The longest weekend

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I'd like to write a story about diaper discipline. Hopefully you like it.

Part 1:
Diane was sitting in the small café and talking with her daughter Sarah. It was Friday afternoon and Diane was looking forward to the upcoming weekend. She’s just finished an article about Edward Brown and she revealed his criminal activity. Edward brown was a fraud and the article would compromise him.
Diane was a young woman in her early 40’s; her figure was a little buxom, but she didn’t mind it at all. Her face was round and framed by long blonde hair. She liked to wear nice clothes and on that afternoon she was wearing a rather short dress, tan tights and elegant shoes.
Sarah was a typical teenager in her 19 and she was an exact opposite of her mother. Her figure was slim and tall and her hair was dark. However she was as curious as her mother and couldn’t wait to listen to the news.
On that Friday her lessons were over earlier and she spent the afternoon with her friends before she came to the café. She was wearing a dark red top, denim miniskirt and dark tights. Her mother didn’t like this clothing very much, but Sarah was quite stubborn and she liked to make despite to her mother. Diane sighed when she spotted Sarah, but she decided not to tell her anything; it would be a vain effort anyway.
Diane and Sarah had their coffees and Diane started the conversation:
“Sarah, your mom has a good reason to celebrate. My article will be a big success. I think it’s the top of my investigation and hopefully my boss will appreciate it.”
Sarah smiled at her mother: “Mom, I’m glad to hear it. I’m sure you get an extra award for it. Tell me more, please.” She wasn’t able to hide her curiosity anymore.
Diane nodded and started explaining. Sarah was sitting and listening closely; it was an interesting story indeed. Half an hour later Diane finished:
“Well, let’s go home and have a delicious dinner, Sarah. Unfortunately we are alone; daddy comes on next Wednesday. It would be great to celebrate with him.”
Sarah shrugged: “No problem, mom. We can celebrate again when he comes.”
They stood up and were about to leave. Diane’s bladder was a bit full, but she was excited and wanted to be at home: “Sarah, will we go the ladies room before leaving?”
Sarah shook her head: “Not necessary, mom. We are at home in fifteen minutes.”

Edward Brown was much closer than Diane thought. He knew about the article already and he was quite angry at Diane: ‘You bitch; you will regret the damn article!’ He was waiting in her car already and had a big bag with him.
Diane and Sarah got into the car unaware of the dark figure on the back seat. Diane was about to start the engine when she felt a gun muzzle on her head:
“I’m sorry, ladies, but your plans will be changed now. Start the engine and drive to your weekend cabin!”
Diane startled; she recognized Edward’s voice and she realized they were in big troubles. In their weekend cabin nobody would find them; it is a place in the forest and far away from the next house. Hopefully he wasn’t planning to kill them:
“Don’t hurt us, please,” her voice was shaking.
“Don’t worry, ladies, I’m not about to become a murderer. However I’d like to have some satisfaction for your article,” he laughed: “It would be a big surprise for you.”
Diane nodded hesitantly and started the engine. The journey to the weekend cabin took more than the fifteen minutes she hoped and the pressure in her bladder was growing. Sarah felt the same discomfort and hoped they would arrive at the cabin soon. She pressed her thighs together and tried not to think about the pressure.
Finally they arrived at the cabin and Diane with Sarah was about to get off the car when Edward stopped them: “Wait for me!” He stepped out of the car and ordered: “Go inside!”
Diane and Sarah walked slowly to the cabin, Diane unlocked the door and hurried inside towards the bathroom, but Edward stopped her: “Sit down on the couch, both!”
He opened the bag and pulled a large package of adult diapers: “Put them on! It’s up to you if you help each other or do it on your own!”
Sarah was pressing her knees together already and she tried to protest: “Please, let’s go to the toilet, please.” Edward shook his head: “No! Hurry up!”
Diane took a diaper and turned to Sarah: “Lie down, sweetheart, mom helps you.” She turned to Edward: “Could you look away at least?”
