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But how can there possibly be more cuteness?!?!? Excellent chapter btw!

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Hehehehehe, there is ALWAYS more cuteness to be had!

Thank you very much!

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Hello there readers! I'm happy to bring to you the next chapter of Back to the Pouch! As per usual, I totally hope that you like what I write, please feel free to let me know what you think, and give some big props to C.S. Fox, who helped a huge bunch!

Back to the Pouch (Chapter 3)


Panther Cub

Drew felt calm and relaxed. All around him was the feelings of safety and warmth. The little frilly pink pillow his head was resting on felt like a cloud, as Drew drifted through a happy semiconscious haze. He was only vaguely aware of the feeling of the front of his diaper growing warm, but he couldn't be bothered to care at the moment. He just sucked on the pacifier and resumed getting comfortable. There were muffled voices that Drew could only barely make out, but he simply hugged the plush kitten closer and curled up a little.

Suddenly, he started to feel a paw gently stroking his headfur. It felt so wonderful, that as the paw started to retreat a little, Drew's head instinctively started to follow it. Every few seconds it would stop petting him and move a little further up, and Drew would promptly follow suit, and it would resume petting. After a few more moments like this, Drew's head popped up out of an opening and into the bright light. He yawned and blinked a little as he regained his bearings.

Drew remembered that Amelia had opened her pouch and gently tucked him into it, with the plush kitten and the little pillow. Drew pouted and sucked on his pacifier, an adorable combination. Amelia's paw gently started stroking his head again, and Drew found that he couldn't maintain his grumpy mood.

"And there's the little princess." Travis cooed at Drew, who was trying to climb out of the pouch, only for Amelia to pick the little fox up. She then cradled Drew while gently tugging the pacifier from his lips. Drew blushed as his head rested against the kangaroo's chest, allowing him to listen to her heartbeat. It was a soothing sound that made Drew feel almost as safe and relaxed as the inside of the pouch did. He did start to squirm a little as he saw Amelia pick of a baby bottle and hold it up to his lips.

"C'mon sweetheart. Open up for the baba." Amelia cooed. Drew opened his mouth to protest being treated like a baby, but Amelia seized her opportunity to pop the nipple of the bottle in, preventing Drew from voicing his grievances. The suckle reflex kicked in, and so Drew began to nurse while being held. He hated to admit it, but whatever he was drinking now tasted even better than what he had to drink at lunch.

"Oh, Travis look. She really seems to like that special fox kit formula you picked up." Amelia said to the coyote sitting next to her, bottle feeding Evie.

"Hehehe, she sure does."

Drew grumbled a little as he suckled, but did nothing else. He noticed that the tv was on, and that it was currently turned to some news channel. As he watched the news updates going from right to left on the bottom screen, Drew realized that he couldn't read what was written there. It all looked like a completely different language, with the letters being much more curvy and swirly than any alphabet he was used to. He didn't get a good look though as the image of the female tiger news anchor was quickly changed to one of a cartoon alien attempting to take over a world. Drew looked over to see Travis, holding a giggling Evie, setting a remote down.

"Conqueror Vim?"
Amelia said. "Travis, I don't think that that cartoon is appropriate for little girls like Evie and Drew."

"Notta giwl." Drew said around the nipple, dribbling a little formula down his chin. Amelia smiled down at him as she used a hand to grab a tissue from a nearby box to gently wipe it away as he continued to suckle.

"Oh c'mon Amele," Travis said, using his pet name for the kangaroo, "Evie's way too little to remember anything she sees of this show, and a special little princess seems like she can handle it." Travis said this while carefully reaching over to Drew with his free hand and quickly start tickling Drew's right bare footpaw. Drew giggled and practically shrieked around the bottle, making Amelia smile even more.

"...Well...I suppose it's alright. But if Drew gets even a little scared while watching it, you're changing it to something much more age appropriate, got it mister?"

