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Thank you! And I certainly intend to!

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Moar plz.

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Hello there readers! I am so excited to bring to you the next chapter of Judy's Little Vacation!!!

Judy yawned and stretched as she started to wake up. She cuddled her fox plush and giggled behind her favorite pacifier. Then she opened her eyes and looked around, and was shocked to find that she was laying in what she at first thought was a crib. Calming down a little, she saw that the bars were much shorter that the ones for a crib. It instead resembled the railing that some parents attached to the sides of their toddler's beds to keep them from falling out.
Judy sat up, blushing slightly at the squish coming from under the carrot-themed blanket that she was partially cocooned in. She was still in the lavender T-shirt and the bright pink paw-up, which was soaked. She was about to climb over the railing when a familiar kangaroo entered.
"There she is! Did you enjoy your nap sweetie?" Lucy asked as she walked up and pulled Judy into her arms. She hummed to herself as she carried the rabbit over to a nearby changing table and got to work cleaning her up. Judy looked around the room confused, feeling like she had seen it somewhere. It was only after she was powdered and placed into another paw-up and carried out of the room that she put the pieces together. They were in her apartment, and they had just exited the guest bedroom.
She turned it into a nursery? Well...I can take care of that later. At least I'm home and can fix this mess.
Judy thought, pulling out her paci as she was set down on a high chair in her kitchen.
"Uh, okay, you can go now." Judy said. Lucy looked confused.
"What do you mean sweetie?"
"I mean that I'm home now, so you can go."
"Go where?"
"Back to that nursery, or wherever." Judy said, starting to feel frustrated that this nightmare has yet to end.
"Oh, sweetie," Lucy said with that warm maternal smile, "I have to stay here until your mommy or daddy tell me that my services are no longer required." Lucy gave Judy a gentle head pat and tied a green bib around her neck.
"Look...uh...Lucy, I'm not actually a baby, I'm all grown up. So your services are no longer required."
Lucy giggled as she set a bowl of baby carrots and a sippi cup of grape juice on the tray in front of the padded rabbit.
"You are such a big girl, aren't you? But rules are rules sweetie. I'm here to take care of you until a grown-up tells me otherwise." Lucy said, reaching down to gently nuzzle the top of Judy's head. Judy sat there and started to absentmindedly munch on her carrots, trying to think of a way around this new obstacle.
thought Judy, so she sees me as a little kit. Maybe if I dressed more maturely and acted differently, I could convince her that my "mommy" was home... Judy smiled as she devised her plan, only now realizing that she had stopped eating and was staring at the sippi-cup anxiously, sucking her thumb.
"Oh, is something the matter sweetie?" Lucy said while looking over from where she was washing some dishes. She dried her paws and walked over to the nervous-looking bunny. She had noticed how Judy was looking at the cup, and her programming came to a conclusion. "OH! Are you not yet weaned off of your babas?" Lucy asked with a smile, taking the sippi-cup and heading over to a cabinet.
"What?!" Judy asked, suddenly realizing that the fact that it had not been a bottle had been exactly the problem. What'd that lamb do to me?! She wondered before the grape juice, now in a baby bottle, was set down in front of her.
"Nanny Lucy now knows that you still want babas sweetie, I promise that I won't be making that mistake again." Lucy said before heading back to take care of the rest of the dishes. Judy stuck her tongue out at Lucy's back, before she instinctively grabbed the bottle and began to suckle. Part of her was actively trying to resist, but Bellwether's influence proved to be too great. Soon enough, Judy was setting the empty bottle down on the tray in front of her, and resumed finishing her carrots.
"Alright, playtime for you little one!" Lucy said as she watched Judy finish her last carrot. Judy was led by the paw over to a playpen set up in the center of her living room. After she was set down inside of it, Lucy pulled the television remote from her pouch and turned the TV on to a cartoon show.
"Now you be good while Nanny finishes up setting up your proper nursery sweetie." Lucy said before happily bounding away. No sooner was she out of sight than Judy was scaling the playpen walls. She quickly scrambled over the mesh sides and bolted to her bedroom. She could hear the robotic kangaroo humming to herself, so Judy rapidly stripped off her shirt and started to grab something that would help her appear older to the robotic nanny. She pulled a dress-suit from the back in her closet. The Navy blue skirt covered her paw-ups perfectly, while the conservative top definitely made her look a little older, she based on her reflection in the nearby mirror.

