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Welcome to Forage. Chances are, if you're reading this you haven't yet signed up for an account with us. If you want to do that now this message will still be waiting for you once you're finished. Go on, it won't even take you five minutes.

In case you need a little more persuasion, here's where we sell the site to you.

We realise that you can't see anything which goes on here outside of this board. There's an important reason for that, but we'll get to that later. For now, just know there is a board where you can share your poetry to receive constructive critique and that it is advert-free for members.

You won't see a lot of rules here, but you will see a lot of references to community and the spirit of the site. We believe that the community aspect is vital; we don't just want this to be another forum, we want it to feel like a community, one where poets feel comfortable in sharing their work knowing that it will be received with respect and consideration. Furthermore, we hope that those who give the most to others by way of their time and comments will receive more in return.

We are based on constructive critique, with the emphasis on constructive. If you post here, you can expect suggestions on how to refine and improve the poem. Nobody is here to tear you down, we want to build you up, to see your poetry improve, and for you to enjoy it along the way. That is what we mean by the spirit of the site, because while we accept poetry is a serious thing (and we're serious about poetry), we don't see any reason why we can't enjoy ourselves too.

We recognise that for many poets their goal is to prepare their work for submission to journals and contests. We support those goals. That's why the poetry board is hidden from visitors and search engines; you can refine it in private, safe in the knowledge your words will not be picked up by search engines. Then when you're published, share the news with us (even if we haven't seen the poem on our board) and we'll celebrate with you and include it in our newsletters, further promoting your endeavours.

At present we're a small site; that means we're focused and alert to all that goes on here. We listen; if you have suggestions to improve the Forage experience, we want to hear them. We believe we're a little different from a lot of the poetry sites out there, so we hope you'll try us and see that for yourself.

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