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Match attax

I started to collect trading cards properly in 2004/05. I really got interested in 06/07 when everyone on the playground would have them! These where shoot out cards and though the cards where nice, the gameplay was difficult for kids to get around. I like match attax because not only is it a game but it is also a great way to interact and learn, before I collected football cards, I didn't know about formations etc... But setting up teams taught me that. My favourite ever collection was probably 10/11, just because I completed it in the quickest time and it was easier As I was using YouTube and FCF. I think the match attax idea is great but maybe if gameplay was improved, then stadium cards could be introduced, these give the player who uses them a home advantage of +5 (or gives the opponent an away disadvantage of -5)
I think it is great opening packets, just the feeling that you could be holding a signed card, a hundred club, anything!!! The price used to be cheaper but 50p isn't bad for 6 cards!!! 
For 11/12 I'd say legends and young guns would be great, like in the topps sticker collection.
Overall, card collecting has been my longest hobby and I see myself collecting for a long time, it's fun and cheap enough that you can get the occasional packet daily. I also love how you can interact with people just over the love of collecting, very friendly!!!
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I like match attax because it is fun to collect and trade (even though no one in my area collects them).I started collecting them when i got a starter pack and packs of 09/10 match attax. Its hard to say anything about the popularity as i can only buy them from one shop and Ebay. Imo limiteds are good but hard to get for collectors outside the UK. Design of the cards is fair and kids like it alot. In 11/12 i want to see Kit cards and badges and the back to be green!
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Hi to whom may concern, My online name is TheMakerOfMatchAttax or T.M.O.M.A. for short!

"Match Attax is it not just a trading card game or is it. As I have a Interview with one of Australia's Best Match Attax collectors and he tells me the what Match Attax REALLY means to him"

Why you started to collect Match Attax I am 13 and I started collecting match attax at Christmas time last year, when I saw them at a shop called BigW at my local town and thought they were awesome! So my sister bought me the tin for my christmas. Now I have finished the 10/11 base set, star player set, star signing set, need Bednar showboat, 20 Man of the match's and 1 Hundred Club.

What you like about Match Attax What I like about Match Attax is the excitment I have every time I open a packet. Every time I open a packet I feel like it is my first one. Also the things I like about match attax is the set how it has 465 cards plus the Limited editions and the Badges. so it takes time to finish the set. The graphics of the cards are outstanding!. My favorite cards are Hundred Clubs because even though they are really rare when you get one you feel like you have accomplished something.

Is the popularity increasing or decreasing in your area? The popularity is steady in my area because no people collect the cards. I live in Australia so it is very hard to get cards. I live TWO hours away from PACKETS of MATCH ATTAX 10/11. I think that some people are collecting Match attax in australia though because roughly there was 150 people turning up to all the tournaments (roughly 10 at each one).

Are Limited editions a good idea? Limited's are a good idea bacause it keeps you looking for the cards but I absoultley HATE the magazine Limited's because they are always never sold in australia. I have to drive 3 HOURS to get MOTD mag and Kick! Mag.

Design of cards good or bad?The Design of the cards are GREAT because they are nice to touch and the showboats/star players/signings are really smooth and I dont know how you guys at topps can make the design better every year! but this years design tops them all because its easy to read (get's younger kids involved).

New game play ideas I think you should not do anything to the gameplay because it is perfect at its current state at the moment. The way you have introduced the referee card this year was GENIUS and now its even more difficult to find the perfect tournament team.

Now as I am sitting finishing off this article, I would like to ask some questions to topps (or a moderator that knows more than me!!! :
1. why dont you sell the same starter pack in australia.
2. why are the packets and cards in australia different material.
3. why does packets of match attax cost twice as much in australia than england.
4. why is there 24 packet boxes not 100 and 200 pack boxes.
5. why cant we get the mega tin in australia.

What Match Attax is like in Australia?
In australia Match Attax is a lot more smaller than in the u.k. and most people who collect it in australia have resided in the u.k. The tournaments are a heap smaller with about 10 people competiting at each tournament in australia. There are 9 tournaments in australia. (3 in sydney, 3 in melbourne, 1 in adelade, 1 in brisbane. 1 in perth). I went to one in sydney (4 hours away from where I reside). I was knocked out in the semi final and even though I attended the tournament, I didnt recieve a regional heats card (only the national finalists do). But I did recieve 35 free packets of Match Attax (worth gold to me, Because I have to travell 2 hours to get boosters!) and I recieved in a Packet ROONEY HC.