Okay, I hope that this works.
She thought as she took a moment to steel herself, before making her way out of the bedroom and into the nursery.
"Ahem. Excuse me." She said, trying to sound authoritative. Lucy turned to look at her, suddenly a confused look on her face.
"I'm Judy Hopps, mother of the little kit you brought back from the daycare."
"Oh? It's a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Hopps!" Lucy said excitedly. "Your little one is just an absolute joy to take care of. Now that you are here, would you like to continue renting me as your child's nanny? Or are my services no longer required?"
Judy started to feel a pressure in her lower abdomen and frowned, knowing what that meant.
"Uhm, y-your services are no longer required."
"Ah, I see. It was truly a pleasure watching over your little one. I shall return to the daycare, once the bill has been all settled up first of course."
"The bill?" Judy started to feel even more pressure, signaling that she was running out of time to make it to a toilet.
"Yep! Here's what you currently owe!" Lucy's eyes flashed green, and a 3D holographic image of the amount she was claiming that Judy now owed was shown to her. Judy gulped.
That's at least three month's salary!
Judy thought. If she thinks I'm going to be paid for being kitnapped, she's got another thing coming!
"Uh, is a payment plan an option?"
"Of course! I have already written down the billing address. If you want, we can send you the bills in the mail."
"Works just fine for me." Judy forced out as suddenly, she felt herself filling up the back of the paw-up. She quickly swiped at some tears as she started to herd Lucy towards the door. Lucy stopped, her nostrils flaring. She narrowed her eyes down at the rabbit.
"Error." She said under her breath. Before Judy could stop her, she was spun around and the back of her skirt lifted up, showing her messy paw-ups.
"Error, error, error..." Lucy kept repeating as her servos began to overload from working overtime attempting to make sense of what she had just seen. Suddenly, Lucy shut down, her eyes going dark, as she slumped over while still standing up. A panel on the small of her back opened, showing a small computer screen and miniature keyboard. Judy looked up at it curiously.
Manual Setup or Automatic Reboot?
Flashed on the screen, with a countdown clock until the automatic reboot. Not sure what else to do, Judy quickly selected Manual setup. The clock stopped as she was suddenly reading all kinds of different programs and commands.
"This is oddly user-friendly." Judy mumbled to herself as she searched through the different options. None of the ones available appeared to guarantee that she could make the robot leave. However, as she was reading, a thought occurred to her. She looked down at her now disheveled skirt, which was showing some of her used paw-up.
"Okay...maybe...maybe I can get this thing to help me get my potty training back." Judy thought out loud. She found the picture of herself with her messy paw-up revealed and found a few helpful options.
"Of course, I gotta have the ability to go to work." She mumbled as she found just the options she was looking for, reading their descriptions carefully before choosing them. Hoping that she hadn't just made a huge mistake, Judy hit ENTER and then CONFIRM. The panel slid closed, and Lucy instantly sprang to "life".
"Oh my goodness, I smell something icky!" She teased as she picked Judy up and carried her back into the nursery.
"Uhm, L-Lucy?" Judy asked a little nervously as he skirt was removed while being laid down on the changing table.
"Yes sweetie?"
"Do you know who I am?"
"I sure do! You're my assigned assisted care client!" Lucy said as she tore the optional velcro tapes of the paw-up and set to work cleaning Judy with baby wipes.
"Correct." Judy said, starting to feel a little more confident. "And, uh, do you know what age group I'm in?"
"You are an adult." Lucy said. Judy smiled at that, until she saw the thick diaper being pulled out from under the table.
"What's with the diaper?"
"Your accident was almost too much for the paw-up, so I am putting a diaper onto you sweetie!"
"But, I'm in the adult age group!"
"Hmm...that's a slight error. It would seem that to my programing, you are currently registered as being in the toddler age group as well as the adult age group." Lucy said simply as she began to dust Judy's diaper area with powder.
"But I'm an adult rabbit!" Judy protested, before finding herself sucking on a binky.
"According to my programming, you are an adult and a toddler. So we'll just have to wing it." Lucy said, bopping Judy's pink nose, before taping up the front of the diaper. Lucy the set Judy down off the changing table onto the carpeted floor, ruffling her headfur.
"Okay, is there any way to unregister me as a toddler?"
"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid that I cannot do that Judy."
"...So...who's in charge here then? Me or you?"
" depends." Lucy said cryptically, exiting the room and humming to herself. Judy waddled after her.
"Depends on what?"
"On your behavior and your needs. If you exhibit any signs or characteristics of acting in any way like a toddler or infant, then I will be required to address those accordingly. As you would if you were to show signs of maturity."
"Would you like an example?" Lucy asked as she switched the TV channels to the news.
"Okay, well, for one, that diaper you're now wearing. You obviously are in need of it, as well as my help with it."
"But a better example would be, if I were to observe you absentmindedly sucking your thumb. You would be given a pacifier, or maybe a baba. If you were to ask me politely to allow you to make your own meal, then I would allow it."
"Uh...okay...I think I understand." Judy said. "So what happens now?"
"Well, there is still some time before dinnertime and bedtime, what would you like to do?"
"Wait, why do I have a bedtime?"
"Because all toddlers need a proper bedtime."
"But...oh! May I please be allowed to go to bed when I choose to?"
"I'm afraid that I cannot do that sweetie." Lucy said, picking Judy up and cradling her in her arms.
"Why not?"
"From all that I have observed of you today, you have a tendency to act more like a toddler than you do an adult. Therefore, certain rules and restrictions are currently in effect. This will change each day, all depending on what I am able to observe."
"So...the more I act like a little kit, the more I'll be treated as one?"
"Correct! Who's a clever girl? You are!" Lucy cooed to Judy. The rabbit was clearly thinking things over as she laid there.
"I guess that this is the best that I'm going to be able to far..." Judy sighed, before finding her binky placed back between her lips. She sucked on it and pouted.

The next day...

"Such a heavy wetter! Good thing I'm keeping you in your night time diapers for bedtime." Lucy said as she finished cleaning the sleepy rabbit and helping her into a pair of paw-ups.
"Okay, just so I have this all straight, the more mature I act throughout the day, the better my chances I'll have of getting to sleep in my bedroom instead of this nursery?"
"Correct sweetie!" Answered Lucy as she started to pack a diaper bag. She filled it with several spare diapers and paw-ups, along with some other supplies. Judy had been surprised yesterday to find that she could schedule an appointment with her doctor the very next day. Lucy had made it perfectly clear that she would be coming along with Judy today, since she had informed the kangaroo on her "kit" day yesterday.
Judy was allowed to dress herself, which she did, thankful that the paw-ups were easily concealed by her jeans with barely any bulge detectable. She then threw on a bright yellow tank top and was soon walking alongside Lucy down the hall towards the elevator.
I guess if I act mature often enough for her, she just becomes more of a servant really.
Judy thought as Lucy opened her truck door for her.

A short time later...

