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I usually collect AFL cards in Australia but decided to try a case of Futera Unique.
Here's the contents of the case I opened.

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Mata combo auto Chelsea jersey
Welbeck auto
MYTH055 Alan Hansen 1/5 diamond Scotland/1982 WC programme
MYTH075 Maradona 3/5 Boca jersey
MYTH098 Raul 5/5 Real Madrid jersey
MYTH141 Walter Zenga 5/5 Italy jersey
Myth163 Giovanni Trapattoni 1/5 diamond Italy/ 2002 WC programme
Memostars triple 15 card set
MT01 Beckenbauer 03/17 NY Cosmos/Bayern Munich jerseys
MT03 Joel Campbell 17/17 Arsenal jerseys/shorts
MT09 Maradona 03/17 Boca/Barca jerseys & Argentina socks
Kitcard 25 card set
KC18 Ozil 27/32 Germany/Arsenal jerseys
Matchday 25 card set
MDY01 Aguero 12/32 Man City jersey/programme
MDY04 Benzema 15/32 Real Madrid jersey/programme
MDY15 Muller 15/32 Germany jersey/programme
MDY16 Neuer 07/32 Bayern jersey/programme
Versus 25 card set
VS04 Casillas/Buffon 40/49 Spain shorts/Juventus jersey
VS10 Hart/Neuer 17/49 Man City/Bayern jerseys
VS14 Lahm/Cole 14/49 Germany jersey/England shorts
VS17 Pele/Cruyff 45/49 Brazil /LA Aztecs jerseys
VS18 Platini/Maradona 22/49 St Etienne/Boca jerseys
VS23 Silva/Kompany 27/49 AC Milan/Man City jerseys
Then and Now 16 card set
TN05 Di Maria 50/55 Argentina jerseys
TN12 Ozil 40/55 Germany/Arsenal jerseys
TN15 C Ronaldo 14/55 Man Utd/Real Madrid jerseys
TN15 C Ronaldo 45/55 Man Utd/Real Madrid jerseys
TN16 Schweinsteiger 27/55 Bayern/Germany jerseys
National Heroes 25 card set
NH02 Bale/Giggs 12/50 Tottenham/Man Utd jerseys
NH03 Luiz/Silva 39/50 Brazil /Arsenal jerseys
NH06 Chiellini/Baresi 03/50 Italy jerseys
NH06 Chiellini/Baresi 09/50 Italy jerseys
NH07 Coutinho/Bebeto 23/50 Vasco/Brazil jerseys
NH08 De Rossi/Gattuso 19/50 Italy/AC Milan jerseys
NH15 Neymar/Ronaldo 03/50 Brazil/AC Milan jerseys
NH16 Oscar/Zico 21/50 Chelsea/Kashima jerseys
NH24 Van Persie/Bergkamp 31/50 Arsenal jerseys
NH24 Van Persie/Bergkamp 43/50 Arsenal jerseys
Incredibles autos and mem 23 card set
INC15 Lukaku 19/25 Everton programme
INC18 Sakho 7/20 Liverpool programme
Memorable autos and mem 9 card set
MEMA04 Benteke 11/30 Aston Villa jersey
MEMA05 Eriksen 29/30 Tottenham jersey
Triumph autos and mem 21 card set
TR12 Firmino 2/35 Brazil match ball
TR18 Schweinsteiger 33/35 Bayern jersey
Majestic auto 27 card set
MJ08 Kone 5/35 Ivory Coast
MJ08 Kone 21/35 Ivory Coast
MJ12 Besic 34/40 Bosnia
MJ16 Okazaki 27/35 Japan
MJ25 Ighalo 21/25 Nigeria
Superstars 50 card set
SS02 Alaba 19/59 Bayern jersey
SS03 Alves 24/59 Brazil jersey
SS08 Best 07/59 Legends jersey
SS13 Costa 14/59 Chelsea jersey
SS15 Eriksen 16/59 Tottenham jersey
SS16 Fabregas 06/59 Arsenal jersey
SS20 Henry 18/59 NY Red Bulls jersey
SS22 Ibrahimovic 06/59 Ajax jersey
SS27 Maradona 07/59 Boca jersey
SS30 Messi 15/59 Argentina jersey
SS32 Muller 54/59 Germany jersey
SS35 Oscar 46/59 Chelsea jersey
SS36 Ozil 42/59 Germany jersey
SS41 C Ronaldo 34/59 Real Madrid jersey
SS46 Suarez 56/59 Liverpool jersey
SS48 Trezeguet 13/59 France jersey
Memorable 50 card set
MEM01 Aguero 27/99 Man City jersey/programme
MEM02 Bale 32/99 Tottenham jersey/programme
MEM05 Berezutski 84/99 CSKA Moscow jersey/programme
MEM06 Bergkamp 61/99 Arsenal jersey/programme
MEM09 Cantona 32/99 Man Utd jersey/programme
MEM18 Giggs 24/99 Man Utd jersey/programme
MEM18 Giggs 68/99 Man Utd jersey/programme
MEM18 Giggs 73/99 Man Utd jersey/programme
MEM21 Hazard 26/99 Chelsea jersey/programme
MEM21 Hazard 52/99 Chelsea jersey/programme
MEM22 Ibrahimovic 34/99 Ajax jersey/programme
MEM24 Kanu 76/99 West Brom jersey/programme
MEM27 Lampard 29/99 Man City jersey/programme
MEM27 Lampard 84/99 Man City jersey/programme
MEM31 Neuer 34/99 Bayern jersey/programme
MEM32 Oscar 34/99 Chelsea jersey/programme
MEM33 Ozil 50/99 Germany jersey/programme
MEM33 Ozil 62/99 Germany jersey/programme
MEM36 Ribery 31/99 France jersey/programme
MEM46 Suarez 04/99 Liverpool jersey/programme
Heritage 75 card set
HT02 Baresi 44/50 Italy
HT04 Beckenbauer 48/50 Germany
HT09 Cantona 10/50 France
HT09 Cantona 32/50 France
HT12 Dalglish 04/50 Scotland
HT21 Hagi 36/50 Romania
HT21 Hagi 40/50 Romania
HT33 Papin 20/50 France
HT37 Raul 33/50 Spain
HT42 Rossi 02/50 Italy
HT48 Zidane 46/50 France
HT50 Zola 43/50 Italy
HT52 Alaba 26/50 Austria
HT60 Lewandowski 42/50 Poland
HT68 Pogba 14/50 France
HT69 Rakitic 36/50 Croatia
HT71 Rodriguez 03/50 Colombia
HT71 Rodriguez 15/50 Colombia
HT74 Suarez 33/50 Uruguay
Silver parallel 120 card set
012 Godin 17/21 Uruguay
026 T Silva 10/21 Brazil
033 Blind 14/21 Netherlands
054 Schurrle 03/21 Germany
062 Bacca 04/21 Colombia
076 Kane 06/21 England
078 Lukaku 01/21 Belgium
103 Cafu 19/21 Brazil
105 Crespo 02/21 Argentina
107 Figo 01/21 Portugal
111 Nedved 16/21 Czech Republic
Gold parallel 120 card set
052 Reus 04/11 Germany
056 D Silva 04/11 Spain
070 Griezmann 07/11 France
085 C Ronaldo 04/11 Portugal
090 Van Persie 05/11 Netherlands
091 Calhanoglu 07/11 Turkey
108 Roy Keane 03/11 Republic of Ireland
Base sets