"Yes ma'am." Travis said while giving a salute, making Drew giggle a little more as he suckled down the last of the formula. Amelia removed the bottle and shifted him in her arms. Drew was curious why he was being leaned over her shoulder, until he started to feel some gentle pats on his back. He felt a sudden gurgle in his belly, swiftly followed by an uncontrollable belch. He blushed as he was shifted back into a cradled position in Amelia's arms, who praised him for being such a big girl. Drew simply pouted as he blushed and hugged the plush kitten, not noticing Amelia slip a pacifier back between his lips. He started watching the cartoon, getting a feeling of nostalgia from it.

"See? She likes it." Travis pointed out as Drew curled up a little in Amelia's arms, all the while the fluffy white tail of the little arctic fox started to slowly wag. Amelia rolled her eyes, unable to keep a small chuckle from escaping her lips at the adorable sight. Amelia's ears perked at the sound of her phone buzzing, which she immediately pulled out of her pocket to check. Seeing that it was from the local magistrate, she didn't hesitate to answer.


"Hello, Ms. Roo?" the voice on the other end asked.


"You called earlier to report a found arctic fox kit earlier today?"

"That's correct."

"Alright, I just wanted to confirm that right before I headed out your way. The address you gave is way out in the boonies, so it's gonna be an hour's trip."

"You're coming today? I thought that you said that you couldn't because you didn't have a vehicle that could make it out here at the moment."

"That was before my son stopped by, allowing me a chance to borrow his car."

"Oh." Amelia said, hugging Drew little closer. "So did you find out anything about her?" This got Drew's attention as his suddenly perked ears showed.

"Unfortunately, no. I've made a number of calls and checked the Registry of Missing Children, and no one's reported a little kit like the one you described being missing or kitnapped."

"So...what's going to happen to her?" Drew was no longer enjoying the show about the crazed little alien desperately trying, and failing, to conquer the planet he was assigned; his full attention was focused on the kangaroo's conversation. Amelia smiled reassuringly down at the kit, and gave her a gently kiss on her forehead, making Drew blush some more.

"Well, the Child Welfare Services have been contacted. But the nearest office is over three days drive away from town. I know that we discussed her living arrangements until things could be settled, but would you at all mind babysitting for a few more days?"

"I'd be happy to. The poor little thing has told me some...troubling things...about her home life..."

"Oh really?"

" I'm actually a little worried about her and where she's going to be ending up." Drew was also clearly worried as well, as was displayed by his ears laying flat, his tail tucking itself between his legs, and how he was rapidly sucking his paci now.

Am I really going to be going to some kind of foster home?
Drew thought, letting out a little whimper.

"Hmm...well, I'll be there in about an hour or so, so maybe we could talk about this a little more in person?"

"Of course magistrate." Amelia said, cuddling Drew closer and beginning to gently rub his belly. This calmed him down, like when Travis did so on the changing table, and Drew started to relax in her arms. Amelia smiled again.

"Alrighty then, I'll see you shortly!" And with that the call ended. Amelia pocketed her phone, noticing Travis looking over with a raised eyebrow.

"So the magistrate found a way to get here today, and she'll be by in around an hour." Travis nodded and stood, setting Evie down in the playpen, and then proceeded to start gathering up the errant toys all scattered about.

"Oh thank you hun!" Amelia said brightly. Travis smiled back, his tail wagging.

"No prob babe."

Amelia felt a slight tugging sensation on the front of her shirt, and looked down to see Drew trying to get her attention.

"Yes sweetie?"

"Am I gowing to hawvta go to a fostew howme?" Drew asked around his paci, his eyes wide with worry.

Amelia hugged Drew closer. "Today, all that's going to happen is that we're going to be getting a visit from the magistrate. And then we'll talk about how you got here, and some other things, as well as where you'll be staying. But for the time being, we'll be taking care of you. So there's nothing to worry that pretty little head of yours about."

