The Autumn Miracle

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Part 1
The October sunrays were shining through the colored tree crowns above the large churchyard behind the local church. Several leaves had dropped from the trees and they were lying on the paths and graves.
Joan Morin was standing and looking at the gravestone in front of her. She was wearing a plain dark dress beneath her overcoat. Tears appeared in her eyes just like many times before. She had to cry every time she came to this grave but she came regularly though. Her husband Mark had died three years ago on the same day their daughter Alice was born. He was hurrying to the hospital and collided with a truck.
Alice was standing next to her mother; she was wearing a yellow jacket and denim pants. The bulge on her behind revealed that she wasn’t potty trained yet. Alice waswatching Joan and she wasn’t able to understand why her mom came to the grave and criedthat often. She knew about her dad, but she still believed he’d come back:
“Mom, don’t cry. Daddy comes back one day.“ She tried to help her mommy. Joan stroked her head and tried to stop crying: “Of course, sweetheart, he comes.” The young mother realized she even envied Alice her naïve belief. She wished Mark would come back but she knew it was not possible.
Alice pulled Joan away: “Mom, let’s go to the park. It’s beautiful and I wanna play there.” Joan nodded and they headed towards the nearby town park. The park was a beautiful place indeed. There were many trees there and the October time had turned them into a wide variety of colors from green up to brown. However Joan still didn’t see the colors and she considered autumn the saddest time of the year. In a month Alice would turn three, but the dark shadow of Mark’s death didn’t allow Joan have pleasure and celebrate the birthday.
Joan and Alice stopped near the playground in the middle of the park. Alice turned to her mother: “Mommy, can I play in the sandbox?” Joan smiled at her daughter: “Of course, sweetheart. However let me check your diaper first.” She reached to Alice’s crotch and felt the wet garment; however it wasn’t too wet yet. The small girl seemed to be impatient and she ran off towards the sandbox to join two girls playing there. Joan sat down on the bench and watched her daughter. Alice played in the sandbox for a short while only. Ten minutes later she ran to the nearby bushes; Joan watched her closely and was ready to run after her if necessary. However Alice didn’t run away and she collected the colored leaves instead.
All of sudden Alice stopped and kept looking at a place among the bushes. She even seemed to be listening closely. Joan stood up and was about to pull Alice away from the bushes when the little girl ran back to her:
“Mommy, mommy, I saw a dwarf. He was very nice and talked to me. He even asked me about you.”
Joan stared at Alice: “What are you telling me? Dwarves don’t exist.” Alice stared back: “They exist, mommy. You should see him. He was clothed in the wonderful leaves and he told me he was a good spirit of autumn.”
Joan kept listening to Alice and smiled at her again. She knew that Alice had a great fantasy and liked the fairy tales. However, the words ‘good spirit of autumn’ surprised her a little. Alice wouldn’t be able to invent that term. She decided to ask her father: “Sweetheart, let’s go home now. Grandpa is awaiting us already.”
Their small house was in a walking distance even for Alice. It was a nice small house where Joan had lived with Mark before the accident. There wasonly a living room, two bedrooms and Alice’s nursery there. They didn’t want to have a large and expensive house and Joan appreciated it after Mark’s death. Joan also didn’t want to move after the accident and she convinced her father Ryan to live with them. He was divorced and his former wife lived far away.
They walked home and Ryan was awaiting them indeed. He came back from work half an hour ago. He was earning the living for all three. Joan wasn’t comfortable with it and she wished she could help him. She tried to find a homework, but wasn’t successful so far.
Alice ran to Ryan as soon as they arrived and she hugged him: “Grandpa, I saw a dwarf. Wait, I draw him for you.”  Ryan lifted her on his arms and felt the soaked diaper: “Let’s change you before.” He carried Alice to the bathroom and put her on the changing table. He unzipped her pants and removed the wet diaper. While he was changing Alice, she kept talking. As soon as he finished, she headed to her room.
Joan put a lot of effort to equip Alice’s room. Alice shouldn’t share the sad feelings of her mom and the room matched it very well. The walls were painted in bright colors and there were several pictures hanging on them. Alice still slept in a crib. Her clothing and toys were in the cabinets and she had a small table and chair available there. She sat down at the tableand started painting.
Joan and Ryan entered the living room and sat down on a large sofa at the wall. Joan asked Ryan: “How’s been your day, dad?” He smiled at her: “It’s been a good day today. What about you? Did you cry again at the grave?” Joan sighed. At the same moment Alice appeared and she was holding a sheet of paper in her hand. Ryan and Joan stared in surprise at the picture; there was a dwarf in the picture indeed and Alice had managed to draw him very truly.
Joan asked her father to take care of Alice while she’d make the dinner. Ryan sat the little girl on his lap and asked her about the dwarf. He really didn’t believe in dwarves, but it could be a good way to spend the time until dinner. To his surprise Alice gave him a very detailed description and she told him about his words:
“Grandpa, he asked me about mom; why does she cry? I didn’t tell him anything, but he was talking about a sad time and he told he was the good spirit of autumn. He wanted that autumn wouldn’t be a sad time.”
Ryan listened to her and was taken aback by the ‘good spirit of autumn’. These words definitely didn’t belong to the vocabulary of a three years old child. Where did she hear it? Ryan decided to ask Joan as soon as Alice would fall asleep. He continued talking with Alice, but he didn’t learn anything more. The little girl kept talking about the beautiful park.
Meanwhile Joan finished the dinner and they ate in the kitchen. They sat down at the kitchen table and Alice was put into her high chair. She was still excited and both Ryan and Joan had to convince her to eat something. After the dinner Joan lifted her from the high chair and expected her to go play, but Alice stayed with her and kept talking to her while Joan was doing the dishes:
“Mommy, the dwarf told me he didn’t want anybody to be sad. You are sad, but I’m not. If you were as little as I am, you wouldn’t be sad.” Joan stared at her in an utter surprise: “Alice, I can’t be little anymore. How was it possible?” Alice shrugged: “Mommy, I ask the dwarf.”
Suddenly she stopped speaking, bent her legs and a grunt escaped her lips. A familiar smell spread across the kitchen: “Alice, let’s get cleaned and go to bed.” Joan led Alice to the bathroom, undressed her, put her into the bathtub, removed the dirty diaper and cleaned her daughter thoroughly. She sometimes wished Alice would get potty-trained, but she also liked taking care of her. It helped her divert her thoughts from Mark.
As soon as Alice fell asleep, Joan entered the living room. The TV was switched off and Ryan was sitting on the sofa with a book in his hands. Joan sat down and turned to him: “Daddy, what do you think of the dwarf? I know that dwarves don’t exist, but Alice was talking about him just like she had seen him indeed.”
Ryan put away the book he was reading and shrugged: “I don’t know, Joan. The picture was truly as well. To be honest, I’m not sure what to think of it. Maybe you should go to the park again and watch her closely. Take a camera with you. What if you see something?” Joan nodded.
Before going to bed Joan checked on Alice again. The little girl was sleeping soundly and there was no trace of worries on her face. Joan watched her for several minutes and then went to bed as well. She wasn’t able to get rid of the words: ‘if you were as little as I am, you wouldn’t be sad’. It was an odd image, but Alice made her point there. She really hadn’t a reason to be sad; she couldn’t understand it yet. An hour later, Joan finally dozed off.

