Application Format And Clan Rules

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Application Format And Clan Rules

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Before you continue please register an account on the forum HERE.

If you wish to apply for the clan, copy and paste the following application into a new post, and fill out the required information... If you don't fill it out completely, you're liable to have your application declined. There are no requirements to join the clan, however, if you want to take part in our wars you will need to have at least 100 F2P combat.



Code: Select all


[color=red]SECTION 1[/color]

[b]I agree that if I'm not active on these forums, I will be banned[/b]: yes/no
[b]I have read and agreed to the Clan Rules (the green text below)[/b]: yes/no
[b]I am currently in no clan (excluding teams/skilling based clans)[/b]: yes/no

[color=red]SECTION 2[/color]

[b]How did you find out about FL?[/b]:
[b]RuneScape Name[/b]:
[b]Combat Level[/b]:
[b]Prayer Level[/b]:
[b]Membership Status (F2P/P2P)[/b]:
[b]Time zone[/b]:
[b]When/how often do I play RuneScape?[/b]:
[b]Other Information I'd like to add[/b]:

[color=red]SECTION 3 (100+ Combat Required)[/color]

[b]Are you interested in warring? (if no you can skip this section)[/b]:
[b]I agree that if I will sign up for every war and attend whenever I can[/b]:
[b]I have a Full Untrimmed Rune Set and at leas 200 Anchovy Pizzas/Swordfish for warring?(Screenshot Required)[/b]:

[b]I have downloaded and installed Teamspeak and will use it for every war (Repeated failure to do so will result in a kick)?(Screenshot Required)[/b]:

[b]I will visit the forum daily for information about upcoming wars?[/b]:


Anyone who breaks one of these rules may be liable to being banned from the clan. You might not even recieve a warning.

* No reporting fellow clanmates... for anything!
* No abuse of power.
* No hacking/sending virus to fellow clanmates.
* No posting downloads on the forums without asking a Leader's permission.
* No advertising on our forums. If you do, you will be swiftly banned.
* Absolutely no begging or asking for donations in the Clan Chat or IRC, anyone caught doing so will be given once warning before being kicked from the channel.

* No spamming... with the exception of the Spam Central forum. Posts less than 10 words long are also considered spam and will be removed.
* No flaming, or any type of putting other members down (offensive language, descrimination, sexual harrassment, etc.).
* No double posting, edit your last post.
* No explicit or pornographic text, images, or links are allowed. If you are caught doing so you will be banned.
* Anything a Leader deems as excessive immaturity may result in a suspension or kick from the clan chat.

* If you're logged on, you must come to a war. Events are optional but strongly reccomended if you ever want a promotion.
* No avoiding wars by turning off your private chat or logging off on purpose before a war. If you are caught doing so, you will be banned.
* No begging for a promotion, believe me you won't get one if you do this.
* No multiclanning. This applies for all clans/groups/teams that get in the way of clan events.
* You cannot bot on a main account, or any account that is your primary clan account.

If you have made it this far give yourself a pat on the back and paste this in your application (you will not be accepted if you don't):

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[COLOR=red]I will fight for FL with pride and power![/COLOR]