Judy was currently lying down on the crinkly paper of the examination table. Her tank top was pushed up a little and her jeans were pushed down, revealing her paw-up. She blushed up at the seasoned tiger who was performing the ultrasound to examine her bladder. Dr. Mason Smiled reassuringly after he finished and pulled the equipment to the side. He handed her a couple of moist towlettes to wipe the clear gel that had been spread over the area he was examining.
"Well, the good news is that based on all of your other tests so far, you appear to be a healthy adult rabbit Judy. The bad news, however, is that from what I observed of your bladder muscles, is that you truly have no way to control your...ah...wetting situation."
Judy sighed as she was about to pull her pants back up, but stopped when she saw the paw prints on the front of the training pants start to disappear, indicating that she was wetting.
"Case in point Judy."
"Is there anything to be done?" She asked as she kicked her jeans the rest of the way off, blushing at the slight squishing sound she was making.
"Well, before I try anything, I'm going to be running some tests on that blood and urine sample that you were able to provide, to maybe find out just what kind of chemical we're dealing with here." He replied, briefly considering asking her about how exactly she had been exposed to whatever chemical that had rendered her completely urinary incontinent and almost unable to control her bowels again, only to remember her telling him that she was unable to tell him because it was part of an ongoing investigation. He had noticed her eyes darting back and forth as well as her blush as she said that.
"I'm afraid to prescribe you anything because until I know what it is exactly, I have no idea how your body will react to anything I might give you. Unfortunately...I'm afraid that your bladder muscles may be permanently damaged. At least from what I was able to observe. I would like to schedule you for some more tests to run on you. But aside from that, at this point, I'm afraid that incontinence products are a must." He said. "I'm sorry Judy."
"...Thank you doctor..." Judy said, crestfallen. Doctor Mason gave her and her curious kangaroo companion some privacy, so as to deal with the wet undergarment. Lucy used the examination table as a de facto changing table, to rip open the paw-up and clean the forlorn bunny.
"I'm so sorry Judy." Lucy said as she slipped a fresh paw-up up her legs, before slipping her jeans over them.
"Well, there's still a chance that the future tests will be able to help find a solution." Judy said, perking up and hopping off the table. "I'm confident that this whole thing will be gone before I have to go back to work!"

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Oh no! Nobody commented on this, and I didn't realize!

I absolutely love this story it is super cute! The robot dieing from Judy's full seat was hilarious!

Just wanted to drop my appreciation in case it may encourage you to continue this...? ♥

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Hello there everyone! Sorry for the delay, had some family stuff to deal with! Anyways, I am SUPER excited to bring you chapter five of Judy's Little Vacation! Sorry for the long delay, had some stuff to deal with for a while there. But I'm back and back to writing! Enjoy!

Judy's Little Vacation (Chapter 5)

