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101 Card
101 Card
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October 29th, 2011, 5:44 pm #1

I am currently looking to trade for a lot of Match Attax Limited Editions:

Match Attax 07 08 (Including Extra) Limited Editions needed:
T Rosicky
S Petrov
R Santa Cruz
J McFadden
F Malouda
N Anelka
T Cahill
S Ireland
C Tevez
M Viduka
S Muntari
M Noble

Match Attax 08 09 Limited Editions Needed:
J Jenas
O Martins
M Arteta
D Kitson
I Miller

Match Attax 08 09 Extra Limited Editions Needed:
C Bellamy
C Cudicini
E Hadj Diouf

Match Attax 09 10 (including Extra) Limited Editions Needed:
J Carew
W Gallas
J Milner

Items struck through I am trading for.