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An interesting start... i do hope you continue this :)

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Part 2
In the next morning Ryan left early; Joan got up and prepared the breakfast. She wanted to be ready to go to the park as soon as possible. The dwarf was still occupying her mind. Dwarves don’t exist, but Alice never was able to draw something that truly. What did the little girl see? Maybe the camera would be able to provide an answer.
Alice woke up and she called her mother: “Mommy, mommy.” Joan walked over to Alice’s room and faced the wide smile, rosy cheeks and the diaper dropping down Alice’s legs. She sometimes didn’t understand her daughter; she didn’t mind wet or messy diaper at all. Joan wished she would know the true reason. Is it immaturity only? She carried Alice to the bathroom and changed her diaper. The little girl seemed to be excited: “Mommy, can we go to the park today? I’d like to see the dwarf.” Joan smiled back; she didn’t want to spoil Alice’s dreams and explain her about the non-existent dwarves: “Of course, sweetheart, let’s have the breakfast and we can go then.” Joan finished the diaper change and she dressed Alice into a nice girly light blue dress and dark blue tights.
After breakfast Joan got the camera and diaper bag and they left for the park. This time, Alice wasn’t interested in the sandbox and she headed directly towards the bushes. Joan didn’t want to disturb her and stayed in a larger distance, holding the camera in her hand ready to take pictures. Alice squatted down and collected the leaves slowly. Her mother was waiting patiently when Alice lifted her head and focused on the same place among the bushes. Joan aimed the camera and took a couple of pictures of Alice and of the mysterious place. She looked at the pictures closely, but she wasn’t able to see anything on the small camera display.
Alice stood up and went back to Joan. As she came closer, Joan could feel the smell:  “Alice, should we go home?” Alice shook her head: “Mommy, can I play now?” Joan sighed: “Let me clean you and you can stay and play here then.” She put Alice onto the bench and cleaned her. The little girl couldn’t wait until her mom finished and she jumped off as soon as her tights were in place.
There were several more children in the sandbox and Alice stayed there for about an hour until Joan called her; it was time to go home. While they were walking Joan asked her daughter:
“Alice, did you see the dwarf?”
“Yes, mommy, I did and we talked together.”
“How so, Alice? I didn’t hear you at all.”
“I don’t know, mommy; I told him about you.”
“Alice, I didn’t see him.”
“He told me you have to believe in him and you will see him.”
Joan shook her head; these words didn’t match Alice’s mind again. She had to check the pictures and return to the park later.
At home, Joan cooked the lunch quickly and after eating it she put Alice to the crib for her afternoon nap. Alice tried to protest, but she seemed to be tired enough and dozed off. Joan hurried up to her bedroom, switched on her computer and downloaded the pictures from the camera. She liked photography and knew a lot about taking and editing pictures.
She looked closely at the pictures of the mysterious place among the bushes. At the first sight there was nothing visible, but Joan got a strange feeling that there was a blurry shadow there. She tried to use several filters, but the shadow stayed as blurry as before. Joan shrugged, remembers Alice’s words and tried to find something on the internet. She typed ‘good spirit of autumn’ and a lot of results appeared on the display. Most of them were uninteresting, but a link caught her eye. There was a picture of a small dwarf wearing a clothing of autumn leaves there. He looked like the picture Alice had showed to her yesterday. The site presented a charitable foundation and Joan found a Photoshop plugin below the dwarf picture. She was surprised by its description: ‘Reveal the good spirits in your photos’. It could be a risk, but she downloaded the plugin and used it on her last pictures; all of sudden she spotted a small figure standing between two bushes. Joan used the same filter on the Alice’s picture and she could see a strange aura surrounding her daughter. She repeated the procedure with more pictures, but the small figure was still there. The young woman decided she had to go to the park again as soon as Alice would wake up. However she wasn’t aware of the fact she believed in the dwarf subconsciously.
Alice woke up and she seemed to be quite impatient: “Mommy, mommy, the dwarf,” she repeated. Joan lifted her from the crib and she felt the wetness on her tights: “Alice, we have to put a new pair of tights; you leaked, sweetheart.” Joan took care of her and they headed towards the park for the second time. When they reached the playground, Joan looked around and to her utter surprise she spotted the dwarf. He looked like the picture Alice had painted before. He was about 3 feet tall and dressed in the colored autumn leaves.
Joan stepped forward, still holding Alice at hand. The dwarf smiled at Joan:
“Are you able to see me now? It means you believe in me.”
“Y … yes … I ... can see you. W … who are you?” Joan stuttered in surprise.
“My name is Darerat; I’m the good spirit of autumn and I want nobody to be sad. Autumn is a beautiful season though.”
Joan almost cried: “B … but … but …”
“Your mind is occupied by sadness and worries, isn’t it?”
Joan nodded and waited for his response.
“Alice asked me if you can become as little as she is. Now I tell you that you can. Would you like to get rid of all your worries for some time? Remember, I’m the good spirit of autumn. My mission is taking care of everyone who would like to accept it.”
Joan was definitely taken aback. Yesterday she wasn’t able to believe in fairy-tales and now she was talking with a dwarf. On the other hand, Alice wasn’t surprised by it at all: “Mommy, it is a good idea. We both would be little, we can play together and you won’t be sad anymore.”
Joan almost nodded, but she hesitated. What would it mean if she became as little as Alice was? She would need somebody to take care of herself and Alice. Ryan couldn’t be able to do it. How long is ‘some time’? She talked to the dwarf again: “You mentioned some time. How long is it? What about my father? Who takes care of me if I’m that little?” The dwarf smiled again: “Joan, you needn’t take this decision just now. In the evening you get a visit and she will explain everything to you. Her name is Skyle Rainfall.”
Joan stared at the dwarf and was still confused. One part of her mind had accepted the dwarf, but the other one still refused doing it. The idea of getting rid of all worries was very attractive, but there was still a fear in the second part of her mind.
Alice turned to her mom and she looked like she understood her worries: “Mommy, you believe into the dwarf. Don’t worry and trust him. He doesn’t hurt you.” The dwarf stepped forward and stroked Alice’s head gently: “Alice, you are a good girl and you can help your mom; do it, please.” He disappeared suddenly.
Joan needed a minute to compose herself. Has it happened really? She turned back and returned to the playground: “Sweetheart, you can play now,” she sat down on the bench and watched her little daughter. Alice was cute and innocent and Joan tried to imagine herself in the same condition.
One hour later Alice came back and Joan spotted the heavy diaper between her legs as well small wet spots on her pants. She pulled down Alice’s pants and quickly changed her. They had to go home anyway; the sun was setting slowly.
While they were walking, Joan was watching the colored trees and to her utter surprise she realized they were beautiful. It was a slight difference against her feelings yesterday. Was it caused by her belief in the dwarf?