Thanks from T.M.O.M.A.

Thanks T-man, I would really like to win because They dont sell mega tins in australia and even if I came runner-up or even didnt get a placing I wouldnnt care I am atleast getting my word out there! I am in year 8 and currently studing S.A'S in english


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Thanks for some great entries.

Please be aware that the examples I gave for ideas in the opening post were just that ideas, they were not meant to be questions to be answered in the articles.

Your articles can be about anything you want.


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Hey T-Man, here's my entry, but this aint about me collecting, i'm writing my own argument abut LE's...


Hi everybody,

I have 5/6 LE's out of the Match Attax 10/11 Collection. Living in Australia, it can be difficult searching for certain LE's. Here is how I got my 6 LE's:

DROGBA: Had a special offer, send in a flyer to Topps w/ 10 empty wrappers, and recieve a free Drogba LE
ARSHARVIN: Had to ask mum to get me a tin, coz i didn't have any Money on me
DEFOE: Collector Guide, no probs, my 1st 10/11 LE.
CAHILL: Very hard to find a binder in newsagents here in Aus, so limited acces to this LE.
VIDIC: Easy to find, guaranteed find of this LE in a 3 pack bundle sold by CroftMinister, an Australian Topps Distributor.
PIENAAR: Ridiculous. Still need this LE, this issue of MATCH! was NOT sold here, therefore, I still need him.

I do not understand why us collectors don't have access to certain LE's, as 1 or 2 are only found in different parts of the World. What about collectors, that, arent on this forum and don't have YouTube? They wont find it! Cahill has now been released in the UK, no sign of Pienaar here! I will never complete my set of 10/11 LE's. When International collectors, like I, offer for a rare LE, with a IRRESISTABLE deal, think of us and trade with us!!! In the UK, you can always find a Mag or a Collector a few hours away, or even order it off the net! Postage costs me a losd!!! Topps should have more consideration...

On the bright side, 1 or 2 LE's are a GREAT card for me to have. At the moment, my most desireable card is the Joe Hart LE, such a wonderful & colourful card!!! Gonna look great on my set, if my trader and I seal our deal! I also love the Cole LE. And the Arteta. BUT!

For me, I don't get very *EXCITED* with an LE card, ESPECIALLY when you know where you can find it! I get more excited with a high scoring MOTM or HC.


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Hey tollyman, here's my entry:

Hey there match attax lovers,

This is my first article for the match attax mag, today I am going to write a bit about Match Attax and it's positives and negatives.. It obviously isn't as popular here as it is in England, but for those who do know about it, simply, love it. Personally, I've been collecting since 09/10 and this year got to the national championships over here. In Australia, sometimes we're lucky and other times we aren't. Obviously one of the lucky times is the fact that Tim Cahill LE is only available in Aussie Starter Packs. For me and I'm sure for all other Australian Collectors, this has been brilliant for trading. I traded a Cahill LE for all the cards I needed to complete my base set and showboats. This aspect of being an Aussie collector is great. Then, on the other hand, there are a lot more negatives for us over here. First of all, they only sell Match Attax Extra in England and Malaysia, if you think about it, wouldn't Topps want to make more money all over the world by selling Match Attax Extra everywhere, they could put those cards in the tournament rules which would practically make us buy seeing as hat-trick-heroes and club captains would be part of it. Why be so exclusive. It's the same with club badges, the only way we can get them is by trading or buying them from England. Do they want to make less money?

Another thing is the packet prices over here compared to the ones in the UK. A packet of Match Attax in England is 50p, which is 75c in Australia. Have you seen the prices over here, $2 a pack!!! ALMOST DOUBLE WHAT THE ENGLISH HAVE TO PAY!!!!! It's ridiculous!!

Now for another horrible money-making ploy Topps have used. As I'm certain you've noticed by now, the limited editions and club badges don't fit in the binder! They did it last year with the managers as well! So now they expect us to buy the mini-binder, but barely any people do. Mini-binders, once again, are not available in Australia!!