"You can't put me in a diaper in public!" Judy hissed to Lucy as she lay on a changing table in a public restroom in the park. She did so as quietly as she could, despite her and the kangaroo being the only ones in the ladies' room at the moment.
"Sweetie, I have to. You leaked right through your Paw-Ups, which means that for the rest of the day at least, you need some better protection." The animatronic kangaroo said as she tore open the soaked training pants and began to wipe down the little indignant bunny's diaper-area, before reaching into the diaper bag and pulling out an undergarment that was a little thicker. She unfolded the diaper, and held up Judy's bottom by grabbing her ankles, before thoroughly powdering her. She pulled up Judy's yellow tank-top and blew a raspberry on her white tummy, making her kick her legs and squeal in laughter, blushing profusely at the treatment, before snugly taping up the white pawpers with the bright pink fringe around the leg and tail gathers. There was a strawberry pattern on the rest of the diaper. Judy let out a sigh.
"I don't see how we're going to get my jeans to fit over this puffy thing." Judy said, already accepting that, based on Lucy's programming, she was more than likely going to be diapered for the rest of the day, at the very least.
"I wouldn't worry about that too much for the time being, sweetie."
"Why not?" Judy asked.
"Well, not only do I agree that your jeans won't fit over your diaper, but, as I said, you leaked. And your jeans are soaked. Why didn't you tell me that you needed a new Paw-Up?" She observed Judy squirming uncomfortably on the changing table. "Did you not feel the need to go?"
"Because we were surrounded by all kinds of mammals, and we were getting some weird looks already because you insisted on holding my paw! I couldn't just say that I felt like I needed a new Paw-Up!" Judy found her pink paci shoved into her mouth as soon as she finished speaking, her suckle reflex making her suck on it, calming down almost immediately.
"Sweetie, you needn't be shy about needing help changing a wet Paw-Up. Almost all toddlers struggle with potty-training, and you're no different." Lucy giggled, scooping Judy up into her arms.
"I'm nowt a toddwew." Judy said around the paci as she suckled. Lucy giggled and gave her padded bottom a few loving pats.
"You most certainly are for the rest of the day, at least." Lucy said, affectionately nuzzling the bunny in her arms, before, much to Judy's mortification, she exited the bathroom. Judy, out of reflex, curled up into a little ball in the kangaroo's arms, afraid that any minute, someone was going to spot her in a diaper and recognize her as the same Judy Hopps of the ZPD. When Lucy dangled her stuffed fox plush in front of her, Judy snatched it and hugged it close. Luckily, anyone who did look at her, simply cooed at what they thought was just a cute baby bunny. Slowly, as she sucked on her binky and cuddled her fox plush, she started to calm down a little.
"Now, how about we get you home, put you down for a nap, and then come up with a plan of action."
"Whawt do youw meawn?" Judy lisped around her binky, looking up into Lucy's eyes.
"Today was a big day for you, sweetie. You gotta recharge all of that adorable energy you're constantly putting out." Lucy giggled, making Judy roll her eyes.
"No. I mean, whawt dow youw meawn abouwt a pwan owf actiown?"
"Oh. Well, as you heard the good doctor, the idea of getting you properly potty-trained in time for starting work again, in less than two weeks, seems a little... unrealistic..." Lucy said with a frown as they made it to a crosswalk and waited for their turn to cross, still cradling Judy in her arms.
"Buwt, how can I wowk as a powwice owfficew if I can't use a pottew?" Judy asked, feeling worried.
"Well, in that case, we'll just have to work on getting you used to needing some form of protection, and then work on getting you used to taking care of your accidents on your own. Of course, I'll still be just one call away for any emergency changes." Lucy explained, having already come to the conclusion that this would be the best course of action for them to take, after having Judy explain to her, multiple times, why the kangaroo herself would not be allowed to come to work with her as her nanny.
"...I gesh thawt couwd wowk..." Judy conceded as she noticed her apartment building coming into view. She let out a big yawn, still on the sleep schedule that had been instilled in her back at the mechanical nursery. She tried her hardest to fight the urge to sleep, yet Lucy's gently rocking and humming soon had the babied bunny in her arms snoring lightly. Lucy let out a giggle, and gently kissed Judy on the forehead. A few mammals passing by smiled at the sight of the little one in Lucy's arms, a tigress in a white sundress while pushing a stroller with a little wolf pup buckled in and babbling away stopped the mechanical kangaroo in her tracks.
"Well now, if that isn't just one of the most precious sights I've ever seen." The tigress cooed as she looked on the napping Judy. "She's quite big for a baby bunny."
"She happens to be a rare cheshire hare, which have a tendency to grow much larger than normal bunnies." Lucy said, the practiced lie rolling of her tongue effortlessly. It had been an idea of Judy's for them to use as a cover story when people started commenting on the seemingly adult-sized rabbit being babied. This was the first time Lucy had to use it.
"Oh." The tigress said, still smiling at the grey baby bunny as she cuddled a red fox plush toy close, suckling a pink pacifier in her sleep. "She reminds me a little of one of my coworkers, especially the way she hugs her little friend there close."
"She does seem quite attached to this one especially." Lucy admitted, her servos covering the small-talk she was programmed.
"I wonder, would you be willing to consider the idea of setting her up on a little playdate with my little Tyler sometime?" The tigress motioned to the black wolf pup who cooed up at her, his wide yellow eyes blinking, as he sucked on his thumb.
"I think little Emily," Lucy was also not adverse to using the fake name Judy had also thought up for the nanny-bot to use in public, "would enjoy that very much! Can I get your information?"
"Sure!" The tigress reached into her purse and pulled out a notepad and a pen.
"My name's Nadine, by the way, Nadine Fangmeyer. What's yours?"
"I'm Lucy Leaper." Lucy said, rocking Judy as she started to fuss a little in her sleep, calming back down.
"A pleasure to meet you and little Emily there." Nadine said as she finished scribbling out her contact information. just as Tyler let out a yawn. "Oh, my little guy seems like he's starting to go down as well. So, when should we have the playdate?"
"How does next Tuesday at one sound to you?" Lucy asked.
"That's perfect for us!" Nadine said, reaching down to stroke her son's headfur.
"We have to go now, but see you then!" Nadine said, starting to walk away. Lucy smiled warmly and nodded, before heading inside Judy's apartment building. A few minutes later, and she was tucking Judy into her spare crib, removing the pacifier and replacing it with a bottle of carrot juice, which the sleeping bunny happily accepted.
While Judy slept, Lucy went about opening the new packages she had ordered. She first started with the extra diapers, both daytime and nighttime, and set about stocking them and the other changing supplies under the changing table she had set up in Judy's new nursery. She then took the excess diapers, for there were a lot, and the extra paw-ups, and carried them into Judy's bedroom, swapping them for the contents of the bunny's underwear drawer.
Not going to be needing these ever again. Lucy frowned a little as she looked at the tiny garments in her paws, before she carried them back into the nursery and dumped them all into Judy's also new diaper pail. She then went around installing all of the child safety locks and baby gates on all the cabinet doors and in every available doorway. Once finished there, she then took all of the jars of baby food and the cans of baby formula, and proceeded to properly stock the fridge and cabinets in the kitchen. Once done with that, she went back into Judy's bedroom and opened the closet, spying one of her identical police uniforms. The robotic kangaroo smiled as she grabbed one, complete with the pants also hanging on the hanger, and headed out into the living room to start working on her special surprise.
It was another forty five minutes later when she finally heard the sounds of Judy starting to awaken from her nap. She smiled as she looked at her handiwork, before setting it down on the coffee table, and headed into the nursery. She smiled down at Judy in her crib, where she was sitting up with a sour look on her face.