Drew did not look convinced, and simply laid back in Amelia's arms. Amelia kissed Drew on his forehead once more, before she gently started to rock him. She sat with the kit in her arms while Travis finished cleaning up the house, and Evie entertained herself in her playpen, letting out happy giggles. Drew tried to get into the cartoons he was being shown again, but his heart just wasn't in it. The realization that he was all alone on this strange new world was fully hitting him, and no matter how much Amelia tried to lift his spirits, his sullen attitude remained, right up until he felt his diaper grow warm again.

"Uh-oh, looks like someone could use a changie." Amelia said in a melodic voice, determined to keep up a bright and cheerful attitude around the depressed kit.

How did she know?
Drew wondered as he was carried in her arms back into the nursery, to be laid gently down on the changing table. He didn't struggle as the snaps to his onesie were undone, and his wet diaper untaped. He hugged the kitten plush and contemplated his, in his mind, bleak future as he was cleaned with baby wipes. He suckled his paci, which was soothing in its own way, as he was powdered and taped up into a fresh diaper. His pink and frilly onesie was resnapped back at the crotch, just as the doorbell rang.

Drew was carried back out, this time with Amelia gently supporting him under his padded rear instead of simply cradling him. He saw Travis at the front door, smiling while chatting up a friendly-looking beaver woman. She was wearing a beige uniform that reminded him of sherriff's uniforms, with a matching wide brimmed hat. He spotted a bright and well-polished circle pinned to her work shirt. It looked like it was made of silver, and it had some symbols and the squiggly writing on it.

"So would you care to come in Minerva?" Travis asked, stepping aside.

"Thank you Travis." the beaver, apparently named Minerva, entered and looked around. She spotted Amelia with Drew in her arms immediately, and started making a beeline right for them.

"Oh my goodness! Well aren't you just the cutest little thing." Minerva said to Drew, looking him over.

"Hello magistrate Minerva." Amelia said, smiling.

"Amelia, you know I'm not a big fan of all that formal stuff." Minerva said, never once taking her eyes off of Drew. "Hello there little one. My name's Minerva, can you tell me yours?"

Drew looked away and hid his face in Amelia's chest. The action brought a chuckle from the adults who apparently found Drew's sudden shyness adorable.

"I suppose I'm a little more intimidating that I had thought." Minerva joked. Drew heard this and blushed as he realized how he had been acting. He turned around and tried his best to look the magistrate in the eye.

"Hewwo, my nawme's Dwew Bewgew." he said, realizing too late that his paci was still in his muzzle.

"It's nice to meet you miss Berger." Minerva said while gently taking one of Drew's hands in her own and giving it a shake. Drew smiled, warming up a bit around the cheerful beaver.

Travis offered to brew some tea while Amelia and Minerva chatted on the couch in the living room. Minerva found the little roo in the playpen to be absolutely adorable as well, before addressing the matters at hand.

"Alright, so where exactly did you find little Drew here?" Minerva asked as she pulled out a pen and a notepad.

"Just outside, beyond my garden in the back yard." Amelia explained while still holding Drew close. "She was all alone and completely naked. I was afraid that she might get a heat stroke, so I brought her and Evie inside. I then got her into a diaper and some clothes."

"Alright. Now, you said that you didn't find tracks of any kind after you found her?"

"That's correct. My first thought was that maybe she had toddled away from some campsite, but there was no sign, and as you know, all around here is just flatlands for miles and miles."

Minerva nodded. "Making a campsite fairly easy to spot, even from a distance."

"So I looked for other footprints or tire tracks, and still nothing, It's as if she just popped right out of thin air onto my land."

"Okay, and would you at all mind if I took a look myself?"

"Not at all, would you like for me to show you where I found her?"

"If you don't mind."

"Alright." Amelia stood up with Drew in her arms and called out to Travis that they were heading out back. He came back into the living room and nodded, keeping an eye on Evie. Amelia led the magistrate out the back door and into her well-tended garden. Many of the flowers were in bloom. all gently swaying in the light breeze. "Right around here." Amelia said after leading the magistrate a little further away, right to where she had found Drew. Aside from his little footprints and where he had fallen on his bottom, there was nothing else that had disturbed the dirt in the surrounding area.