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Part 3:
Ryan was quite surprised by Joan and by the pictures. He almost rubbed his eyes and didn’t want to believe what he saw. Joan showed him the pictures and the internet site. He explored the site thoroughly, but everything seemed to be alright. The ‘good spirit of autumn’ was a legitimate foundation and they weren’t able to find any flaw. Alice was standing next to Ryan and watching the site as if she was able to read. It was an unusual behavior.
Joan and Ryan were curious if anybody comes in the evening just like the dwarf announced. As soon as they finished their dinner, the bell rang. A young woman was standing in front of the door. She was probably in her late 20’s and she was wearing a formal dress. However, Joan was taken aback by her face. There was something strange and unearthly emanating from her eyes:
“Let me introduce myself. My name is Skyle Rainfall and I was sent to you by the good spirit of autumn. Could I come in?” Joan nodded and they sat down at the large table in the living room.Alice emerged from her room, holding a doll and sat down on the floor, watching Skyle closely. Joan offered Skyle some juice or tea, but Skyle smiled and thanked: “Thank you, Joan; I don’t need anything material. Let me explain you about our mission.”
At this moment Alice stood up and headed towards Skyle. Skyle looked at Joan with a question in her eyes, but Joan nodded and Skyle put Alice onto her lap. The little girl cuddled to her instinctively and seemed to be interested in the explanation:
“Our foundation was founded long ago. We know that many people consider autumn the saddest season; you are not the only one, Joan. I know there is another reason for you. Our goal is to help anybody who is interested. We try to find a way how they get rid of all bad and sad memories and feelings.”
Joan listened carefully and she remembered the dwarf and the pictures:
“Miss Rainfall, can I ask you about the dwarf and the strange filter? The dwarf introduced himself as good spirit of autumn and it is the name of your foundation. I wasn’t able to see him, but I found your site and the filter showed him in the picture. Today I was able to see him. To be honest, I don’t understand it at all.”
Skyle smiled: “First of all, call me Skyle. It is a little tricky to explain; listen carefully please and try to understand.Our foundation is spiritual but we have got some possibilities how to contact people. Very few people are able to interact directly with a spiritual entity. The dwarf is a materialized form of the foundation essence; that’s why he calls himself by the same name. I’m an assistant and I can materialize always when it is necessary. As for the filter; it is a way how to show the spiritual things to those who want to see them. It also is a test if somebody is willing to believe in us.”
Alice was still sitting on Skyle’s lap and cuddling to her. She hardly could understand a single word of the explanation, but it was the unearthly attractiveness which made her stay with Skyle. All of sudden Alice fidgeted and grunted; the familiar smell spread across the room. Joan was about to stand up and take Alice to the bathroom when Skyle shook her head and lifted Alice: “Show me the bathroom; I do it with pleasure.”
In the bathroom Joan stared at Skyle and Alice. Alice was lying still on the changing table and let Skyle clean her without any signs of impatience. Skyle seemed to be an experienced babysitter. She lifted Alice on her arms again and returned to the living room to continue her explanation:
“Joan, you could be turned into a toddler to get rid of your worries. We are able to keep you in this condition as long as necessary. Your mind will be kept; however some of your memories and emotions would be changed slightly. It is required to help you get rid of your sad feelings.”
Joan nodded; even if she doubted about the result, she decided to do an attempt at least. However she had to ask Skyle several questions: “Skyle, who takes care of me and Alice when I’m as little as she is? My father has to work and he is quite tired after work. I also need new appropriate clothing for the little size and some changes in the bedroom. And … how long would be necessary to keep me in the toddler age?”
Skyle looked at her: “Joan, don’t worry about the caretaker. It would be a pleasure for me to take care of you and Alice and don’t worry about the payment; our foundation has got a generous sponsor and we are able to provide everything necessary. Your father needn’t do any extra work, but he is welcomed to help at the care. It would help both him and you.” She looked at Alice: “Your daughter is an important part of our plan. Alice, you will join your mom and play with her.” Alice hugged Skyle and nodded: “I do it, Skyle. It will be fun.” Skyle continued: “Joan, the time period depends on you. As soon as you accept the life without any worries, you can be changed back and our mission is over. I don’t know exactly how long it is.”
Alice jumped down from Skyle’s lap and ran to Joan: “Mommy, mommy, we both will be little and can play together,” she crawled onto Joan’s lap and hugged her tightly. Joan hugged her and gave her a kiss on her forehead: “Sweetheart, it is difficult for your mom. I can’t imagine myself as little as you are.” However Alice interrupted her: “Mommy, it is fun. Look at me.”
Ryan looked at Skyle and grinned: “Maybe you could make me younger as well.” Skyle understood the joke and laughed: “Ryan, you really don’t need it. You seem to be satisfied with your condition and you aren’t worried more than other men at your age and position. However you get an opportunity to have two small girls at home. You try to help Joan and play the role of her loving grandfather. I’ll be available the entire time but I can dematerialize if you are uncomfortable with my company.” Ryan smiled: “I don’ think it is necessary. It would be good to have a nice company.”
Joan looked at Skyle and Ryan; both of them apparently have agreed the plan and she should accept it as well. Alice poked her: “Mommy, please.” The young mother sighed and nodded even if she didn’t have any idea what would come next.
Skyle walked over to Alice and took her at hand: “Alice, come with me and help me. Show me mom’s room, please.” They entered Joan’s bedroom and Skyle leaned down to Alice: “Sweetheart, imagine this room if your mom were as little as you are. How should it look like?”
Alice looked around and turned to Skyle: “I’d like to …” but Skyle interrupted her: “Don’t speak. Close your eyes and imagine it.” Alice nodded and closed her eyes. She tried to imagine her own room, but she knew mom didn’t like the bright colors very much and she would need her computer. Seconds later she opened her eyes again and stared in an utter surprise; the room changed exactly like she had imagined it:
“Skyle, you are a witch!”
Skyle smiled: “Not witch, sweetheart; I’m a good fairy and I can do some magic. Go get your mom now.”
Joan almost fainted and Skyle had to calm her down: “Joan, look at the artwork of your daughter. She has created this room for you.” Joan took Alice on her arms and hugged her: “Thank you, Alice; however how did you manage to change the room?” Alice looked back and answered her mom as if it was a totally common way to equip a room: “I imagined it, mommy.”
Skyletook Alice from Joan: “Let’s go to bed now, Alice.” The little girl nodded and Skyle carried her to the bathroom. Joan was standing in her re-arranged room and wasn’t able to do anything but stare at the crib, colored walls, small table and childish-looking equipment.
Fifteen minutes later Skyle returned and turned to Joan: “Joan, are you ready? We can start now.” Joan was a little taken aback by the quick tempo, but she nodded. Skyle took her at hand, led her to the crib and pointed at it: “Joan, sit down and try to relax now.” Joan sat down on the crib and closed her eyes. All of sudden she was getting an odd feeling.