That's my first article and I hope you liked it

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I have collected match attax for 5 years now and have seen a few changes in the design, rarity and popularity of these cards. These cards have become so popular that they are now known worldwide. When they where a huge success in 2007-08 they decided to make Bundesliga match attax and now there so popular they have created new merchandise just for match attax. Tins, binder, mini binder, chocolate, T-shirts, mugs, chips (not the edible ones) and guides.
Each year match attax has at least 21 cards per team(in 2010-11 it increased to at least 23)and with limited editions and hundred clubs(later introduced)match attax was now producing around 400-450 cards per set. With the introduction of Match Attax Extra, it took the game to a whole new level. With Club Captains, new signings, squad updates, hat-trick heroes and player of the months (for one set only) Match Attax had now established itself as one of the top football card sets ever. Not bad for one seasons set.
Match Attax has shown us the teams in the Barclays Premier League since 2007 having Arsenal, Aston Villa, Birmingham City, Blackburn Rovers, Blackpool, Bolton Wanderers, Burnley, Chelsea, Derby County, Everton, Fulham, Hull, Liverpool,Manchester City, Manchester United, Middlesbrough, Newcastle United,
Portsmouth, Reading, Stoke, Tottenham Hotspur, West Bromwich Albion, West Ham united, Wigan Athletic and Wolverhampton Wanderers. Next season we are most likely to see Queens Park Rangers and quite possibly Norwich and Cardiff.
In all Match Attax extra collections Arsenal and Manchester United have both had 37 cards(which is the most) and reading have the least with 4.The least for a team which has been in the premier league for the fours seasons of match attax is Everton and Blackburn both with 24 cards.
Suggestions for The Match Attax set for 2011/12 would be
-More Limited Editions with some rare and some not
-Hundred clubs and Limited Editions don’t have to be for top clubs
-Hat-trick Heroes of the hat-tricks in the second half of the season.
-Premier League Badge
-Topps Badge
-2-3 different signed players
-Legends cards 40-50 cards (exclusive to somewhere)
Match Attax has been a great successor of the highly collectable shoot out cards but the design for the recent set has been criticised as too childish. A new design with black background Rainbow Foils would be most welcome
And with these three teams already officially getting at least a play-off place we should see 2-3 new teams in Match Attax
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Match attax, as we all know is a worldwide phenomenon in card collecting. People ship out hundreds of their cold hard cash and part with it for a few pieces of cardboard wrapped in plastic. Now if their lucky they may get a card with some gold foil on it or some silver foil on it and it displays a player on it but it is otherwise just a piece of cardboard.

So if someone had displayed at a shop great bargain!, 6 pieces of cardboard for only 50p you would think they are mad. Especially if in Australia someone displayed one saying 6 pieces for 2 dollars!

There is sentimental value in cards of certain players and teams causing the prices to go up but seriously at the end of the day collectors are literally throwing away their cash. Despite this people have no need to give up collecting as there are a few solutions to saving your cash.

1) You can join a trading card site like 'football cards forum' and trade with other collectors so you do not have to buy endless packs to complete sets.

2) If you do buy packs and get a rare card you will make a higher profit from selling the card on ebay earlier rather than later. This is because most people will have not found the card in a packet yet and need the card. This especially important with lower quality cards like the match attax type we are dealing with here.

3) Shop smart! Do not go on ebay thinking 'look there is a rare card on sale at a good price. Despite it not being from my team I will buy it and put it a way!' This is just wasting your money as you are not getting any benifit out of the deal except parting with cash.

4) You do not have to collect the entire set! It is obvious that match attax is easier to collect as a set than perhaps other collections such as rugby league collections in Australia. However if you are wasting your money it is simply enough to ensure you have every card from just yoour favourite team. This does reduce a substantial amount of wasted money on cards you sometimes do not even want.

So, please do take these tips into consideration as well as the fact that cards really are just pieces of cardboard the next time you part with cash for cards.
Thanks again for the comp T- Man! Good luck to all!
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Hi t-man, heres my entry:

I started collecting Match Attax at the age of 9, 2007/2008 series. The way that i knew about them was when i went to mosque, and i used to trade a few pens for a few base cards. Then one day i went to the town centre, and i went into Martins and found football cards. I was really into football. I was a Manchester United supporter then and my favourite player was Ryan Giggs. So i bought a few packets of Match Attax andf in my first pack i has Gary McCsheffery Man Of The Match. I stared at it and loved it. I have really enjoyed opening the packs! Some i get are phenomenal! The different designs on the match attax cards are great, and the card ratings are bang on! Since 2008, i have bought appriximately 350+ packs one season for 3 seasons. I have bought loads of merchandise of match attax, such as:

Boxes of Match Attax and eXtra
Collector Guides
Starter Packs
Mega Tins
And lots more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have also been trading on this magnificent site, and thanks to members, i have completed loads of sets including:

Match Attax 07/08 Extra
Match Attax 07/08 ( 5 LE to go)
Match Attax 08/09 Extra ( Excluding Unreleased LE's and Giggs)
Match Attax 08/09
Match Attac 09/10
Match Attax 09/10 extra
Match Attax England
Match Attax 10/11 Extra. ( Excluding Lampard and Arteta LE)
Match Attax 10/11 (86 Cards to go)

Unfortunately i have not been to any events, because the events are too far from my place, about 50 miles, but soon i will go. I really want to swap with other people, and win the master card!