"Curious..." Minerva said to herself as she started scribbling in her notebook. She looked around and examined a number of nearby spots, scribbling more and more in between each spot. Eventually she looked off in the distance and nodded. "Alright, I think that I've seen enough."

They went back inside and took a seat back on the couch, with Travis laying two steaming cups of tea before them on the coffee table, before excusing himself to change Evie.

"So Drew," Minerva started after taking a sip from her cup, "Amelia said that you told her some interesting things. Can you tell me about your mommy and daddy?"

Drew looked down, suddenly remembering the last thing his father had said to him. It had been harsh, and cruel, and was followed up with a punch. His mother was not much better. His tail tucked itself between his legs and he let out a whimper.

"They're mean." he said, pulling out his paci.

"Mean how sweetheart?" Minerva pressed.

"They yell at me and tell me I'm worthless. They hit me, and told me that they wish that I hadn't ever been born." Drew said miserably. Minerva's eyebrows raised, having expected the tyke to say that they were mean for putting her to bed early. She looked up and locked eyes with Amelia.

"They hit you? How do they hit you?"

Drew started whimpering some more, and broke down into tears. It took a few minutes of Amelia rocking and cuddling to finally get him to calm down. Drew didn't resist when Amelia put his pacifier back into his muzzle, and suckled it as he hugged the kitten once again, all while curling back up into a ball. Amelia rubbed his back while giving Minerva a sad smile. Minerva nodded.

"So...about that Child Welfare official coming in a few days..." Amelia trailed off, now started to feel a little nervous. Drew shared her feelings of uneasiness and curled up closer into her. Minerva saw this and smiled.

"Well yes, they're going to be coming out and taking a look at Drew, register him in their database, and maybe take him to a foster home."


"Well, see, little Drew here seems to be a little nervous at the prospect of being separated from you, which is plainly evident." she motioned to Drew, who was hiding his face in her chest again. "And, correct me if I'm wrong, but you don't seem too thrilled about the idea yourself there either." Amelia shook her head as she hugged Drew and kissed his forehead once more.

"So, I had an idea. Since this looks like a stable environment to my eyes, and I'm sure that it will to the official as well when they arrive. And since I know for a fact that neither you nor Travis have any kind of criminal history, maybe you would like to become Drew's temporary guardians?" Minerva let the question hang in the air for a minute.

"We can do that?" Amelia asked, beginning to relax at the same time as Drew's little ears perked up again.

"Well sure! It'll only take a little paperwork, which I can email to you right away. All you need to do is come by my office after you fill it out, let me put my signature on it as well, and then I can meet with the Child Welfare official about it before he drops by. So, what do ya say to that?"

"Y-Yes, please! Oh....but wait...Travis and I aren't married yet..."

"Oh that's alright. There's no rule against a couple becoming a child's legal guardians just because they aren't married. So, do we still have a yes?"

Drew couldn't believe what he was hearing. He hadn't fully realized just how scared he was by the prospect of being taken away from Amelia, until after the magistrate and the kangaroo finished up the visit, with Amelia seeing Minerva out.

"Alright, I'll make a few more calls, and email you that form as soon as I get back."

"Thank you very much." Amelia said, her mood significantly brightened.

"It truly is my pleasure Amelia. And you," she said, addressing Drew, "be a good girl, alright?"

Drew said nothing and nodded, deciding against contradicting her about his gender. Minerva was soon off, and Amelia was cuddling Drew in the doorway, when Travis came back in with Evie, who was now dressed in a bright pink sleeper.

"Someone needed a bath." was his explanation as he set the little kangaroo down in the playpen.

"I think that someone else could use one as well." Amelia said as she started walking Drew towards the bathroom.