"I thought that you said I would get to sleep in a bed." She said, making Lucy smile warmly in response, while the nanny's nose sensors picked up the scent of a full diaper.
"True, sometimes you can, when you've earned the privilege of getting to act like a big girl. Now, let's fix that grumpy mood of yours with a fresh diaper, and then a special little surprise that I think you are going tobe super excited about!" Lucy said, ignoring the eye roll as she reached in and scooped up the baby bunny, who squirmed a little in her messy pawpers. Judy didn't resist when she was strapped down to the changing table, nor when she was given another pink paci. She hated to admit it to herself, but she found them to be genuinely calming, just as she was finding this new, still embarrassing routine of having herself wiped during her daily diaper changes.
"Sow whawt kind owf suwpwise?" Judy asked, hugging her fox to herself as she smelled baby powder, just before the thick padding was taped up in between her legs.
"If I told you then it wouldn't be much of a surprise then, would it sweetie?" Lucy giggled as she unstrapped and scooped Judy up into her arms again, nuzzling her close, before carrying her out into the living room.
"Close your eyes, sweetie." Lucy said, to which Judy complied with a sigh.
Judy felt herself being sat down on her much too large couch, which had come with the new large apartment, in the very center, her diaper making her legs spread wider apart than normal. She kept her eyes closed as she heard her nanny shuffle some things around.
"Alright, on the count of three, open you little eyes. One... Two... Three!" Judy obeyed the nanny's excited voice and opened her eyes... to look at one of her uniforms.
"It's... uh... one of my uniforms..." Judy said, wondering what was going on.
"Correction, it's a replica of one of your uniforms that I crafted, with certain modifications in mind." Lucy held out the shirt first for the little bunny to examine.
"You made this?" Judy asked in awe as she looked it over, her paci falling out of her mouth and dangling where it was clipped to her shirt.
"Yup! You'd better believe I did, princess!" Lucy leaned down and kissed Judy lightly on the head, making her let out a childish giggle.
"But wait, this part's really long." Judy said as she examined some sort of flap attached to the back.
"That's one of the modifications, sweetie." Lucy said, gently taking the light blue shirt from her. "Here' let me show you." With a squeak of surprise, Judy found her tank-top pulled up and over her head. Judy only had a moment of confusion before he sound her paws being guided through the sleeves of the already buttoned shirt. Her head popped out through the neck hole, She the sat there, looking down at the extra flap.
"See? You did a good job overall, but there's still that extra flap." Judy said, pointing down to the back flap that she was now sitting on.
"Hold on one second, sweetie." Lucy said, reaching down and grabbing the flap. She pulled it taut up between Judy's legs and then buttoned it to two hidden buttons and holes on the inside. She stepped back and admired the legless onesie she had made, having already saved its design in her memory banks as the template to use for the next few more uniforms she would create for her charge.
"Oh... so you made a replica of my work shirt into a onesie... neat..." Judy said, unenthusiastically. Lucy, copying Judy, rolled her eyes.
"Hold on, let me get the pants first." Lucy the grabbed the navy blue pants, opening up a hidden flap in the crotch, which she then showed Judy how to button via the hidden buttons and holes, the seams sealing up and hiding from sight flawlessly. She then guided Judy's legs through the holes, and adjusted the belt. Once finished, she stepped away again, and smiled excitedly.
"Uhm... thanks, Lucy... but I still don't see how- wait a minute..." Judy broke off her train of thought as she stood up, suddenly realizing that the diaper bulge didn't seem quite as noticeable. She stood up, still waddling a little, as she walked to the left side of the couch, looking at herself in the floor-length mirror on the wall across from her. "I-It looks like I'm not wearing a diaper!" She said, jumping for joy, which seemed to be a bit contagious for the nanny-bot, who started clapping her paws together in excitement.
"I knew that you would love it! Now, you can go to work and act like a grown up, and give me an easier time to change you!"
Judy stopped at that. "But I thought that you said while i was at work, I would get to change myself..."
Lucy nodded at that. "That's correct, once we work on your own self-changing skills. However, I suspect that from time to time, you're going to need a helping paw, especially when you have a messy accident."
Judy wanted to protest at the use of the word "when" but decided against it, recalling how she had just recently been changed out of a very full diaper.
"Plus, with a snap, after you get home from a hard day of work, you suddenly have a set of playclothes!" Lucy said, picking the blushing Judy up into her arms and hugging her closely. "I know that this is an adjustment for you, but don't you worry, Nanny Lucy loves you and will always be here to take care of you."
Judy rested her head against the kangaroo's shoulder, her thumb finding its way into her mouth. She didn't object when her pants were removed, and she was just held there in her new blue onesie. In that moment, while a part of her was still frustrated at her new circumstances, she could still feel the warmth and affection that her new caretaker felt for her, even if she was a robot. They stayed like that for a few minutes before Judy found herself being set down in her white playpen.
"Really?" She asked, before her paci was clipped to her shirt and popped into her mouth. She suckled as she pouted, looking up indignantly at the kangaroo.
"Yes indeed, sweetie!" Lucy said with a giggle. "You officially lost your big girl privileges today, so that means playpen, crib, diapies, and etcetera." Judy rolled her eyes until her sight landed on a set of colorful plush blocks. She thought about it for a moment, before she smiled and stood up to waddle over to them. She set to work stacking them into a miniature plush city, before she used her fox plush to go about knocking everything down, pretending that it was a giant fox monster. Lucy watched the baby bunny play with her toys, getting lost in her playtime, and then went about busying herself starting work on some more uniforms, as well as a few more cuton outfit ideas she had formulated, based to look like adult clothing, but also keeping in mind Judy's pawpers.
Judy went from playing with the blocks to throwing her fox toy up in the air and catching it in a hug, while laying on her back, giggling. She was pretending that it was flying through the air like a superhero. She noticed Lucy working with several bolts of cloth, but was largely unconcerned. It was only when her wet diaper started to cool and become clammy did she realize how much she had lost herself in some simple playtime, just like a little kit.
"Uhm... Nanny Lucy?" The question wasn't even all the way asked before Judy was scooped up and found herself on her changing table.
"Someone had fun." Lucy commented, booping Judy's nose before unsnapping the buttons at the nesie and then ripping open the tapes of the diaper.
"Uh... hehe, y-yeah..." Judy said, rubbing the back of her head in embarrassment.
"Aww, sweetie." Lucy said as she started in with a baby wipe. "It's nothing to be ashamed of. You were just having a little bit of fun. It's currently your scheduled playtime, after all." Lucy said as she balled up the used diaper with the wipe and dropped it into the diaper pail, noting how full it almost was.
"But it's weird!" Judy complained as her ankles were lifted again and she was lightly powdered. "I'm an adult who was sitting in a playpen, dressed in a diaper, and playing like a toddler!"
"Sweetie." Lucy started, taping up the fresh diaper before snapping up the onesie. "Being an adult and only an adult is who you used to be." She unstrapped Judy and scooped her into a cradled position in her arms. "But now you're a grown up sometimes, a big girl other times, and an itsy-bitsy little kitsy the rest of the time!" Lucy giggled as she gently rubbed noses with Judy. Judy smiled, and didn't object when her paci was popped back in.
"Now, it's dinner time. So let's get you all strapped safe and securely into you high chair, and then we''l see about getting some food into that tiny tummy of yours."
Judy smiled for a moment before she frowned. "Waiwt... didjoo sawy hiw chaiw?"
And there we go everyone! I hope that you all liked my new chapter! Be sure to let me know what you thought of it!
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Loving it to bits.

