and mentally preparing herself with the knowledge that things like that were going to happen. But that didn't make it any less embarrassing to have happen. Judy took a second to collect herself and crawled over to the stack of plush animals. She pretended to be looking through them as she resumed listening to the daycare workers talking. All of a sudden, there was a series of three soft bell dings.
"And that's naptime." The zebra attendant, whom Judy had learned was named Marcus, explained to a cheetah that she had also learned was a new employee, named Gavin. "So now, it's our job to escort the little ones to the quiet room, which is only for babies and toddlers."
The teenaged cheetah nodded in understanding and walked over to Judy to scoop her into his arms. As she looked him up and down, her pulse-rate quickened. She recognized the face of Clawhauser's nephew, who was currently looking down at her with a reassuring smile.
"Naptime little bunny." He said in an excited voice, which Judy had to stop herself, once more, from rolling her eyes. She just suked on the pacifier and pretended to find her feet fascinating. "Oh Marcus?" Gavin queried.
"Yes Gavin?" The zebra said as he followed Gavin out the door and into the hall, opening the door to the quiet room with his free hoof, as he had a baby panda in his arms that seemed to become rather squirmy at the prospect of a nap.
"Should I check to see if this bunny needs a new diaper?"
"Always." Marcus said with a smirk as he expertly tucked the squirmy panda into a crib, ensuring that the little one would not be ducking out on his naptime. The moment the mobile above was started, the little guy started to drift off to sleep. Gavin nodded and shifted Judy a little in his arms. He first checked to see if she had messed herself, which she found just as embarrassing as the first time it had happened. And then he sifted her again and checked to see if she had wet.
"All clean and dry." Gavin said excitedly, giving Judy a happy bounce.
"Woah now, don't go riling them up. This is naptime, so everything needs to be calm and soothing." Marcus explained before exiting the room to start gathering some more of the younger kids.
"Whoopsie." Gavin said with a guilty smile. He then spotted a crib the same shade of green as Judy's dress, and gently deposited her there. He tucked her in with the soft pink baby blanket and started the mobile above her as well. "Sleep tight, cutie." Gavin whispered before heading out to assist Marcus some more.
"Dun cawl bunnews coot." Judy softly said in defiance around the pacifier. She then let out a pent up breath, and resigned herself to laying in a crib in a room full of sleeping babies and toddlers, awaiting when she would be capable of observing more of the daycare. As she laid there and more cribs were slowly occupied, she watched the slowly spinning mobile of plush daisies up above, a soft lullabye twinkling out from it. Her eyes drooped, and the bunny officer let out a yawn, before drifting off to sleep.

One restful nap later...

Judy's eyes fluttered open, and she started to stretch, feeling very comfortable and warm. She looked in confusion at the sight of the green bars in front of her face, until the memory of where she was and what she was doing came back to her. Then, her eyes shot open.

I actually fell asleep?!
She thought to herself, confused.

I guess I must have needed the rest.
She reasoned.
Judy's ears twitched in the direction of the door opening and several attendants tiptoed in. A lioness quietly cooed at several of the little sleeping forms, spotting Judy sitting up in her own crib.
"Looks like this little princess is a bit of an early riser." The lioness said as she scooped the bunny up into her arms. Judy was looking for a nametag when she jumped at the sensation of having her diaper checked, again. "No need for a changie just yet, eh? I suspect that that will change soon enough."
Judy looked all around as she was carried out of the quiet room. Unfortunately, many of the previously open doors were now closed, preventing her from inspecting them thoroughly. She was starting to wonder where she was being carried when that question was answered after they entered a lunchroom-area of the daycare, where there were many tables with children of different ages eating all kinds of snacks, all of which seemed healthy and nutritious. And Judy then found herself buckled into a yellow highchair, with a white bib with a cartoon carrot on it snapped around her neck. Judy's pacifier was removed as another attendant approached with a bowl of something that they were stirring.

Oh no.
Judy thought with a sense of dread.

I hope that you enjoyed the first chapter of my newest story! Please let me know what you think!
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I personally think that's a better approach to a zootopia diaper story as your others. Looking forward to the next chapter^^

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Sky Hooves wrote: I personally think that's a better approach to a zootopia diaper story as your others. Looking forward to the next chapter^^
I'm glad that you enjoy my story!
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I like this new approach, I hope to see more soon

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Videogameman228 wrote: I like this new approach, I hope to see more soon

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I'm glad that you enjoy it!
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