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Could I look the photo of INC18 Sakho 7/20 Liverpool programme?
Liverpool FC 1998 -.....
FC Spartak Moscow 1995-.....

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How do I post a photo?

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At first you have to upload the picture to any picture holder site. When you push "add reply" here ----"image" and paste the link three.
Liverpool FC 1998 -.....
FC Spartak Moscow 1995-.....

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great!! THX
Liverpool FC 1998 -.....
FC Spartak Moscow 1995-.....

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Slowly putting together some subsets - Cards needed below

MEM22 Zlatan Ibrahimovic Sweden
MEM37 Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal
MEM47 Davor Suker Croatia
MEM49 Arsene Wenger France

SS01 Sergio Aguero Argentina
SS04 Roberto Baggio Italy
SS05 Gareth Bale Wales
SS09 Jerome Boateng Germany
SS12 Giorgio Chiellini Italy
SS14 Angel Di Maria Argentina
SS18 Mario Gotze Germany
SS24 Toni Kroos Germany
SS25 Philip Lahm Germany
SS26 Robert Lewandowski Poland
SS33 Manuel Neuer Germany
SS36 Mesut Ozil Germany
SS37 Pele Brazil
SS38 Gerard Pique Spain
SS40 Arjen Robben Netherlands
SS42 Alexis Sanchez Chile
SS43 Bastian Schweinsteiger Germany
SS47 Carlos Tevez Argentina
SS49 Xavi Spain
SS50 Zinedine Zidane France