Wait, what?
he wondered.

And there you have it, dear readers! I sure do hope that you enjoyed the new chapter! Be sure to let me know what you think!

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I just finished reading the new chapter, and I must say: Awesome as always. You really have a talent for writting cute stories.

Looking forward to see more of Drew and his adjustment top not only being a baby, but a little girl as well. And not to forget, being a "big sister" for little Evie^^

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And here we go with another chapter of Back to the Pouch! Sorry I've been away for awhile now, but I'm back y'all!

Back to the Pouch (Chapter 4)


Panther Cub

 Is this really gonna happen? Drew wondered as he was carried into the bathroom. He looked around at the crisp white motif of the room. He saw a sink with the basin shaped like a seashell, not too far from a toilet. The sight of the porcelain fixture frustrated Drew. His eyes widened at the sight of the tub though, which absolutely dwarfed him.

 I guess everything looks huge to a little kid. He thought before he was set on his own two unsteady feet. The snaps of the onesie were undone, and it was quickly pulled off over his head. The diaper, which he had soaked at some point apparently, was gently removed, balled up, and dropped into a nearby waste bin. Out of instinct, Drew found his big fluffy tail curling around him bashfully, in an attempt to cover himself. An attempt that Amelia thought was adorable.

 "Oh sweetie, it's nothing I haven't seen before already." She said as she pulled Drew close and nuzzled him. While gently stroking his headfur with one hand, Amelia used the other to start turning on the faucets, after putting the plug in place. She continued to sit there with the naked Drew in her arms, making sure that the water was not going to be too hot for the little vixen, or too high. She smiled when she was satisfied and quickly shut the water off.

 "Three, two, one...lift off!" Amelia said, confusing Drew a little, until she lifted him off the ground, making sounds like a rocket with her mouth, which Drew could not help but giggle at.

 "There's my smiling and happy girl!" The kangaroo said as she gently lowered Drew into the tub. The water was nice and warm and not too hot. Despite his embarrassment, Drew found his tail wagging a little.

 "And there we go, a nice relaxing bath." Amelia cooed as she sat Drew down in the water, which came up to his stomach. The kangaroo then grabbed a bottle of amber-colored shampoo inside and squirted some into her hands, which she then used to gently start scrubbing Drew's fur.

 This is so humiliating. Drew thought to himself as the kangaroo started to happily hum as she washed him. She started with his headfur, before moving down his neck to his back.

 "Isn't this nice sweetie? Bath time is a happy time!" Amelia singsonged to the blushing vixen. Starting to feel very small and helpless, Drew realized that, once again, he was sucking his thumb. He leaned back a little, and tried to think, once again, about his current situation.

 So this isn't a dream. Drew thought as he was being washed, and began to think over different possibilities for how he came to be here and in his present condition. And each new idea sounded even more ridiculous than the last one. His introspection was interrupted by a sudden deluge of water being dumped onto his head. Drew let out a surprised yip, and looked up at Amelia and the small red cup she was holding.

 "Almost done rinsing out the shampoo, sweetie." The kangaroo said sweetly, ignoring Drew's sour look, and pouring the water over Drew once more. Drew was rinsed off again, much to his consternation, before Amelia drained the tub, and lifted him out after wrapping him in a big and fluffy white towel, which she used to vigorously dry him as she carried the little vixen back to the nursery. When she deposited Drew onto the changing table, his fur had completely fluffed out, something that the kangaroo found to be absolutely adorable.

 "Aww, someone's a puffy little princess!" She cooed, leaning down to happily nuzzle Drew. Drew tried to pout, but the feeling of Amelia's warm muzzle tickled his stomach, making him laugh and titter. Amelia smiled warmly at her new charge, before grabbing a fresh diaper. Soon, Drew was powdered and taped up, something that he found himself resigning to, for the time being at least.