Sarah lied down and waited; the pressure in her bladder was big and she hoped she could escape to the toilet soon. Diane pulled down her tights and panties and put the diaper on her. Sarah tried to press her legs together again, but it was more difficult. A cold chill ran down her spine and she tried to grab her crotch.
Diane lied down on the couch and asked Sarah: “Your turn, Sarah. You did babysitting and you know what to do though.” Diane’s bladder was full as well and she tried to clench her muscles. Sarah pulled down her tights and panties and put the diaper on her.
When she re-arranged Diane’s clothing, Edward pulled several ropes from the bag and pointed at a big and heavy wooden chair:
“Diane, bitch, sit down there and Sarah ties you to the chair. Put your hands behind the chair back. Sarah, you tie her hands behind the seat and her ankles and knees to the chair front legs.” He passed several pieces of rope to Sarah.
Diane sat down on the chair and put her hands behind the chair back. She wished she could grab her crotch, but Sarah had to tie her hands already. Diane put her legs together first, but she had to spread them; Sarah tied her ankles and knees to the chair front legs.
While tying her mom, Sarah grabbed her crotch several times to ease the pressure, but she realized it would be a vain effort. As soon as she finished, Edward pointed at the second chair next to Diane:
“Sarah, sit down and put your hands behind the chair back.”
Sarah sighed and sat down. Edward grabbed her wrists and tied them tightly. Now she was helpless. Edward grabbed her ankles and tied them to the chair front legs. Her knees were tied to the chair front as well and she couldn’t close her legs anymore.
Edward stood up and turned to the women:
“Now I’ll have my fun and get my revenge! Have fun, ladies. I come back later.” He left the cabin.

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Part 2:

Edward sat down on the porch and lit a cigarette. He could be satisfied; his plan started well. The bitch Diane was sitting in the cabin and he was close to his revenge. She had to experience a humiliating weekend and he didn’t tell her the biggest surprise yet. As for Sarah, he didn’t intend to kidnap her, but she was a bonus anyway.
Half an hour later he realized he was hungry and decided to prepare some food for himself and for the captives. The food was another part of his plan; he would feed the captives instead of untying them. They should experience an absolute helpless state and be at his mercy.
Sarah was fighting her bindings and her bladder desperately. Her wrists were held behind her back and she couldn’t untie her legs or grab her crotch. More ropes were holding her knees apart and she couldn’t close her legs. The bathroom door was in front of her eyes, only few steps away, but it was like miles for her. Tears appeared in her eyes:
“Mom, what would we do? Why did this happen to us? Help me please, I don't want to pee into the diaper like a baby.”
Diane was watching her daughter and wished she could help her. Unfortunately she was in the same predicament. Her bladder was quite full and she pulled on the ropes as well. She also tried to move the chair closer to Sarah, but the chair was big heavy and Diane's legs were hardly touching the floor:
"Sarah, I'm tied up and as helpless as you are. I can't untie my wrists on my own. Try to push the chair closer and we can untie each other."
At that moment Sarah's bladder cramped again and a few drops escaped into the diaper. She did a big mistake and wanted to ease the pressure by opening the gates for a second. However she wasn’t able to close them anymore and an endless stream of pee soaked her diaper. "Nooooo," she cried and blushed deeply.
Diane looked at Sarah and she almost started crying as well. She realized what happened and started desperate struggling in her ropes, but her effort was vain. Five minutes later shehadto stop.
Her bladder was overfilled and she didn't have any real chance to get to the bathroom. Diane sighed and relaxed her muscles willingly. She felt like a small toddler and her diaper was getting heavier:
"I don't know if it helps you, but your mom has just peed in her diaper, too."
Sarah shrugged; she was disgusted by the soiled diaper between her legs. To her surprise she didn’t feel any wetness, but the garment was heavy and the smell was spreading towards her nostrils. She wanted to get rid of the package and started struggling anew, but she couldn’t push her legs against the floor either. She was stuck and so was Diane.
Minutes later Edward came back, looked at both captives and disappeared in the kitchen. He started cooking and a pleasant smell was spreading across the cabin. Sarah even forgot about the smelly diaper and hoped that he would untie them.
