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Match Attax Flashback...

So, after this season’s swap and play tour, I had a think to myself. I had finished my last year of being able to play in the tournaments and after competing for the last time, I had a reality check. I thought to myself whether to give up collecting Match Attax all together. However, what is going to prevent me from doing this is the collecting side of the collection. Year after year, collecting the cards, comparing stats and trying to make the best team is the best part of it. The atmosphere when attending swap and play tours is brilliant, from the little children wanting to have fun to the serious collectors that are there to finish the collections.
I have been collecting Match Attax since they first started right back in 2007. Since then, I have enjoyed witnessing the collections grow, watching more people get involved with the set, and most of all, I’ve enjoyed being a part of the Match Attax community.
I didn’t start attending swap and play tours until the 09/10 season. This was when I began to compete in the World Championships. This was my first try at actually playing the game, so I wasn’t very confident. However, I got into the Regional Finals and won my silver card. Then, i managed to make it to the last 8, where I was eliminated. However, going into the 10/11 season, i was more confident on how to play the game. As I went through the years, I gained more knowledge on the game and what tactics I could use and when to use them. The 10/11 season was probably my worst in my opinion. Even though I won another Silver card at the London event, I got knocked out in the last 32 as I made some silly mistakes during the game because my ego got the better of me...
Going into the 11/12 season, I needed a reality check after what happened at the end of the 10/11 season. So, I decided to go to the Launch Tour, meet some people and compete for the Master card. In doing so, I managed to win the Master card first time of asking, 7-4 was the score. Usually, what happens every year for me is that after the Launch Tour, I already have most of the collection, so I give it a break until late February, early March as this is usually the time period where news of Match Attax Extra begins to surface. So, early March came by and Match Attax extra had actually come out early, so i bought a big bundle of Extra packs and didn’t open them until a week til the event. The event came by and even though I had a team, I didn’t really feel confident about competing in the tournaments. However, I still competed and was able to win my 3rd Regional Finalist card and make it into the last 8 before being eliminated to a close game at 6-5..
After a decent season, I was fully prepared to do well at the 12/13 swap and play tour. This year’s swap and play tour was by far the best that I have attended. I was pretty hyped for this event as after this event, under rules, I would no longer be allowed to play in the tournaments. So, after a few matches, I managed to claim my fourth and final Regional Finalist card. The Regional Finals this day were well done. All the finalists in West Brom all deserved to be there and it was the best group of finalists you would want to play. I managed to make it to the last 4 when I got eliminated by runner up Joe.
In my opinion, I ended my playing career on a high note. I was glad to be a Regional Finalist 4 years in a row. But, all the people I have met and spoken to over the past 4 years have been great and I will continue to go to events for the foreseeable future. Even though I can’t compete in the tournaments, I will still make a team for when I go to events, so I can play friendly matches with other collectors. There is more to do than just competing in the tournaments.

So, question to all footballcardsforum users, what are your ‘Match Attax Flashbacks’?