 "Now that we don't have to worry about any puddles, let's take care of your fur." Amelia said, more to herself than the baby fox, as she grabbed a nearby hair brush. When Drew opened his mouth to object, Amelia expertly popped in a pink pacifier. With his new suckle reflex kicking in, Drew found himself unable to spit it out, as well as starting to relax greatly.

 It's like a mute button, but for really small children. he thought to himself as the soft bristles of the brush began to gently stroke him. Amelia was thorough, yet careful, with her brushing, taking extra special care of some small knots in Drew's bushy tail. Once she was finished, and admired the now significantly less fluffy arctic fox, she reached down and scooped the diaper-clad Drew into a cradling position.

 "You are just absolutely precious." She said as she started to nuzzle him again. Despite how humiliated he felt, Drew also found that he was enjoying the attention he was receiving at the moment, which was evident to Amelia as Drew's tail began to lightly thump against her side. "But we can't have you toddling around in just a diapee."

 Drew frowned around his paci as he already figured where this was going, and was carried over to a nearby dresser. He was set down on top as Amelia opened one of the drawers and started rifling through various onesies, until quickly locating what she was looking for.

 "Here we go hun!" She said as she help up a bight pink onesie, with white lace bordering the neck hole, the arm holes, the hole for the tail, and the leg holes. "Evie outgrew this after one month, but I think it'll fit you just wonderfully!"

 Great, so now I'm still getting hand-me-downs from a baby that this new body of mine is supposed to be older than! Despite not vocalizing his objections and continuing to suckle the binky, Amelia seemed to read his mind nonetheless.

 "Of course, I cannot, in good conscience, just dress you in only Evie's old clothes. But don't you worry sweetie, I'll make you some of your very own!" Amelia said as she pulled the onesie over Drew's head, soon snapping the buttons over the crotch of the puffy diaper. But Amelia didn't stop there. She opened another drawer and pulled out two pink booties that fit snugly over Drew's new foot-paws, and a large pink bow that was fastened to the tip of his bushy tail.

 Is she just dressing me in the girliest outfits she can find because I told her that I was a boy? Drew wondered to himself as he pensively sucked on the binky. And what did she mean by making me new clothes? The last thought he asked, albeit with the pacifier giving him an even more childish lisp, while he was being carried out of the nursery.

 "Well hun, I make clothes for children and babies, like you!" Amelia said excitedly.

 "Notta baybee." Amelia ignored Drew's quiet protest and continued to explain.

 "You see, I have my own little business and clothing line. I talk to people on the phone and on the computer, and sell them the clothes I make. Understand?"

 Drew nodded, suddenly fearing that he may become a model for baby girl clothes. Out of some newly formed instinct, he curled in closer to Amelia, resting one of his ears over her chest, the sound of her beating heart once more calming him. He was carried out to the living room, where Evie was giggling hysterically as she was gently bounced on Travis' lap, as he sat on the couch.

 "Did Evie already get her dinner?" Amelia asked as she took a seat next to the coyote, with Drew still in her arms.

 "Yup, gave her a bottle while you were giving Princess here," he reached over and tickled Drew under his chin, making him giggle; "her royal bath. I also took the liberty of making her a bottle as well." He gestured to a baby bottle on the coffee table.

 "Thanks Travis." Amelia said before she leaned over to give him a peck on the cheek, and then grabbed the bottle. Drew was shifted a little, with his head being cradled. He tried to object after his paci was removed, but the second the nipple touched his lips, he was suckling away, this time rewarded with the sweet and creamy kit formula. His thoughts started to become murky, and his eyelids began to droop. He paused his suckling the bottle to let out a tired yawn, and barely heard Amelia mention something about a bed time. Soon the bottle was empty, just as his paci replaced it and his eyelids closed. He felt himself being carried and set down somewhere. He felt something else, that he assumed to be the baby roo, set down beside him, and quickly snuggle up against his side. A warm and soft blanket was neatly tucked in, and overhead there was a click, followed by a light chiming lullaby.


