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August 28th, 2012, 4:19 pm #1

So guys as I don't particularly collect base players my WishList is not tha big but here it is for people who want to trade me :).

Regional Heats Cards (All)

Match Attax 2007/08
Ronaldo MoTM

Match Attax 2008/09
Arteta LE
Torres Star Player

Match Attax 2009/10
Van Persie LE
John Terry HC
Petr Check HC

Match Attax 10/11
All LE's
All HC's
All MOTM's

Match attax 11/12
All Golden Moments

Match attax 2008/09 eXtra
All Hat-Trick Heros
JO Star Signing
John Terry Club Captain
All LE's

Match attax 2007/08 Tin
Match attax 2008/09 Tin
Any Sale Posters
Match attax bag (Will give big for it ::)

My Trade List can be found here if needed ... 137/1/#new