When Edward finished cooking, he brought three plates intothe room and put them onto the table:
"Dinner time, ladies," he took the fork and fed the captives. Sarah's hope was vain; he didn't give them the slightest chance so far. Diane and Sarah were glad to get some food, but the wet diapers were quite disturbing.
After the dinner hecollected the plates and carried them back to thekitchen. Diane and Sarah were alone again. Sarah turned to Diane:
"Mom, do you have any idea what the man wants? Why did he mention revenge? Don't tell me he is Edward."
"Sweetheart, it is the Edward; I investigated him and the article is about him."
All of sudden an idea hit Sarah's mind: "Wait ... why did he force us to the diapers? Mommy, I think the diapers are part of his revenge."
"How so? How could he get his revenge by putting diapers on me or you?"
Sarah shrugged: "No idea, mom, but I'm getting a bad feeling. In either way we should try to escape as soon as possible." She realized she had to pee again.
Diane nodded, but she wasn't sure how they could escape. Their only chance would be a mistake:
"Sarah, we have to be vigilant and careful; maybe we find a chance later."
She stopped when Edward appeared in the doorframe. A devilish grin apeared on his face:
"Bedtime, ladies. However you probably need a diaper change before.Who wants to be changed first?"
He approached both captives and reached to their diapered crotches. Diane and Sarah blushed deeply and Diane couldn't control herself anymore:
"You are a pervert bitch, Edward!"
Edward laughed: "I think I am; however you've just done a mistake."
He untied Sarah's legs from the chair and led her to the king size bed in the bedroom. She had to lie down and he tied her right leg to a lower bedpost and her right wrist to the upper bedpost:
"Don't dare to move!" he showed her the gun and walked over to Diane. She was freed from the chair and led to the bed. Edward tied her left wrist to the upper bedpost and her left leg to the lower bedpost. Finally he tied the elbows and wrists of their free arms together and their free legs at ankles and knees. Diane and Sarah were helpless again and their legs were tied apart, exposing their diapered crotches.
Edward watched his captives and the devilish grin appeared on his face again:
"I wanted to let you change each other, but you made a big mistake. Ladies, you have two options; either I change you or you stay in the same diapers for the entire weekend."
Diane couldn't control herself and she yelled at Edward:"You won't touch us. Let me changeSarah at least!"
Edward laughed even more and he brought the diaper package to the bedroom; he put it between Diane's tied legs:
"Okay, change her if you want. I take a shower meanwhile," he left and closed the door.

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Part 3:
Diane and Sarah were alone, but they were helpless in their ropes. Sarah started struggling again; her bladder was full and she desperately wanted to get rid of the diaper and go to the bathroom. Unfortunately Edward tied them up thoroughly. The knot tying her right wrist to the bedpost was too far away and she couldn’t reach it. She pulled on the rope and tried to get closer, but her left leg was holding her in place:
“Mom, try to move to the right and I can reach the knot.”
Diane nodded, but she couldn’t move to the right. Her right arm and leg were tied to Sarah and she only pulled Sarah closer. Both Diane and Sarah kept pulling on the ropes, but they were stuck and couldn’t move neither left nor right. Diane sighed:
“Sweetheart, we have to find another way to get free. We don’t reach the knots tying us to the bedposts.”
“Okay, but hurry up, please; I have to pee very badly.”
Diane looked at the ropes tying their arms together in the middle of the bed. The knot on their wrists was quite close and she almost reached to it. At the same moment Sarah’s bladder cramped and she struggled desperately in a vain effort to close her legs or grab her crotch. The pressure grew stronger than her weakened muscles were able to hold. Another stream of pee soaked her diaper. She relaxed and tears appeared in her eyes again.
Diane’s bladder was quite full and she was able to hold her pee, but she didn’t have any chance to get free. She was watching the diaper bag between her legs and wished she could change Sarah’s diaper at least.
Edward opened the door and grinned: “Did you have any success, Diane? I’m afraid not. Would you like to ask me now? However you have to be polite!”