 "Look at these damn sheets!" A large and looming shadow bellowed down at the cringing form of Drew. He recognized his father's voice, and let out a whimper.

 "I-I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to." He stammered out.

 "You didn't mean to what? Piss yourself like a baby?"

 Tears welled up in Drew's eyes. "N-No."

 "And now you're bawling like one. Well, if you're going to act like a baby, then you might as well be dressed like one."



 Drew sat up, his breathing heavy, and the fur on his cheeks wet from tears. He remembered the memory he had been dreaming, back from when he was five and had wet the bed again. That day, after a really bad spanking, his father had forced him to go to kindergarten wearing a diaper. The other kids had quickly found out and mercilessly tormented him for it. As he looked around in the darkened nursery, the memory of what had happened rushing back to him, Drew suddenly felt the diaper he was now wearing squish a little. He sniffled and wiped at his eyes. Trying to get a grip on himself, he looked at the morning sunlight gently pouring through a window.

 The door of the nursery slowly opened, and Amelia lightly padded her way over to the crib, a little surprised to find Drew awake, while Evie continued to snooze away, still hugging Drew's tail close to herself.

 "Good morning hun." Amelia whispered as she reached down and, careful not to wake Evie, pried his tail from her grip. When checking his diaper, Amelia was not surprised in the least to find that it was soaked. "Did my little princess sleep well?" She asked, oblivious to Drew's nightmare/memory as she laid him on the changing table, stripped off the onesie and the diaper, and proceeded to change the vixen into a fresh one, followed by a yellow t-shirt with the face of a flower with pink petals in the center. Drew huffed and crossed his arms, pouting, and suckled his pacifer.

 "Well, someone's a little grumpy grump this morning, but I'll bet that's just because you're hungry, isn't it?" She asked rhetorically, as she picked Drew up and sat down in a nearby rocking chair with him in one arm. Drew was confused as to what was happening when Amelia unbuttoned her bright blue blouse, looking away from her exposed breasts. "C'mon now hun, let's get you fed." She said simply as she plucked Drew's paci from his mouth and started to guide his head towards her breast. Drew struggled a little in his futile attempt to turn away. But, the instant that Amelia's nipple brushed his lips, the little vixen instinctively latched on and started to nurse.

 This is wrong, this is wrong, this is wrong. Drew told himself over and over in his head as he nursed from the kangaroo...yet, each time, it would be with less conviction, until he finally entered a trance-like state and simply nursed in silence with his eyes closed.

 Soon, he could feel the flow of Amelia's milk taper off, but still he nursed, at least until Amelia pried him off and hugged him close. Drew whimpered a little, but that quickly ended when his paci was popped back into his muzzle, followed by Amelia rubbing his back while humming. They sat like that for a few moments, with Drew once more listening to Amelia's heartbeat, before the sounds of Evie stirring and fussing could be heard.

 "You were such a good girl, Princess, but now I must tend to Evie." Amelia said before rubbing her nose against Drew's.

One freshly changed and fully fed baby kangaroo later...

 Travis smiled as he watched Amelia happily hop out of the nursery, with little Evie babbling excitedly in her arms. The little roo was dressed in just a shirt and diaper as well, he shirt being bright pink with a yellow flower on its front.

 "Is the little Princess still asleep?" He asked as he reached over and tickled Evie. Before Amelia could answer, however, a white puffball with pointed ears popped out of her exposed pouch.

 "Notta giwl." Drew insisted as he tried to climb out of the pouch, despite how comfortable he was still finding it to be, only to have the coyote chuckle and scoop him up into his arms.

 "Well that answers that question," Travis said, pointedly ignoring Drew's protest; "so shall I make them something to eat before we head out?"

 Head out? Drew wondered.

 "Oh no, I fed the girls already." Drew blushed as he remembered today's breakfast, and looked away, not even bothering to insist on his lack of femininity. "Is the diaper bag all ready?"