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Part 4:
Skyle was holding Joan at hand and watching her closely. The young woman started to change slowly. Her body was shrinking and her clothing was dropping down. Skyle removed all clothing, put the little Joan onto the crib and hurried up to get a diaper and pajama. She powdered Joan’s crotch, put a night time diaper onto her and dressed Joan into the pajama. Joan seemed to be asleep and didn’t stir at all. Skyle covered her and put a pacifier into her mouth; Joan accepted it instinctively.
As soon as Skyle finished, she returned to the living room and led Ryan to Joan’s bedroom. He was quite surprised first, but seconds later he smiled and gave a light kiss on Joan’s forehead. Ryan tried to recall the old times when Joan was a small girl and he realized the times were back; at least temporarily. He almost took Joan in his arms, but Skyle stopped him. Joan needed her sleep. They left the room and switched off the light, leaving a small night lamp on.
Ryan and Skyle sat down on the sofa and Ryan turned to Skyle: “Skyle, where do you want to sleep? To be honest, our house isn’t large and we don’t have spare rooms.” Skyle smiled: “Ryan, I don’t need any sleep and any place to sleep either. I stay awake in the kitchen or in the Joan’s nursery. I think Joan would need me soon.” She left and headed to Joan’s room. Ryan left immediately after Skyle and he went sleep.
In the middle of the night Joan woke up and she was surprised by the night lamp. She was used to have light off in her room. The room looked different, but she remembered the change in the evening. Skyle spotted Joan and walked over to her: “Shhh … sleep, Joan.” Joan was taken aback by the fact Skyle was in the room, but she was able to relax and doze off again. She even sucked on the pacifier without realizing it.
Joan woke up again in the late morning. To her surprise she felt relaxed; she hasn’t had that good sleep for long. She opened her eyes and looked around. The room seemed bigger to her, but she realized the true reason; her body had shrunk in the night. The plan of Skyle worked and now Joan was probably as little as Alice. She was curious and decided to get up, look for Skyle and Alice and start the first day in her new condition.
At the same moment two thoughts hit her mind. There was something in her mouth and it felt pleasant. Joan reached to her mouth and pulled out the pacifier. She stared at it in an utter surprise; was she sucking in the while night? The second thought was even worse. Joan usually had to wake up at least once in the night and go to the bathroom. This morning her bladder seemed to be empty and comfortable. Her hand wandered to her crotch and touched a thick garment between her legs. A strong smell of urine hit her nostrils and Joan realized she had wet herself. The diaper felt cold and heavy. A deep blush appeared on her face and she started looking for a hideout. Unfortunately, the room didn’t provide any appropriate hiding place. Joan stopped and sat down on the crib.
The door opened and Skyle entered the room, followed by Alice. Alice ran to Joan, hugged her and smiled widely: “Good morning, mommy. Come with Skyle; she will change your diaper.” Joan had to smile at the way Alice addressed her; she didn’t look like her mom at all. However, the comment on her diaper reminded her of the wetness between her legs: “Alice …” she wanted to tell Alice something, but she forgot it.
Skyle took Alice at hand and turned to Joan: “Let’s go to the bathroom.” Joan hesitated, but Alice encouraged her: “Mommy, hurry up; we should go to breakfast soon.” Joan sighed and followed Skyle and Alice. Skyle lifted her onto the changing table, strapped her down and pulled down her pajama pants. Joan almost tried to protect herself, but she didn’t reach to her crotch. Skyle pushed away her hands: “Sweetheart, let auntie Skyle change you.” Alice was standing next to the changing table and watching Skyle.
After changing Joan’s diaper Skyle led her to the room and helped her dress up. Joan was able to dress herself, but she was a little clumsy at it. She wasn’t able to understand what was going on, but Alice came to her: “Mommy, don’t worry. Skyle helps you just like you helped me.” Joan smiled at her daughter: “Thank you, Alice.” All of sudden she was able to see the world from another perspective; however she was not able to tell if it was better or not.
Skyle led both girls to the kitchen and put them onto high chairs. It was another strange experience for Joan. She was able to feed herself, but her skills were reduced and she was eating in a clumsy way just like Alice. They could eat from plastic bowls, using plastic spoons and drink from the sippy cups. Joan ate her portion quicker than Alice, but her bib was as messed up as Alice’s. Joan had to face another surprise; she perceived the baby food taste much more intensive than yesterday when she was adult.
After breakfast Skyle sent the girls to their rooms; they should play a bit until she makes dishes. Joan almost protested and wanted to help Skyle, but Skyle smiled: “Joan, try to relax. Enjoy your time and join Alice. She is waiting for you already.” Joan shrugged and walked over to Alice’s room. Alice was sitting on the floor and playing with dolls. All of sudden Joan felt little and sat down next to her daughter. She often played with Alice earlier, but it was different this time. Joan relaxed and forgot about the whole world.
While they were playing, Joan felt an urge to pee. A second later her bladder muscles relaxed and her bladder voided itself into the diaper. She was taken aback and stopped playing. Alice looked at her: “What happened, mommy?” “I … I … I’ve just wet myself.” Alice shrugged: “Don’t worry. Auntie Skyle changes you. I’m wet as well.” Joan was about to stand up: “Let’s go to her and ask her to change us.” “Why?” Alice wondered: “She comes and checks on the diapers later.” Joan realized Alice was right; Skyle would come eventually and they can continue playing. She was getting less worried and she even liked it.
Alice lifted her head and asked Joan: “Mommy, would you like to go to the park and see the dwarf again? It would be fun.“ Joan hesitated; she was worried; what do the people say when they see her like this: “Alice, I’m worried. What do my neighbors say?” Alice laughed: “Mommy, they don’t know who you are. Skyle finds an excuse though.” Joan was surprised by her daughter; the little girl was right again: “You are right, Alice. Let’s go to the park as soon as Skyle finishes doing dishes.”
Several minutes later Skyle appeared and watched the playing toddlers for awhile: “Hey, girls, we could go to the park today; the sun is shining. Let’s check your diapers and dress you.” Alice stood up, but she stopped and a concentrated look revealed what she was doing. A minute later she relaxed and stepped forward; the smell was spreading in the room slowly. Joan didn’t feel any urge, but she realized she eventually would have to poop as well. It wasn’t a pleasant image, but she couldn’t do anything but hope that she wouldn’t have to be changed outside in the park.
Skyle checked Joan’s diaper and declared it alright. She lifted Alice onto the changing table and cleaned her thoroughly just like a day before. As soon as Alice was clean, Skyle took both girls into their rooms, helped them dress into nice girly dresses and warm tights. Ten minutes later they could leave for the park. Both girls were looking almost like twin sisters and Skyle was holding them at hands; a big bag was hanging on her shoulder.

