New Modes and Changes You Must Know in FIFA 18

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June 12th, 2018, 6:59 am #1

New Modes and changes in FIFA 18 enable gamers have a better playing experience. So if you haven’t logged into the world of FIFA 18, a quick look of new modes and changes are what you really need.

New Career mode transfer cutscenes - featuring the same Frostbite-powered character models and animation as the Journey, these unfold in real-time transfer negotiations when you try to buy players.

FUT Icons replaces FUT Legends - in the past, the mode was exclusively available to Xbox players thanks their marketing deal with EA. Now, Icons is a mode available on allplatforms, and has received changes including three versions of each Icon to represent different stages in their career.

New FUT Modes - Squad Battle, pitting players against the AI with pre-selected squads, plus a new Champions Channel, and Objectives modes come to Ultimate Team.