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mira wrote: Loving it to bits.
I'm glad that you like it!
An epic adventure awaits those who eat the mystic burrito!

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Hey there, everyone. Sorry for the delay, had some setbacks, mostly family related. Anyways, I hope that you enjoy the newest chapter!

Judy's Little Vacation CH. 6


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Judy was sitting up in her playpen, wearing nothing but a right green t-shirt and a fresh diaper, with a multi-colored baby block theme to it, giving the mechanical kangaroo Nanny, Lucy, quite the sour look.

"You're serious?" She asked, incredulously.

"That's right, sweetie." Lucy said as she inspected the diaper bag, making sure that it was fully stocked.

"There is no way that I'm going on a playdate with an actual baby!" The babified bunny argued, standing up and pointing a finger at the nanny bot.

"Sweetie," Lucy said, sounding a little condescendingly, as she reached in and scooped Judy up into her arms, cradling her close, "social interaction with other children your age is important for healthy development."

"I'm an adult!" Judy said, right before her trusty pacifier was popped into her mouth. The bunny growled, but suckled on it nonetheless.

"You have been doing a good job acting like one in the past few days, and you're getting better at changing your own diapies." Lucy said, booping Judy's nose as she walked them to the door, diaper bag in tow.

"But it's unhealthy to keep pretending to be a grown-up all the time. You need to have days where you accept that you are just a helpless little kit. And of course, you need to have days where you get to act like a big girl too."

Judy was about to make further protestations, but her argument diad on her lips as she suddenly noticed the stroller near the door. In the blink of an eye, she was all buckled into the bright pink seat, her paws unable to undo a single latch. Instead, Just just sat there, pouting.

She kept quiet as they headed out the door and down the hall of her apartment complex, as there were a few animals out and about in hearing distance. It wasn't until they were alone on the elevator that Judy finally could further argue her point.

"It's too big of a risk for me to be playing with a baby while pretending to be one! His mommy is going to figure it out, probably immediately!" Judy said after removing her paci, only to have it popped right back in. Nanny Lucy simply smiled and hummed as the elevator doors opened to the ground level, and she pushed Judy out through the entrance. She casually glance around to ensure that they could not be overheard.

"That's enough, Judy," Lucy said, reaching down to gently pat the bunny's grey head, watching her ears droop. Lucy chose not to point out that Judy had said "mommy" instead of "mom" or "mother".

"She already saw you last week when you were napping in my arms. In addition to finding you absolutely adorable, she completely accepted that you were a baby of a larger species of bunny. All you need to do is have fun with your new little playmate and not speak like a grown-up and you'll be just fine. Besides, you're not pretending to be a baby, you are a baby." Judy had already come to understand that Lucy's programming had the kangaroo recognizing Judy as a baby first and an adult last. It made for more than a little frustration for the bunny, which then led to some time outs, a couple of early naptimes/bedtimes, and losing all adult and big girl privileges for an entire weekend. That last one made Judy blush, both for the utter lack of any independence whatsoever, and also because she could not deny that it hadn't been terrible.

Lucy resumed humming a happy tune as Judy merely sat there, grumbling, while sucking on her binky. Lucy considered giving her another bottle, but decided that it would be best to wait until lunchtime for that. She had memorized the directions that the tigress had given her, and soon enough they were strolling up the path to a house in a suburban dwelling in the rainforest district. She parked the stroller right in front of the oak door, leaning down to rub the now very nervous bunny's head, and rang the doorbell. They waited for a few moments before the door opened to reveal a female tiger, standing there with a babbling wolf pup in her arms, wearing a pair of jeans and a turquoise top.

"Lucy!" Nadine said, her eyes taking in the sight of the smiling kangaroo, before looking down into the pink stroller to see the baby bunny looking up at her with wide, almost fearful eyes. Judy had instantly recognized her coworker from the force. "And here's little Emily!"

Judy had initially been certain that, diaper on full display, she was going to be recognized. The second that Nadine had used the cover name Judy had come up with, she relaxed a little, and only a little. She was now dead certain that there was no way this playdate was not going to end with Nadine realizing that Judy Hopps was the baby bunny before her.

"Right on time. Tyler's been so excited to get to make a new friend today!" Nadine cooed at the pup in her arms.

"Emily has just been ecstatic as well." Lucy said, making Judy blush.

"Well, come on in you two. I have Tyler's playpen all set up right here in the living room."