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Part 5:
Joan was walking towards the park and looking around. They encountered an older lady from the neighboring house. To her utter surprise the lady wasn’t surprised at all by Skyle and two children. Joan wasn’t able to understand it; she had to recognize Alice and never saw Skyle. It had to be like a magic. Skyle talked with the lady as if they knew each other for long. Alice kept smiling and Joan tried to do the same.
Suddenly Joan didn’t worry at all and she kept watching the surroundings. All sad feelings had gone and Joan could see the beautiful colored leaves on the trees. They came to the playground, Skyle let go of their hands and Alice pointed at the bushes: “Mommy, mommy, look at the bushes,” she set off and ran towards the bushes. Joan followed her and they stopped in front of the dwarf. He smiled at both girls:
“Alice, Joan, I’m glad to see you like this. Joan, how do you like being little?”
Joan hesitated a few seconds; she had to admit that she felt better indeed: “I … I … like it,” she stuttered and blushed.
“It’s very good. If you spend several days in this condition, your attitude changes and your worries disappear.”
He disappeared as if he dispelled in the air. Alice turned to Joan: “Let’s play now.” They headed to the sandbox, sat down and joined other little children there. Joan was a little taken aback, but she somehow liked playing with Alice. There were no duties for her and Skyle was ready to take care of their needs.
About an hour later Skyle called both girls and gave them juice in the baby bottles. It was simpler than sippy cups. Alice and Joan took the bottles and drank quickly; they were thirsty already. Joan finished the bottle, gave it back to Skyle and at the same moment she felt her pee coming out. The diaper between her legs got heavy and dropped down. She realized that a change is urgent even if it had to be done here in public:
“Skyle, I’m all wet,” she blushed. Skyle stroked her head and smiled: “No problem, sweetheart. Lie down on the bench.” Joan lied down hesitantly and kept looking around if somebody is watching her. However, nobody looked at her. Skyle pulled down her tights, removed the wet garment, wiped her and put a clean diaper on her. Joan was surprised again; it had been easier than she was able to imagine.
Alice was sitting at the sandbox and playing and Joan hurried up to her. They were alone and Joan got an opportunity to ask Alice a few question about the diapers. Several children at Alice’s age were potty-trained, at least partially:
“Alice, I’ve just wet myself when I finished the bottle and I didn’t feel the urge at all. Do you feel when you have to pee?”
Alice looked at her; she was surprised by the question. What does her mommy want to know? She sometimes felt the urge and tried to hold her pee, but it was quite a difficult task: “Mommy, I don’t; I feel the diaper getting wet and can’t stop it,” she tried to look away. Joan realized Alice was lying to her, but she didn’t want to let her know.  Instead, she continued:
“Don’t you mind changing your diapers in public?” Alice shrugged: “Why? If Skyle thinks it’s necessary, I don’t mind it, but I want her to hurry up so I can play again.” And Joan realized Alice didn’t have any feeling of shame yet. Joan, on the other hand, was an adult in toddler body and she considered it embarrassing. All of sudden she envied Alice her carefreedom.
Joan wanted to use her opportunity and asked Alice the final question: “Alice, you rarely come and ask for a change. Don’t you mind being in wet or messy diapers?” The little girl looked away again and didn’t answer. She somehow liked the feeling, but she knew she couldn’t admit it. Joan didn’t insist and she decided to start playing again. She realized that potty-training Alice would be a long-run task.
Alice stood up and turned to Joan: “Let’s collect the leaves, mommy; they are wonderful. We can take them home and make a park around the dollhouse.” Joan considered the idea a little silly, but she nodded and followed Alice. They collected a few leaves and brought them to Skyle. She put them into the bag and took the girls at their hands. It was time to go home and have lunch.
While walking Joan felt an urge to poop. She tried to hold it and ask Skyle to remove her diaper and sit her on a potty later. Joan had purchased a potty earlier and she tried to potty-train Alice. It was a waste of money, but the potty was still in a cabinet in the bathroom. Unfortunately the urge was growing and every single step she had to clench her muscles harder to hold her poo. Halfway to the house the muscles betrayed her, she stopped and filled her diaper. The rest of the way was a challenge; Joan was waddling and keeping her legs apart as much as possible.
At home Skyle hurried up and strapped Joan down to the changing table. This time Joan didn’t try to protect herself and waited patiently until Skyle cleaned her. She closed her eyes and daydreamed; she didn’t consider the changing that bad anymore. Meanwhile Alice was standing and watching them. When Skyle finished changing Joan, she lifted Alice and changed her as well. Both girls took the collected leaves and ran to Alice’s room where they arranged a beautiful autumn park around Alice’s dollhouse. Joan looked at the scene and got a strange feeling of comfort. Alice took three dolls and put them onto the leaves: “Mommy, it’s us.” Joan smiled at her and hugged her.
Skyle came and called the girls to lunch. Both were quite hungry already and ate everything. After lunch Skyle wanted to put them into their cribs, but Alice asked her if they could stay together. Joan and Skyle were a bit surprised, but Skyle nodded.
As soon as Skyle left the room, Alice turned to Joan and hugged her tightly: “Mommy, I love you very much and I’m glad you are that little. It is fun.” Joan hugged Alice back and a small tear appeared in her eye: “I love you too, my little Alice.” She realized it was fun indeed. They were tired and fell asleep almost immediately. Skyle peeked into the room, watched the two toddlers hugging each other and smiled; her plan seemed to be working.

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Part 6:
Joan woke up about two hours later; she still was hugging Alice, but Alice was asleep and her thumb was in her mouth. She looked cute and Joan kept watching her for a long time. Meanwhile she felt a slight urge to pee and her diaper got warm. Joan even didn’t try to clench the muscles to stop the flow.
Skyle’s face appeared in the doorframe and Joan looked at her. Skyle walked over to the crib, helped Joan pull her arm from beneath Alice and lifted her from the crib. Alice didn’t stir and her thumb stayed in her mouth. Skyle carried Joan to the bathroom and strapped her down to the changing table. Joan closed her eyes and let Skyle change the wet diaper without any sign of resistance. She realized that the change was a pleasant and intimate experience and had to share it with Skyle:
“Skyle, I have to admit that a diaper change is very pleasant; it is an expression of loving relation.” Skyle unstrapped Joan and cuddled her: “Joan, it is a good sign. Your mind is cleaning of the bad thoughts. Go ahead, please.”
At the same moment they heard Alice’s cry: “Mommy, mommy, where are you?” Skyle put Joan on the floor and they ran to Alice. Skyle lifted Alice from the crib, cuddled her and carried her to the bathroom as well. As soon as Alice spotted Joan, her eyes brightened, her cry stopped and a wide smile appeared on the smile face.
After changing the diapers and re-dressing the girls Skyle gave them a snack and a cup of juice. They had slept longer and it was too late to go outside, so they stayed in Alice’s room and played with dolls. Skyle put two more sippy cups onto the table and the girls could drink when they got thirsty. Alice drank her cup quickly and she returned to the dollhouse.  Joan was sure that Alice’s diaper was about to get wet soon and watched Alice inconspicuously while playing. Alice started fidgeting, but she stopped soon and her diaper expanded. Now Joan knew Alice was aware of the urge. However she remembered the changing process and was curious if Alice liked it in the same way. However she didn’t want to push Alice too much:
“Alice, your diaper is soaked already. You should ask Skyle to change you; otherwise you leak and she has to change your pants as well.” Alice stopped playing, looked at Joan and nodded: “Don’t go away, mom; I’m back soon.” However Joan couldn’t resist the temptation and watched Alice in the bathroom. Alice was content and Skyle could change her easily. Meanwhile Joan realized her diaper was heavy and came over to the bathroom: “Skyle, I need a clean diaper, too.”
After the diaper change both girls returned to Alice’s room and were playing until Ryan arrived at home. At the same moment Alice jumped from the floor and ran towards Ryan: “Grandpa!” He lifted her and cuddled her tightly: “How have you been, Alice?” Alice started talking in an excited voice: “We had lots of fun, Grandpa. Mommy was playing with me.” She continued and told him everything what had happened. Ryan listened to her and put her on the floor then: “Alice, I’d like to cuddle your mom now.” Joan heard it and she ran towards him just like Alice. He lifted his little-sized daughter and got a strange feeling. He remembered the times long ago when Joan was that little. Joan also recalled the old times and hugged her father tightly: “Daddy, I don’t know how to describe my feeling, but it is great.”
Skyle headed to the kitchen to prepare dinner and Ryan sat down on the couch in the living room, still holding Joan in his arms. Alice followed him and crawled on the couch to be closer to him. Ryan shifted Joan a bit aside and put both girls onto his lap. Alice and Joan cuddled to him and to each other. Suddenly Joan felt a great love from both her father and daughter. She forgot about all her worries and enjoyed the cuddle.
Half an hour later they were sitting in the kitchen and eating. Joan was as clumsy as before, but she didn’t mind it at all. After dinner Ryan took both girls again and they kept cuddling and talking. Joan was surprised by Alice’s behavior; Alice was much calmer than before. It had to be Skyle, or … Joan imagined the scenes before and realized that her worries influenced Alice. Now Joan was content and so was Alice.
While talking Joan felt an urge to poop. She didn’t want to go in her diaper and turned to Ryan: “Daddy, I have to poop. Could you sit me on the potty?” Ryan nodded, but Alice stared at her as if she was surprised by the decision. Ryan lifted Joan and carried her to the bathroom; he removed her diaper and sat her onto the potty. Joan pushed and did her poo into the potty. Alice came over to her:
“Mommy, why did you ask grandpa to remove your diaper?”
“Alice, I don’t like the feeling of the messy diaper. You could see it in the morning.”
Alice shrugged: “It isn’t that bad and you needn’t care of anything.” She stopped talking and bent her legs. Minute later she continued: “Did you see, mommy?” Joan had to control herself not to laugh.
Ryan was standing next to the girls and he also had to control himself. He wiped Joan and put a clean diaper on her. Alice was waiting patiently until the grandpa changed her as well. Skyle was waiting in the kitchen. She wanted to provide Ryan an opportunity to be with both his toddlers. Ryan led Joan and Alice to their rooms, but Alice asked him to stay with her mom for the night. He smiled, nodded and changed both girls into their pajamas. Joan and Alice lied down in Alice’s crib, hugged each other and fell asleep moments later.
Ryan closed the door quietly and joined Skyle in the kitchen. They sat down to the table and Skyle poured a cup of tea for him:
“Ryan, how do you feel with two small girls at home?”
“To be honest, it is somehow pleasant. I’m glad to see Joan that content. She doesn’t worry at all.”
“Yeah, this is our goal. Anyway, she has a big test ahead. We provide her several days to get accommodated to her present condition and after that she has to pass the test.”
“Which test do you mean?”
“She has to go to Mark’s grave and spend several minutes there without a single tear. It would be the sign of her cure.”
“Do you believe it’s possible?”
“Of course I do. We all will go there and you will see.”
Ryan nodded. Later in the evening he went sleep and felt much better than two days ago. He even didn’t realize he talked with a magic creature and believed in dwarves.

