Torres International Edition LE in Belgium

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Masters Card
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Hi Everyone

Some of my family went to Belgium at the weekend and i asked them to pick up any football cards etc. they saw that might interest me and they brought me back some World Stars Match Attax from 2010. I had 4 starter packs brought back for me and 2 had 'World Stars' on the front and the other two 'Stars Mondiales' which is the french edition of the set. i opened the Stars Mondiales ones exepcting to find a Gallas LE but actually it was a Torres LE the international version, yet the star player card in the packet was in french (Jouer Vedette). I opened the other two packets which had world stars on the front of the starter pack and also on hte packet to again find two Torres LE International Edition but again the star player was the french version! It was all very confusing, but it was interesting that Torres was again issued in another country as the Limited Edition.
The other noticeable difference was the quality of the cards as they were a different in texture to the French and German Edition of the World Stars which i also thought was a little odd.

I can add pictures if anyone would like them but the Torres Card is exactly the same as the 'Internation Edition' that was issued in Asia with the six languages below the attack and defence scores!
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