Diane was opening her mouth to give him another spicy answer, but Sarah’s face and her own full bladder changed her decision. She sighed and tried to be as polite as possible:
“Mr. Edward, would you be so kind and change our diapers, please?”
Edward nodded: “Of course, my lady; who could resist that nice request.” He watched his captives for a moment until he decided to change Sarah first. He pulled down her tights, panties, revealed the wet and heavy garment and undid the tapes. After lifting the diaper front Sarah’s crotch was exposed and she blushed deeply, but didn’t tell any word to protest.
Diane realized her full bladder and she wanted to pee once more before Edward changes her; however it was quite difficult and she wasn’t able to relieve herself in his presence. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine she was alone. Finally she managed to open the floodgates and get rid of the pressure; she felt her tights being pulled down and her diaper being untaped. When she opened her eyes again, she noticed Sarah’s exposed crotch; the bitch undid their diapers and watched them.
Five minutes later he finally cleaned Sarah and put a new thick diaper on her and did the same to Diane. Their panties and tights were pulled back and Edward left the room, switching off the light:
“Good night, ladies!”
Diane and Sarah were crying and they needed almost an hour to recover from the humiliating experience. Diane recovered first:
“Sarah, we have to escape. Edward wants his revenge and I still don’t have any idea about it. Let’s try to untie the ropes somehow.”
“Okay, mom. I can try to untie our wrists,” Sarah flexed her fingers in an effort to find the knot tying their wrists. She managed to reach it and even untie the wrists. Unfortunately, their elbows were still tied to each other and there was no way to reach to the knot:
“Sorry, mom; I can’t reach the knot on our elbow rope,” she sighed. Although she was able to untie a knot, they were tied up as tightly as before.
Sarah was tired already and her eyes closed soon. Diane couldn’t fall asleep and she was thinking of an option to escape; unfortunately she wasn't able to find a weakpoint and her fatigue took over; her eyes closed as well.
In the middle of the night Diane woke up. Her position was uncomfortable; she wasn't used to sleep on her back. Her left arm and left leg were numb, the tights caused her a terrible itch and she had to pee again. Her bladder was a little smaller and she usually had to go to bathroom every night several times.
Diane sighed and peed in her diaper. She didn't struggle; Sarah was asleep and Diane didn't want to disturb her.The itching feeling and uncomfortable position didn't allow her fall asleep again for almost an hour.
In the morning Sarah opened her eyes and wanted to get up. Her bladder was quite full as usually. However her limbs refused to response and she started a desperate struggling until she realized her condition.Her struggling waked Diane as well:
"Good morning, Sarah. Hopefully you could sleep well."
"I could, mom, but I have to go to the bathroom urgently. I hate to pee on myself again."
Diane nodded: "I know, sweetheart, but Edward doesn't untie us. I'm afraid you don't have another option." She peed in her diaper in the night and she was afraid of leaking already.
Sarah sighed heavily; her mom was right. At that moment she couldn't do anything and decided to get rid of the pressure. She relaxed her muscles and cursed Edward silently.
Half an hour later Edward opened the door and watched the captives: "Morning, ladies. It's time to change you again," he grinned, pulled down their tights and panties and opened both diapers. The reek of urine spread across the room and two faces blushed deeply again. Edward cleaned his captives, put clean diapers on them and re-arranged their clothing:
“Well, we have another wonderful day ahead!”

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Part 4:
Edward untied their wrists from the bedposts and untied the elbows; he ignored the loosened wrist rope. He retied Diane's and Sarah's wrists behind their backs, untied their legs and helped them stand up. Diane realized that all soiled diapers stayed on the floor; Edward didn't carry them away. The urine smell was spreading in the bedroom.
Diane and Sarah had to sit down on the same heavy chairs and their legs were tied to thechair legs again in the unladylike positions. Edward finished tying his captives and left for the kitchen.
Sarah still didn’t want to give up and started fumbling with the ropes. Unfortunately Edward did his work perfectly again and she wasn’t able to reach any knot. She sighed:
“Mom, we have to do something. I don’t know about the revenge, but I also don’t want to experience it. We have to escape at any price.”