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Part 7:

In the morning Joan woke up late. She didn’t worry at all and she could sleep soundly. To her surprise Alice wasn’t in the crib anymore and Joan could hear her excited voice talking to Skyle. She was talking about her dreams:

“Skyle, in my dream my mom was like my twin sister and you were our mom. It was that beautiful and I was happy I had a sister.”

A tear appeared in Joan’s eye. Alice was an only child and Joan didn’t want to date somebody let alone marry somebody after Mark’s death. Joan never realized these feeling and she cursed herself for her oblivion. At this moment Alice had a little twin sister, but this condition was temporary only. Joan was thinking about it she even wanted to stay little a bit longer; however she didn’t want to trouble the foundation more than necessary.

Joan sat up and felt wetness beneath her. She looked down and found out her diaper had leaked. She was asleep for a long time and wet herself several times. To her surprise she didn’t mind it at all; she was much more content.  Alice appeared in the doorframe, smiling widely: “Mommy, mommy, you are awake. We can play again.” Skyle followed Alice and lifted Joan from the crib. She changed her diaper quickly and dressed Joan into a beautiful pink T-shirt and denim pants. Alice was dressed exactly in the same way and they looked like twin sisters indeed. Alice watched Joan and smiled:

"Mommy, you look like my twin sister now. It is great. I saw you like this in my dream."

Joan hugged Alice tightly and felt very contently. She didn't mind being little and she didn't mind the diapers as well. In this way she was able to get much closer to her daughter.

After breakfast Skyle took both girls to the playground. They were walking towards the park and Joan was holding Alice at hand. Skyle didn't have to lead them; Joan had her adult mind though. Joan kept watchingthe trees and colored leaves and she liked them.There was no track of sadness in her mind anymore.

All of sudden Joan felt the urge to pee. She was a little surprised. The day before she wet her diaper without realizing it and so did she in the night. On the other hand she felt a slight urge several times. It was quite confusing, but she remembered the talk with Alice. Alice told her almost the same even if she probably didn't tell her the whole truth.

Joan decided to check her abilities and continued walking. The urge wasn't too big but her muscles seemed to be weak and she had to focus on them. Holding was a bit uncomfortable and the diaper provided her a good option. She considered asking Skyle to remove the diaper, but she refused this option and relaxed the muscles with a slight mischieveous grin.

Alice noticed the grin and she instantly guessed what had happened; after all she did it often. Many times she could have asked mom, but she didn't it and liked the feeling of wet diaper. Now she knew she had an almost twin sister and could share her wishes and feelings.

While Joan and Alice were playing in the sandbox, Alice tried her luck and turned to Joan:

"Mom, you peed in your diaper while we were walking, didn't you? Don't worry; I don't tell it. The feeling is pleasant."

Joan blushed and hoped Skyle didn't notice it. Alice was right. However it was a good opportunity to ask Alice a sneaky question:

“Alice, you dreamt of the twin sister, but you have a little mommy instead. Do you want your mommy to stay as little as I am or the big one like I was before?”

Alice stopped playing, watched Joan closely for several seconds and smiled at her: “Both! The little one would play with me and the big one would take care of us.”

“Alice, I can’t split into two different mommies?”
“Why not? Let’s ask the dwarf. You didn’t believe you could be little and I asked him.”

Alice stood up and hurried towards the bushes. Joan followed her, but the dwarf didn't appear this time. Alice was looking around in a disappointment first, but Joan tried to calm her down:

"Maybe he is busy at other little girls now. We can try it again later."

Before they could get to the playground, Skyle stopped them, gave them juice and checked their diapers. They were wet and Skyle changed Alice first; the little girl couldn’t wait until her pants were in place and ran to the slide immediately. This time Joan lied down on the bench and didn’t look around; it was that good not to be worried about anything. On the other hand she waited patiently and didn't hurry up like Alice did.

Alicewas sliding along with her best friend Emma. Emma was as old as Alice and her mom kept potty training her; anyway without a big success; she sometimes talked with Joan about this topic, but Joan was too focused on her own grief.

All of sudden Joan startled; how does Emma react? However Emma accepted Joan immediately, called her by name and treated her like Alice's sister. Emma's mother joined Skyle and they were talking together. Joan was taken aback again; how was it possible that everybody accepted their new condition?

All three girls were having fun and playing together until Emma's mother came and asked Emma if she had to pee. Emma was wearing a pullup; it was a part of the potty training. Anyway she often had accidents and she didn't like the disruption of her game. Actually Emma had to pee, but she shook her head and came back to Joan and Alice. Her mother sighed and returned to Skyle.

