free match attax extra pack with motd

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March 5th, 2013, 9:34 pm #1

the motd mag just came out and inside at the next week bit there is going to be 1 match attax extra preview pack cards shown were

ba ss
sturidge ss

holtby new signing
sissoko new signing

the release date defiantly 14th of march which is next thursday and the release date for this mag is next tuesday

which should including the trophy card

hatrick heros : bale , van persie

luiz and hernandez are limited editions a few ore to come

1£ packs
50 packs in a box
starter pack £4.99
multipack £5.00
tin most probably £10.00

feel free to say who you think the hundred club will be sorry if u don't want to read this and you already know about it's just for the people who don't know any more news i would be happy to know cheers :cheers