New Gameplay and Controls Features of FIFA 18

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June 12th, 2018, 5:32 am #1

Below are four new gameplay and controls features of FIFA 18. To play FIFA 18 without any problems, you need to know well about them.

Quick Subs - set up quick subs in Team Management before a game, and you can then hold down R2/RT during a break in play to bring up a Quick Sub suggestion, and X/A to accept.

Modified Crossing controls - You can now use R1 / RB to perform a high, floated cross, and double-tap to perform a low, whipped cross.
Hard Tackle - Press Triangle/Y to perform a standing Hard Tackle, which has your player attempt to get ball regardless of what's in front of them (this normally results in a foul).

Jogging/Slow Dribbling tweaks - Jog/slow dribble now more useful, with good dribblers able to start animations faster. You can slowly dribble to work some space, then burst into it with speed, like Ronaldo or Messi would, if you have good enough dribblers on your team.

Set Piece tweaks - only minor changes to set pieces are in FIFA 18, but penalties are the main beneficiary, with them now working in a more 'point and shoot' fashion, and goalkeepers no longer jankily flopping over the top of a daisy cutter trickling into the goal.