Joan watched the scene and remembered her own experience. She tried it with Alice earlier, but the result was the same. Now she was on the other side and she could understand Alice and Emma better. Shortly ago she behaved alike and she had to admit it was fun.

Emma sat down and continued playing in the sandbox. However she started fidgeting five minutes later and stopped almost immediately; the same mischievous grin appeared on her face, but she was looking away from her mother.

The time passed quickly and Skyle called Joan and Alice; it was time to go home to lunch. Even worse, thick clouds appeared and Skyle asked the girls to hurry up. Emma's mother called Emma and asked her again if she had to pee. Emma shook her head, but her blush revealed what had happened. Her mother sighed and stepped forward as well; she didn't want to get wet.

Joan and Alice arrived in time; as soon as Skyle closed the door, raining started. Skyle prepared a quick lunch and put the girls to their afternoon nap. To her surprise Joan was tired and her eyes closed almost instantly. She was sleeping with Alice in the same crib again.

When Joan opened her eyes, she could listen to the rainfall outside. Alice was asleep and Joan could see a broad smile on her face. She sat up quietly and felt wetness. Their diapers leaked and the bed sheet was wet as well; however Joan didn't mind it anymore. Five minutes later Skyle peeked into the room and Joan stood up. Skyle lifted her from the crib and carried to the bathroom. When Joan was clean and dressed, she peeked into Alice's room and spotted Alice standing. This time Alice didn't cry at all.

In the afternoon Joan and Alice were playing in Alice’s room with the dollhouse and Alice added one more doll to the family: “Look at the big mommy and the little one. It’s possible though.” Joan laughed: “Of course you can add one more doll to the doll family. Do you think it’s that easy with living people?“ Alice shrugged: "Why not?" Joan couldn't do anything but stroke Alice's hair and kiss her cheek. Again, she almost envied Alice the naivety.

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Part 8:
Later in the evening Skyle made a proposal; she could dematerialize for the weekend and Ryan would be alone with Joan and Alice. Alice pouted first, but Skyle explained her the idea:
"You will spend the weekend as a close family. Your grandpa takes care of you and you have a pleasant time. I can't stay forever with you, Alice. Be a big girl and help him. Remember that you have to help your mom as well."
All of sudden Alice liked that idea and she was looking forward to the big girl time: "Yeah,auntie Skyle. I'll help my grandpa and mom." She was even enthusiatic and hugged Joan: "Mom, mom; we spend the whole weekend with grandpa and will have lots of fun."
At that moment Skyle disappeared but nobody noticed it immediately. Joan and Alice ran over to Ryan and crawled onto his lap. Ryan hugged his daughter and granddaughter: "I promise you a great weekend and I have an interesting idea. We could go to the Community centre and watch a children show on Sunday."
Alice nodded instantly and Joan needed a few seconds only to nod as well. She never had that idea and realized that it would be a great opportunity to relax. Even if the show was intended for children, Joan was looking forward to it.
Ryan was even enthusiastic about his role and didn't mind taking care of two toddlers at all. Alice was eager to help him and she was able to tidy up her room and help at dishes. Of course, Joan helped as well and praised Alice.
On Saturday Joan woke up early. She could sleep well and liked to be with Alice in the same crib. The sun was peeking into the bedroom and Joan was looking forward to a pleasant day spent with Ryan. She was recalling the last evening.
Alice was still asleep and sucking on her pacifier. Joan realized she was sucking as well. The pacifier was very pleasant and calming and Joan could understand Alice now.
Ryan was awake already and he peeked into the room. Joan turned her head and smiled behind the pacifier. Ryan walked over and lifted her on his arms:

"Good morning, Joan," he whispered and carried her to the bathroom. Of course, her diaper was heavy and dropping between her legs. After the diaper change Joan hurried up to her room to dress herself; she wanted to help her father at the breakfast.
Alice surprised Joan and Ryan when she woke up. She also wanted to dress herself after the diaper change and she was able to put her T-shirt and pants on even if she was a little slower. In the kitchen Alice helped as well and Joan praised her again.
After breakfast they were ready to go to the park. Suddenly Alice turned to Ryan and asked him:
"Grandpa, I have to poop."
Joan was taken aback by the change of Alice's attitude. Alice wanted to help Ryan and Joan smiled at her. Ryan removed Alice's diaper and sat her onto the potty. Joan waited and asked for potty as well.
In the park Joan and Alice hurried up to the bushes and spotted the dwarf indeed. Alice didn’t hesitate and asked him directly:
“Could I have a little mommy and a big one?”
The dwarf laughed: “Alice, I know what you are missing. Anyway I have a better idea.” He leant down to Alice and whispered something in her ear. Alice nodded: “Yes, thank you. I won’t tell it anyone. It is our secret.” She ran to Joan and hugged her: “Mommy, it is great.” Joan hugged Alice back even if she didn’t have any idea what was great. The dwarf smiled at Joan and disappeared.
Joan and Alice ran back to the playground. Emma was sitting in the sandbox already. According to the bulge in her tights she was wearing a thick diaper instead of a pull-up. Her mother was a bit disappointed yesterday and she asked Skyle; Skyle advised her to wait and give up her attempts for some time.
All three girls were playing and they seemed to be content. Joan realized she wasn't worrying about anything. She kept playing in the sandbox with two other small girls. Ryan was sitting on the bench and talking with Emma's mother.
On their way home Alice pulled Joan away from Ryan and whispered in her ear:

"Mommy, could we help grandpa and change our diapers on our own?"
Joan was taken aback first and didn't know what to answer. Alice's proposal was a little odd; of course there was a better option. If Alice was potty-trained, it would be much better for Joan and Ryan. On the other hand Joan felt comfortably in diapers and she couldn't give Alice that advice. She had to answer the original question:

"Do you want to try it out? Maybe we could change diapers mutually. I can teach you it."
When they arrived at home, their diapers were in a desperate need of change, heavy and dropping down. Joan fetched two diapers from the package and turned to Ryan:

“Daddy, Alice had a nice idea to help you,” she proceeded to the bathroom and Alice followed her. Joan asked her:
“Alice, lie down on the floor,” she pulled down Alice’s tights, untapped the diaper and cleaned Alice with a wet rag: “Alice, watch me and try to change my diapers in the same way.” She put on a clean diaper on Alice, taped it shut and pulled Alice’s tights back.
Joan lied down on the floor and Alice started her attempt. She managed the change the diaper quite well; Joan had to show her how to stick the tapes.
Joan took the soiled diapers and carried them to the recycle bin; Alice hurried up to the kitchen: “Grandpa, how can I help you?” Joan couldn’t do anything but smile.
On Sunday Joan and Alice put on nice dresses without any help; Joan realized Alice was getting more mature even if she still was in diapers. On their way to the Centre Joan explained Alice how to behave at that kind of event. Alice was listening closely and she promised Joan to stick to the rules.
The children show was funny indeed and Joan was glad she had agreed to that idea. Emma arrived at the Centre as well and they could sit all together; anyway Joan was sitting between Alice and Emma. After the show Emma’s mother invited them to the patisserie. Joan wished she could have a coffee but she didn’t want to get suspicious. She could have the coffee later at home.
Before leaving Ryan and Emma’s mother took all toddlers to the family restroom to change them. Emma was grinning at Alice and Joan; she liked the diapers and their comfort just like Alice did. They were lying on the changing tables next to each other.
On their way home Alice suddenly felt a strong urge to poop. Several days ago she wouldn’t hesitate and would let go; this time she turned to Ryan: “Grandpa, hurry up please, I have to poop and don’t want to go in my diaper.”
Ryan stroked her hair and nodded: “Okay, Alice; we can hurry up but don’t worry if you won’t be able to hold it.” He sped up and Joan with Alice almost had to run. Unfortunately the running distracted Alice and her muscles relaxed. Before they arrived at home, she filled the back of her diaper. Alice blushed and turned to Ryan:
“Grandpa, I’m sorry; I didn’t make it. You have to clean me up now,” a small tear appeared in her eye.
Ryan smiled at her and wiped away the tear: “Let’s get clean. Alice, I have to appreciate your effort; you need more training.” Joan stroked Alice’s hair and gave her a kiss on her forehead: “You are doing your best and your mommy is proud of you.” 
Alice smiled at Ryan and followed him to the bathroom. She got a very good feeling; she had helped her mom and grandpa. She had to grin when she remembered the dwarf and his words.

