***Expired*** Futera Unique 2016 offer

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August 20th, 2016, 10:54 am #1

Massive thanks once again to Futera for another fantastic FCF member offer. Futera have done themselves proud with the latest Unique collection so don't miss your chance to get hold of a discounted pack or box!


Offer closing date: Monday 22nd August 1000hrs GMT (or earlier if offer stock sold out)

1 Display Box Offer OR Pack Offer per Member household while Offer stocks last. Members can choose to pay by PAYPAL in £s or USD$ as per prices shown.

PACK OFFER - Pack RRP USD$79 / £60
FCF Member Special Offer price USD$65 / £49 + p&p
* Every pack includes a Memorabilia Card or other rare Insert plus up to 12 Base Set cards

* In addition to a Memorabilia card, some packs include either a gold-foiled unique numbered Heritage card from a limited run of 50 sets featuring players from the 1950s through to current day superstars, or a rare Main Set Parallel card from a limited run set of either 'of 11' or 'of 21' (insert ratio of Heritage and Parallel cards 1:4 packs averaged across the production run).
* PLUS Members will receive an Archive pack of Futera UNIQUE cards from an historic release.

- Display Box RRP USD$299
FCF Member Special Offer price USD$235 / £175 + p&p
* Display Box = 4 packs.

* 1 on-card signed Autograph card or other rare Insert per Display Box. An insert may be a rare 'Mythicals' memorabilia card in gold-plated frame with diamond (only 5 'Mythicals' sets produced); a '1 of 1' Production Set booklet with printers plate and elements taken from production processes of the featured card; or a '1 of 1' gold-plated framed Autograph or COMBO Auto + Memorabilia card or '1 of 1' Threads Autograph or COMBO Threads Autograph + Memorabilia card in gold-plated frame.

Please add p&p: International shipping is by international airmail 'signed for' delivery service

Pack = USD$7/£5, Display Box = USD$11/£8.


Email info@futera.com with the type of Offer you would like to apply for. Successful applicants will receive an email shortly following the Offer closing with ‘how to pay’ details. Offer subject to availability while Offer stocks lasts.


* Offers are open to existing Football Cards Forum Members only. You must be an already-registered FCF Member to be eligible to purchase and provide your membership number with your application email.

* Purchases Limited to just one of either the Pack or Display Box Offer per current Member household.

* Bonus archive packs are from UNIQUE 2011 or 2012 and will be provided randomly.

* For all Offers, priority will be given to those who missed out on previous FCF Offers.

* Offer subject to availability while Offer stocks lasts and offer may be amended or withdrawn without notice. Ratios are averages across an entire production run and as such as not guaranteed to appear in any particular pack/box/minicase/case. Please refer to full terms for purchase and offers at www.futera.com.