Diane nodded and started struggling; unfortunately she faced the same problem and couldn’t untie her wrists. She tried to move the chair instead; anyway it was too heavy and her legs too short.
Edward brought them breakfast and fed them again. Although it was embarrassing, Diane and Sarah were glad to have their stomachs full after the long night. After the breakfast Diane turned to Edward:
“Mr. Edward, could we have a small walk at least? My limbs are numb after the night.”
Sarah nodded; her limbs also were numb. Edward hesitated, but he nodded as well: “Well, ladies, you can have a small walk, but one of you stays here tied to the chair and the other one can walk with me. Are you comfortable with it?”
Diane and Sarah nodded; it wasn't an ideal solution, but still good enough. They hoped to be freed from thechairs and able to flee. Edward untied Diane's legs from the chair and helped her stand up. They left the cabin and walked down the path slowly.
Dianewasn'table to resist the temptation and she asked Edward: "Mr. Edward, why did you kidnap us and humiliate us in this terrible way? It doesn't help you and the article appears on Monday; neither you nor me can stop it anymore unless you destroy the redaction."
Edward laughed: "No, Diane. I don't want to destroy anything. I need it for my vengeance!"
Diane stared at him; she didn't understand his words. However it was a better option for her; his plan was devilish indeed and the humiliation was the most important part of it.
After several more steps Diane's stomach rumbled. The food and walking made her bowels work and a cold chill ran down her spine; she had to poop:
"Mr. Edward,I have to go to the toilet urgently, let me go, please," tears appeared in her eyes.
Edward grinned: "You have your own toilet around your waist though!"
Diane realized she hadn't any option left but use her diaper, but she hated to do it in front of Edward. She tried to clench the muscles as much as possible, but Edward still didn't lead her back to thecabin. Finally she wasn’t able to hold her poop anymore and she filled her diaper before they came back to the cabin. She blushed deeply, but Edward laughed only.
Back at the cabin Edward forced her to sit down on the chair and tied her ankles to the chair front legs. Diane tried to lift her behind from the chair, but Edward took another rope and tied her waist down to the chair seat and she had to sit in her own poop.
When Edward left with Diane, Sarah stayed alone. She kept struggling, but the ropes were tight and she wasn’t able to reach any knots. Her legs were tied to the chair front legs, but she was able to move the chair a little. There was a knife sitting on the table and it would be a good tool to cut her bindings. Unfortunately she couldn’t lean forward to grab the knife with her mouth and could watch it only in an utter frustration. Even worse, her bladder was filling rather quickly after the breakfast. Before Edward came back, she couldn’t hold her pee anymore.
Diane came back and the smell was spreading across the room. Sarah stared at Diane and felt sorry for her. Anyway Edward was laughing only. He untied Sarah form the chair and led her away:
“It’s your turn now, Sarah. Let’s have a walk as well.”
Sarah was glad she could walk, but the wet package between her legs was quite heavy and uncomfortable. They were walking slowly and Sarah turned to Edward:
“Mr. Edward, why are you doing this to us? I can’t understand you.”
Edward grinned: “Sarah, it is my vengeance; your capture didn’t belong to my plan and maybe I find a way how to release you in time.”
Sarah’s heart jumped; it was a slight hope for her. However she wanted to protect her mom as well and started thinking how to do it.
About an hour later Edward led her back to the cabin and tied her to the chair. Diane was sitting in her smelly diaper and tears were running down her cheeks. Edward untied her and led her to the bed. He re-tied her in a spread-eagled position; put a rubber sheet beneath her lifted her skirt, pulled down her tights and left for the bathroom.
Sarah turned to Diane: "Mom, he told me he would release me eventually. I hope I could help you then." She was talking quietly.
Edward came back in a few seconds; he was carrying a small basin and wet rag to clean Diane. Sarah hoped he hadn't heard her. He untaped the diaper and cleaned Diane's crotch. She couldn't do anything but endure his treatment; on the other hand she was glad to be clean again even if she would prefer taking a shower.