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Part 9:
On Monday Skyle appeared again and the following days passed uneventfully. Skyle took the girls to the park almost every day, but the dwarf didn’t appear anymore. Ellen arrived at the park as well and they had lots of fun at playing. Ryan got used to taking care of two toddlers and he liked it very much. Joan was getting more content and she never was worried. Alice supported her a lot by her love, help and naivety. Skyle figured it was time to perform the test:
“Joan, Alice, let’s go to the churchyard today,” she proclaimed and led them through the park to the churchyard and Mark’s grave. They stopped in front of the gravestone. Joan turned to Alice: “Alice, you were right; daddy comes again.” Alice hugged her: “Mommy, mommy, you did it.”Skyle smiled and hugged Joan as well:
“Joan, I think our mission is almost over. Your worries have gone and you can face the normal life again. Let’s go home and prepare a celebration.” They headed towards home when Alice stopped: “Mommy, you won’t be little anymore.” She looked disappointed. Skyle leaned down and whispered to Alice: “Do you remember?” Alice nodded and her eyes brightened; however Joan was watching them ad trying to guess what was going on.
At home Skyle took care of both girls and sent them to Alice’s room. She was preparing the dinner while Joan and Alice were playing together. Skyle wanted to wait for Ryan. He came a bit earlier and helped Skyle.
Before dinner Skyle called Alice and Joan: “Now we want to finish. Are you ready?” Alice nodded instantly and so did Joan. Skyle leaned down to Joan and whispered to her: “You will turn into your adult shape, but you probably would need the diapers until your body adapts back to your state.” Joan was taken aback for a short while but Skyle was right; Joan had spent some time in diapers and her body needed to be potty-trained again.
Skyle took Joan at hand and led her to her room. They stopped and the room changed into its original form. However there was a difference there. Skyle opened the underwear cabinet and showed Joan a stack of adult diapers.
Joan sat down on her bed; Skyle stripped her and gestured at her. Joan’s body grew back to her former size: “Joan, dear; lie down and auntie Skyle puts a clean diaper on you.” Joan lied down and enjoyed the nice feeling. When Skyle finished, she asked Joan: “Dress up and wait here. There is a big surprise for you ready.”
Joan got dressed; it was a little difficult due to the diaper, but she put on a skirt. She sat down on her bed and waited. Suddenly the door opened and two little girls ran towards her. They jumped onto her lap and one of them turned to her: “Mommy, it is my twin sister Audrey.” The other girl hugged her as well: “Mommy, I missed you.”
Alice looked down: “Mommy, are you wearing a diaper?” Joan blushed and didn’t answer. “Mommy, don’t worry about it. I still want to help you and Audrey does the same.” Suddenly Joan realized a possible problem: “Who changes my diapers?” Alice shrugged: “Maybe Skyle; she can stay here, can’t she?” Joan laughed: “No problem, girls. Mommy manages it on her own.”
They stood up and went to the kitchen. Skyle and Ryan were waiting already. Joan put Alice and Audrey into high chairs and Skyle served the dinner. After dinner Skyle collected the dishes and turned to Joan: “My mission is over. Joan, take care of your children and don’t worry anymore.” Joan nodded: “Thank you, Skyle.” “Don’t thank me, Joan. Thank Alice.” Skyle smiled widely at the family and disappeared.
Joan lifted Alice and Audrey from the high chairs and sent them to Alice’s room. At that moment she realized Audrey would need a crib as well. She followed the twins and stopped in the doorframe; the room was equipped with two cribs and all necessary for the two girls. Alice and Audrey were sitting on the floor and playing with dolls.
Audrey looked at Joan: “Mommy, I have to poo.” Joan nodded and lead her to thebathroom. While Audrey was sitting on the potty, Alice appeared and asked for the potty as well. Joan was smiling when the twins were sitting on the potties next to each other. All of sudden a strong urge to pee hit her and the muscles betrayed her. She giggled a bit and Audrey lifted her head:
"What happened, mommy?" Joan didn't hesitateand replied instantly: "Mommy just wet herself." To her surprise the girls didn't respond at all as if it was normal.
As soon as both twins were clean anddiapered again, Joan returned to the dining room and giggled again: “Daddy, your daughter had an accident and needs a clean diaper.” Ryan stared at her: “Joan, what happened? You didn’t have any issues before.” “Daddy, Skyle expained me I need sometime to get retrained.”
Ryan sighed and followed Joan to her room. She lied down on her bed and waited. Ryan took a clean diaper, the cleaning utensils and walked over to the bed. He lifted Joan’s skirt and revealed a soaked diaper. He laughed: “Joan, you put me back into my younger times when I had a baby girl at home.” Joan laughed too: “Daddy, Skyle has fulfilled your wish though, even if in another way.”
Suddenly a childish laugh echoed from the door. Alice and Audrey were standing there and watching Ryan changing his daughter’s wet diaper. When he finished, both twins ran to Joan and jumped on the bed: “Mommy, mommy now you are big and you are little as well.” Joan hugged both girls and turned to Alice: “Sweetheart, now you have got more than you wished for; you have got a big mommy, little mommy and little sister.”
Later in the evening Joan put both girls into their cribs, but Alice asked her to be together with Audrey. Joan remembered the last nights and nodded. Both sisters lied down and hugged each other. Joan watched them for several minutes and thought about Alice and her wish. It was wonderful that Alice wasn’t alone anymore, but Joan had to face more work with two toddlers. She returned to the living room and sat down to her father. He cuddled her instinctively and they were sitting and listening to music.
While they were listening, Joan felt her diaper growing heavy and warm. It was a pleasant feeling and she cuddled to Ryan even more. He leaned to her and enjoyed the close link between them. However they had to go to bed soon. Joan stood up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. When she finished, she walked over wrapped in her towel only and called Ryan: “Daddy, could you prepare your little Joan for the night?” It was a crazy idea again, but Ryan smiled only and came to her: “Lie down, my princess,” he diapered her and put a nightshirt on her. Joan thanked him and covered herself.  All of sudden she felt safe and loved by all. She closed her eyes and fell asleep without realizing all the difficulties ahead.