Judy suckled on her pacifier and tried to focus on being a convincing baby, unaware that she was already doing a perfect job. She was oon in the living room she and Nick had only visited once before, and then found herself being unbuckled. She was deposited into the playpen, set down next to the little wolf who was wearing a blue shirt and a diaper. She the watched as Nadine checked to see if Tyler was wet or messy, and had to actively keep herself from jumping with a start as she noticed Lucy doing the same for her. She blushed a little as she realized that she was just checked like a baby, alongside an actual baby.

"Well, these two seem all ready to play. While they get introduced, how about a cup of tea?" Nadine offered.

"Why thank you, that sounds lovely." Lucy said, following the tigress into the kitchen. Judy was still impressed after having learned several days ago that Lucy was capable of eating and drinking. She didn't have a lot of time to reflect on this, before she found herself practically being bowled over by the overenthusiastic puppy, whose tail was wagging as he yipped happily.

Okay, Judy thought to herself, I can do this. I've babysat lots of times. Granted, those were all rabbit kits and I wasn't dressed like a baby too, but still. Judy reasoned, following Tyler's lead and heading towards the pile of toys. She did smile when she found that Tyler liked to play with his own set of plush blocks. It reminded of her own set back at home, and so she helped him to stack them. As she did, she giggled a little, slowly starting to warm up to the playtime. She didn't even notice when her diaper started to grow warm as she wet herself. She was also unaware of how much more she was waddling not that the diaper was more puffed out. She didn't notice anything aside from their plush block tower, until a flash registered in her mind. Judy froze and slowly turned around, sucking her binky, and saw Lucy and Nadine, sitting on the couch while watching them play, Nadine with her phone out and held up, taking pictures. Judy didn't know what to do, standing there frozen, knowing now that there was evidence of her being babied. What's worse, she realized that she was wet. She lost her balance, landing on the squishy padding, tears coming to her eyes. She started to sniffle, and before Lucy could react, the tigress had already set her phone down and was scooping the babied bunny into her arms.

"Oh, there, there sweetheart," Nadine cooed as she cradled and rocked Judy, who tried to get her tears under control.

"Don't you worry, aunty Nadine is here, and she'll make everything better." Nadine then, much to Judy's mounting horror, offered to change the bunny. Lucy initially tried to politely refuse, but had not response for Nadine not minding. She then handed Judy's diaper bag over, which Nadine carried into Tyler's nursery, setting it down next to the blue-topped changing table, where Judy soon found herself being laid, the soft felt strap going across her tummy.

"Now let's get this icky diapie off and have you all cleaned up. Then you can play some more with Tyler before nap time." The tigress said. While Judy was absoluely mortified that officer Nadine Fangmeyer, her colleague, was about to change her diaper, she was at least thankful that the tigress thought she was an actual baby.

"Now, please don't freak out, but is there a specific reason why you are pretending to be a baby, Judy?" Nadine asked, pulling Judy's binky from her lips just before she started to untape the soggy diaper. Judy laid there, frozen, unable to think of anything. Nadine saw this and, after only opening one of the tapes on the diaper, picked up one of Judy's paws, and started to tickle. Judy proved to be too ticklish to remain in a catatonic state, and was soon giggling and kicking her little legs. Nadine let go and stood there, smiling, as Judy started to calm down from her giggle fit.

"W-When did you recognize me?" Judy asked, the fear starting to creep back into her mind.

"When I saw you last week. At first, I thought that maybe I was just looking at a big baby bunny, until I got a good whiff of you. I knew right then and there that it was you, taking a nap, only wearing a shirt and a diaper in that kangaroo's arms. So, may I ask what's going on?" Nadine asked, resuming the diaper change. Judy blushed wildly as her diaper was removed, and her legs were lifted up.

As she was wiped, no knowing what else to do, Judy started to explain what had happened. Starting with the kidnapping to the mechanical nursery to Bellwether, to finally escaping, and of course, Lucy. Judy managed to finish up just as one of her fresh diapers was being taped up around her waist, her tail already through the tail hole in the back.

"Well now, that's quite the story," Nadine said, stepping back from the changing table and smiling down at the bunny. Judy looked up at the tigress, nervous.

"You don't believe me, do you?" Judy asked.

"Oh no, I believe it. The story actually coincides with a riot that broke out in the very rison Bellwether is locked away in, as well as to some investigations into some businesses it has recently revealed that she owned under different names. Also, your nanny answered me with an earnest yes when I asked her if she was a robot, even allowing me to look at some of her mechanical parts."

Judy laid there, taken aback. Unable to help herself, she started to sniffle, the tears returning to the corners of her eyes. Nadine was surprised by this and quickly unbuckled Judy, cradling her in her arms and rocking her.

"It's going to be okay, Judy." Nadine soothed.

"N-No it won't!" Judy let out a sob. "My career as a police officer is over! Everyone's gunna know that I'm just a big baby now!" Judy cried as Nadine hugged her close, sitting down in a rocking chair.

"Judy, everything will be alright. I promise you. Your career is safe, I won't tell anyone." Nadine promised.

"Y-You, w-won't?" Judy asked, her crying tapering off into a fit of hiccups. Nadine rubbed the bunny's back, giving her some gentle pats in the process.

"I swear. Your secret is safe with me."

"But, if the ZPD is investigating the fake businesses, that means that they'll find the nursery, and they'll have video of me losing my potty training, and having baby habits reinforced!" Judy said, her thumb entering her mouth.

"We've already found the nursery. But any and all camera footage was completely wiped out. We believe that it was the work of some program Bellwether had installed, probably just to cover her tracks just in case."

"Weawwy?" Judy asked around her thumb, making nadine let out a chuckle.

"Really," the tigress said, "the only ones who know about it are you, me, and your nanny."