National Heroes
NH01 Sergio Aguero & Diego Maradona Argentina
NH04 Karim Benzema & Eric Cantona France
NH07 Philippe Coutinho & Ronaldinho Brazil
NH11 Juan Mata & Xavi Spain
NH12 Lionel Messi & Mario Kempes Argentina
NH13 Luka Modric & Davor Suker Croatia
NH14 Thomas Muller & Gerd Muller Germany
NH17 Franck Ribery & Michel Platini France
NH19 Cristiano Ronaldo & Luis Figo Portugal
NH21 Alexis Sanchez & Ivan Zamerano Chile
NH23 Wesley Sneijder & Johan Cruyff Netherlands
NH25 Christian Eriksen & Michael Laudrup Denmark

Then and Now
TN04 Martin Demichelis Argentina
TN06 Mario Gotze Germany
TN08 Andres Iniesta Spain
TN10 Lionel Messi Argentina
TN11 Neymar Brazil

VS01 Gareth Bale & Arjen Robben Wales & Netherlands
VS07 Angel Di Maria & Wesley Sneijder Argentina & Netherlands
VS09 Ryan Giggs & Dennis Bergkamp Wales & Netherlands
VS11 Eden Hazard & Andres Iniesta Belgium & Spain
VS13 Sergei Ignashevich & Giorgio Chiellini Russia & Italy
VS19 Romario & Mario Kempes Brazil & Argentina
VS20 Cristiano Ronaldo & Neymar Portugal & Brazil
VS22 David Silva & Oscar Spain & Brazil
VS25 Arsene Wenger & Jose Mourinho France & Portugal

Dual Memostars

MD01 Dennis Bergkamp Netherlands
MD02 Cesc Fabregas Spain
MD03 Gennaro Gattuso Italy
MD05 Manuel Neuer Germany
MD06 Pele Brazil
MD08 Wayne Rooney England
MD09 Alexis Sanchez Chile
MD10 Zico Brazil

Triple Memostars

MT02 David Beckham England
MT04 Eric Cantona France
MT05 Mathieu Debuchy France
MT06 Joe Hart England
MT07 Zlatan Ibrahimovic Sweden
MT08 Andres Iniesta Spain
MT10 Lionel Messi Argentina
MT11 James Milner England
MT12 Neymar Brazil
MT13 Mesut Ozil Germany
MT14 Gerard Pique Spain
MT15 Xavi Spain


KC01 David Beckham England
KC02 Dennis Bergkamp Netherlands
KC04 Philippe Coutinho Brazil
KC08 William Gallas France
KC09 Thierry Henry France
KC11 Zlatan Ibrahimovic Sweden
KC12 Frank Lampard England
KC14 Diego Maradona Argentina
KC15 Marcelo Brazil
KC16 Lionel Messi Argentina
KC18 Mesut Ozil Germany
KC19 Pele Brazil
KC20 Andrea Pirlo Italy
KC21 Aaron Ramsey Wales
KC22 Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal
KC23 David Trezeguet France
KC25 Zinedine Zidane France


MDY02 Franz Beckenbauer Germany
MDY03 George Best Northern Ireland
MDY05 Dennis Bergkamp Netherlands
MDY06 Fabio Cannavaro Italy
MDY07 Christian Eriksen Denmark
MDY08 Samuel Eto'o Cameroon
MDY09 Cesc Fabregas Spain
MDY10 Ryan Giggs Wales
MDY11 Mario Gotze Germany
MDY12 Zlatan Ibrahimovic Sweden
MDY14 Mario Kempes Argentina
MDY15 Thomas Muller Germany
MDY16 Manuel Neuer Germany
MDY17 Oscar Brazil
MDY18 Mesut Ozil Germany
MDY19 Pele Brazil
MDY20 Franck Ribery France
MDY21 Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal
MDY22 David Silva Spain
MDY23 Wesley Sneijder Netherlands
MDY24 David Trezeguet France
MDY25 Nemanja Vidic Serbia

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I have

MDY03 George Best Northern Ireland
MDY24 David Trezeguet France

KC04 Philippe Coutinho Brazil (Good patch)
Russia Moscow

http://s13.zetaboards.com/Football_Card ... 617/1/#new

Bad trade: alves28