C6 disaster

C6 disaster

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June 24th, 2012, 12:16 pm #1

Installed TCI C6 Streetfighter, TCI Breakaway 10" converter about 5 weeks ago. All went well and car has been driven around on sunny days for a total of about 100 miles. Automatic and manual shifting worked as they should. Yesterday on the way home after driving about 5 miles the engine stalled coming down a long hill. Car was at 50mph and I rolled down the hill and into a gas station lot - about 1/3 of a mile. Car was in drive as it was rolling before I knew the engine had stalled. I put it into neutral and continued rolling into lot. Stopped, put it in park, and cranked the engine to restart. Engine cranked VERY slowly - like a dead battery - would not start. This is not normal behavior at all for this car; all new battery, starter, etc. and always a very strong crank.

Opened hood, heard 'cooling' tick tick tick coming from trans - I've never heard this before from trans. After several minutes I cranked it and it started but seemed as though something was dragging on engine. Put it in forward gears and got no movement. Started to hear a squealing sound and I shut it off. Had to have a flatbed come and take it home.

I think I have done some serious damage to trans/converter by it rolling and being in drive. The symptoms were as though the trans was 'dragging' on the engine. The 'cooling' tick tick tick from trans was scary to hear. I could use some help in where to start to troubleshoot this - how to determine what I have damaged.

Ughhh... after 6 years and just 100 miles... back in the garage.