I have really enjoyed collecting Match Attax, and i will collect all of the next seasons and will hope to complete all seasons. big]
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My entry:

Match Attax. How successful has it been? Since it's introductory collection in 07/08, it has flourished. As an Australian collector, I've experienced the highs and lows of collecting an international trading card collection, and in this article, I would like to show you how it's been collecting Match Attax through every season as a collector down under.....

Match Attax 07/08
My first season of collecting football cards. I found out about Match Attax online and was hoping, without expecting, my local newsagent would have them. My newsagent didn't even know what Premier League was, let alone Match Attax. So I tried online and ordered about 25 packs. That was as far as it got for me in terms of buying packs. I had nowhere or nobody to trade with, and I gave up collecting at about Christmas time.

Match Attax 08/09
This season was better for me. My local newsagent didn't sell it, but a newsagent about 20 minutes away did. I managed to convince my friend to buy them as well, and he did. And guess who that friend is today....marylewitmendes, FCF member and 2011 World Championships semi-finalist! He was the only person to trade with, but it was better than nothing. One thing I did notice though was the packets were $2 at my newsagent, when the packs retailed for 50p. Thats about 75c, so I realised I was getting ripped off buying packs from the newsagent. Shame I only realised that about the same time as I decided to stop buying packs. I ended up with about 80% of base and star players, around 25 motms, no hundred clubs, and 2 LE's, Torres and Miller.

Match Attax 09/10

The first time I entered the tournaments. This was the year Match Attax made significant progress here in Australia, many of my local newsagents sold it, and there were Australian tournaments! But after learning about last years pack-buying rip off, I ordered 50 packs off ebay. I got about 5 people at school to collect Match Attax, so I had people to trade with for once! I bought all the merchandise, (tin, collector, starter pack) and was really happy with my collection progress. I thought Hundred Clubs were ultra-rare. I thought they were 1 in 100 packs (which they may be?), so I bidded in many Ebay auctions for HC's and won a Gerrard Hundred Club for about 5 pounds. I treasured that card, and used it in my team at the Australian Tournaments. I got to the final 4 of my State tournament, but lost in the semi-final due to some cheating from my opponent (used a manager from a different club). I finished with 99% of base, all i-cards, around 30 motms and 4 LE's.

Match Attax 10/11

The collection where Match Attax grew up in Australia. There was a Match Attax Australia website and Facebook page, and most newsagent's were selling all the merchandise. I also joined footballcardsforum in 10/11, and thus opened the trading caper. I was a little skeptical at first about trading through the internet to strangers, but it turned out to be extremely successful for me. Starter Packs here in Australia were gold. WHen I first bought a starter pack, I thought the Limited Edition in it was the same one you got around the world. I was wrong. This started "Cahill Corporated". I traded about 25 Cahill LE's from the starter packs to international members, and reaped in the rewards. It cost me 5 Aussie dollars for a starter pack, and I usually got about 15 Aussie dollars worth in cards. The tournaments were big for me, extremely big. I had perfected my team and entered one of the Victorian State tournaments and won without in hiccups. Then came the National's. I was greeted at Chadstone Shopping Centre with a 2011 Regional Heats card which I later sold. I won all my group stage matches and the semi-final and then was...the Final. The game that would decide if I went to England. I lost to marylewitmendes. I was devastated, it's my lifelong dream to go to England, but at least I left with a 2011 Silver Regional Finalist card in my hands (I later sold this as well). I have completed the collection, including LE's, and I am very proud with that effort. All those years stuggling to even complete all the base, and now I suddenly complete everything. Massive season of collecting and playing the game for me.

Well thats my story, hope you really enjoyed it. Match Attax has grown immensely here in Australia, and i'm proud to have experienced the journey. Now, if only Match Attax Extra was sold here.......
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