List of Signed RARE 13/14 cards?

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February 22nd, 2015, 12:32 pm #1

Does anyone have a full list of the rare cards? Authentic signed ones by Topps?

I've got Wilshere 100 club, Wilshere Sport Relief and Ashley Young. But I'm sure before I saw they released Vertonghen and some others? Plus some legend cards? I can't seem to find a list....

Any help appreciated!
I have a number of signed Match Attax cards for sale including

13/14: Ashley Young, Wilshere Sport Relief and Wilshere 100 Club
World Cup 14: Joe Hart, Vlaar, Paulinho, Wilshere standard, Wilshere MOTM with sticker on signature & Wilshere MOTM without sticker signature
14/15: Olivier Giroud MOTM card

Pm if interested & discounts available for buying multiple cards