Judy blushed, but felt relief wash over her.

"But," Nadine said, making Judy nervous once more, "I have to say that I'm a little concerned about your current living situation."

"Whaddya meawn?" Judy asked.

"I mean, I'm a little concerned that your primary caretaker is a robot." Nadine explained, still rocking the bunny.

"She's not my caretaker," Judy insisted, "she's just... helping me to adjust to all of... this..." Nadine did not look convinced.

"Oh really? And how does that work?"

"Uh...w-well, it kinda depends on the day." Judy said.

"Go on."

"Okay... well... each day depends on how I act, according to her programming. Basically, she sees me both as an adult and a baby. So, when I, as she puts it, act more like a baby, then that's how I'll be treated. But if I act mature, then I'll be treated like an adult." Judy explained.

"Mhm..." Nadine said thoughtfully, "and how often are you treated like an adult?"

"Uhm... p-pretty often." Judy said, counting in her head the number of days she got to be treated as an, incontinent, adult.

"Mhm..." Nadine said again. Judy started to feel a little nervous.

"Tell you what, sweetie," the tigress said as she started to stand, rocking Judy a little as she made for the door of the nursery, "how about we get you and Tyler and put you both down for a nap, and then I'll have a little discussion with your nanny." The way Nadine said it made it abundantly clear that it was not a request. Judy tried to think of some way to protest, but found a bottle of the special formula that Lucy had been making for her, with all of the nutrients an adult female bunny would need, that tasted sweet and creamy. Judy cursed her suckle reflex as she nursed the bottle, held by Nadine, and was carried out into the living room, where Lucy was observing little Tyler, who was laying on his back, nursing his own bottle. Judy found herself being laid down next to him, unable to resist holding and continue nursing her bottle. A light blue fleece baby blanket was draped over the two of them, tucked in right there in the playpen, and both Judy and the puppy's eyes started to droop. As she drifted off, blushing at doing the same thing as a baby right next to a baby, she started to hear Nadine strike up a conversation with Lucy.

"Lucy, dear, I was just chatting with little Emily, and I was wondering..."

Judy drifted off into a blissful sleep. She looked around herself, to find that she was in a hallway. As she walked along, she became aware of a pair or hands that scooped her up under the arms. She was turned to look into the face of Lucy, who smiled gently down at her, cooing. Judy felt warm and protected as she was held. Then, the kangaroo's face changed, the fur becoming lighter shades of brown and then turning orange. The face reconstructing, becoming more feline. Soon, Judy was now being held by Nadine.

The giant tigress cooed something at her that Judy didn't understand, just before depositing her into a giant crib. Judy started to get worried when Nadine went away, and tried to scale the bars. But her limbs were too sluggish and clumsy. She tried again, this time falling onto the soft padded surface, letting out a frustrated humph. Then nadine's face returned right above her, and Judy smiled. She tried to talk to Nadine, but all that came out was baby babble. Then she saw Nadine holding something. It was her fox plush. Judy reached for it, desperate to grab ahold of her friend, barely aware of the sensation of messing herself, completely unconcerned. In her state of mind, she knew that it was someone else's mess to clean up.

The bunny felt differently when she awoke to find a real mess in her real diaper. Immediately, still feeling raw from the dream, she started to whimper and whine. A pair of orange and black striped paws scooped her up, the puppy who was still sleeping next to where she was, reaching out for her, having apparently been hugging her close as they slept. Judy looked up into Nadine's face, and started to calm down, but was still blushing.

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about, Judy, I've changed Tyler plenty of times." The tigress said as she carried Judy back into her pup's nursery, laying her down on the changing table.

"It's still embarrassing, being changed like a baby."

"I'll bet. Luckily, your nanny and I had a little chat." Nadine said, noticing how stiff Judy went at that revelation. She chuckle to herself as she grabbed a new diaper for the bunny alone with the wipes and powder.

"And we came up with an idea to help you with your little...situation," Nadine said, opening Judy's diaper.

"What idea?" Judy asked, jumping a little at the wipes.

"Well, since your partner, Nicholas, is going to be undercover a while longer than we had originally anticipated," Judy sat straight up at that news.

"What?! What's going on with Nick?!" The bunny asked, frantically, but not disobeying the gentle paw that pressed against her chest and guided her back down.

"Everything's fine. Nick just went and found something big. So he's going to be staying undercover for another six months. In the meantime, when you get back to work next week. You're going to need a temporary partner. What's more, you are clearly not yet ready to take proper care of yourself. So, your nanny and I, have decided that I'll be your partner, and your caretaker while on duty. And when we're off duty, you'll be spending time here, with Tyler and myself, along with Lucy." Nadine explained as she finished wiping and balled up said wipes and used diaper, before tossing them into the pail next to the changing table. Judy's legs were raised as the next clean diaper was laid underneath her.

"B-B-But, I'm an adult!" Judy argued.

"Yes, but you're an adult who's become very accustomed to being babied. This way, I can help you adjust, and become more adult-like." Nadine said as she shook the canister of baby powder over Judy's diaper area.

"B-But, B-B-But..." Judy tried to think of an argument that would convince the tigress, but failed to think of anything as her tail was threaded through the hole in the back, and the diaper was folded over her front, taped up nice and snug.

"Sh... it's okay. You don't need to worry about a thing, sweetie. Besides, Tyler likes having you as a playmate." Nadine said with a wink as she picked Judy up and cradled her in her arms.

This just keeps getting better and better, Judy thought to herself as she pouted.

And there you go! I hope that you liked it! Let me know what you thought of the new chapter!
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*screams of joy* MORE!
I like it as always 😍

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Okay! And that makes me so happy to hear!
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