Newcastle Swap Event

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Man of the Match
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April 10th, 2015, 12:20 pm #1

No thread for the Newcastle one? My son and I thoroughly enjoyed it - got all our swapping done (including the Top Gear collection), the players (Sammy Ameobi and Paul Dummett) were great with the kids, and it was all a nice friendly atmosphere.

Few negative points
  • We live in Leeds, and have to spend a fortune on train tickets each year to get to these events. Surely it's time to swap the venues around now - switching Manchester to Leeds for a year or two may bring in new collectors, and might liven things up a bit.
    The venue itself was unbearably hot - don't think the air conditioning could cope with the numbers.
    The quiz was a nice addition, but a shambles in terms of organisation. We won through to the final, but only because the scorer miscounted twice, and the guy answering questions kept showing everyone the answers by mistake. They changed the rules half-way through which didn't help.
    The charity auction change didn't work. It was a nice idea, but the guy in front of me handed over 1,250 of those promotional sheets they gave away with the newspapers, meaning he got so many raffle tickets it made it uncompetitive.
Otherwise, loved it.