 "Yup! Got it fully stocked and loaded in the car. And I even found and installed that other carseat that your sister got for Evie. I guess it's a good thing that I kept forgetting to return it after you had already bought one just like it." He said, giving Drew a little hug. "Isn't it, Princess." He asked.

 "Notta Pwincewss." Drew mumbled, blushing at the chuckle he received for it.

 It was only when they had exited the front door and made their way to the light blouse SUV that Drew realized something, upon seeing his reflection in the mirror.

 They're not seriously going to take me out in public in just a shirt and diaper, are they?! Before he could even think to ask this question, he spotted something even more troubling when the doors to the back seat were opened, revealing two identical, bright pink, rear-facing car seats.

 Oh come on! Drew whined as he squirmed a little, trying to fight Travis as he was being lifted towards the car seat. But it was all in futility, as Travis easily set the cranky vixen into the right carseat, and buckled her in with a five point harness. Drew instantly tried to unbuckle it, but the child-safety feature prevented that. Drew gave up and instead pouted by the time they had reached the end of the driveway, not that he could see anything, what with the carseat only giving him, and Evie, a good view of the seat back.

 "I suppose that the Princess must be acting fussy because we're taking her to the doctor's for a check-up, huh?" Travis' voice broke in after a few minutes of driving.

 Drew's eyes go wide as he starts attempting to escape from the harness, now with panicky whines.

 "She is now, Travis. I hadn't said anything to her about it yet."

 "Oops. Sorry."

 "It's okay, she was probably going to fuss after we arrived anyway."

One fruitless escape attempt later...

 While Drew couldn't see that they had arrived, he could feel the car slowing down and coming to a stop. His anxiety only grew as he heard the key in the ignition being turned off and pulled out.

 The doctor's gunna know that I'm some kind of alien and then I'll end up on a slab being dissected! Was the more coherent thought running through Drew's mind as he tried to escape again. Amelia opened the door and unbuckled him from the car seat, frowning.

 "There's nothing to be afraid of, hun." Amelia cooed while Travis tended to Evie. Drew looked around and saw that they were still in the desert, but also in what appeared to be a small town. He could make out various houses in the distance, and all sorts of buildings nearby, all with writing in that strange and foreign script he couldn't read. Sensing the kit's nervousness, Amelia held Drew close to her chest. "I promise you, sweetie, that I'm not going to let anything bad happen to you, understand?" She said while looking Drew directly in the eye. The combination of the binky, Amelia's heartbeat, and the sincerity of her words all worked to help calm Drew down. He nodded to her, and received a kiss on the forehead as a result. Travis smiled as he locked the doors, and they all started to head towards the entrance of what Drew was assuming to be the doctor's office.

 Here we go... he thought to himself, unaware of himself wetting his diaper just as they approached the front doors.

And there you have it, dear readers! I sure do hope that you enjoyed chapter 4 of Back to the Pouch! I apologize for the long time in between updates, things have just kinda been crazy for me. But the good news is that I have not and will not abandon any of my stories! Sooner or later, I will get back around to working on each of them. I just hope that you all will continue to enjoy them in the future!
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This was a great chapter keep up the good work

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Videogameman228 wrote: This was a great chapter keep up the good work

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Thank you very much!
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Panther Cub wrote:
Videogameman228 wrote: This was a great chapter keep up the good work

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Thank you very much!
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A great and cute new chapter! I like how they just ignore his protests of being actually a boy and being not a baby and just continue to treat him as they see him.

Looking forward to more cute (and girly) outfits Amelia is making for Drew^^

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Sky Hooves wrote: A great and cute new chapter! I like how they just ignore his protests of being actually a boy and being not a baby and just continue to treat him as they see him.

Looking forward to more cute (and girly) outfits Amelia is making for Drew^^
Thank you very much! Hehehehe, well, as far as they can tell, he is just a little fox girl. Clearly one with an abusive past, an active imagination, both of which conspired to confuse the poor little one. Oh, more are indeed to come!
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