The rest of the day passed uneventfully. Edward re-tied Diane to the chair and changed Sarah's diaper as well. After the dinner he grinned:
"Ladies, the final is coming now."

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Part 5:
Diane and Sarah stiffened and stared at Edward. He did his work well and his captives weren’t able to escape. They had to endure a lot of humiliation from Edward. He forced them into diapers and changed them like toddlers. However Diane still didn’t have any idea about his real intention.
Edward untied Diane from the chair and led her to the bed; he tied her to the bed in a spread-eagled way; the ropes were pulled taut. Sarah had to watch Edward changing Diane’s diaper and then he arranged all smelly diapers around her. The scene was quite bizarre.
When Edward finished, he turned to Diane:
"Diane, now my vengeance can take place. I take Sarah and let her go, however not too early.Tomorrow in the morning I call your office and tell them where they find you. I'm sure agreat article about your odd hobby appears soon. I know exactly which of your workmates are eager to publish this kind of sensations."
Diane and Sarah were terrified; it would be the end of Diane's career. Unfortunately they couldn't do anything to preventEdward from carrying out his plan. He untied Sarah from the chair and led her out of the cabin to their car, made her sit down on the passenger seat and put an electronic device on the safety belt lock:
"I'll drive you deeper into the forest and leave. Your safety belt will be released an hour later than the visitors arrive at your cabin. You can get out of the car and find somebody who frees your hands."
Edward started the engine and drove off towards the main road. He stopped in a distance about three miles from the cabin,switched off the engine and left. Sarah was alone in the dark forest, tied up and helpless. The safety belt prevented her from getting out of the car and she couldn't reach the lock. Her only hope was the electronic device or somebody who would find her.
Diane struggled and tried to reach the knots, but Edward tied her up toghtly and she got exhausted about an hour later. She sighed and hoped for a miracle. In the night she woke up two times and to pee in her diaper. Tears appeared in her eyes when she imagined the horrible moment. Her workmates would find her lying on the bed, wearing a soaked diaper and surrounded by smelly diapers.
Sarah couldn't sleep at all; her position was quite uncomfortable and she was afraid of the forest. The sounds were scaring her and there were some animals walkingaround. Although she was sitting in a closed car, she couldn't get rid of her fear.
Besides her fear Sarah had to fight her bladder. She was wearinga clean diaper, but she didn't want anybody see her in that embarrassing situation. It would be even worse if the diaper was soaked. She tried to hold her pee for hours, but finally the pressure got too high and her muscles failed. Tears appeared in her eyes and she desperately wanted to avoid the public humiliation.
All of sudden an idea hit her mind. She lifted her leg and pushed the lever to move the seat backwards. The seat belt loosened and Sarah could pull her shoulders out  of the upper loop. The belt loosened even more and she could reach to the door lever and open the door with her bound hands. When she put her legs out of the car, she was able to get off even if she landed on the ground. Sarah cursed herself; she could have done it much earlier. In any case she could walk.
Meahwhile the first early morning appeared and the forest wasn't that dark anymore. Sarah hurried up back to the cabin. She could free her mother in time. However she needed about an hour to get there.
Diane was surprised when Sarah appeared in the cabin:

"Honey, hurry up, please."
Sarah nodded and sat down to Diane's head. The knots on Diane’s wrists were quite tight and she needed a seemingly endless time until she managed to untie them; however fifteen minutes later they were free. First ofall they removed the wet diapers, took a quick shower and tidied up everything.
Diane and Sarah were sitting at the table and drinking coffee when a car arrived and Allan with Millie appeared in the doorframe. Diane looked at Millie and could read a big disappointment in her face. Millie was a well known sensationist and Allan usually assisted her by taking pictures:
"Good morning, Millie and Allan. Would you like to have some coffee? What brought you here to our cabin at this early time? Are you suffering from insomnia?"
Millie stared at Diane and stuttered: "Some... somebody called me ... I ... I ... find a sensation here."
"Well, all we have here is a stuttering sensationst," Diane laughed: "Sorry, Millie; sit down."
Diane's article appeared on Monday as planned, but Edward disappeared as if he had dissolved in the air.