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Even though the Adrenalyn XL Süper Gol Collection was released a few months ago, I have decided to post about it now, because I have got enough information to make a proper thread on the collection.

The collection released in late March/early April, has 101 cards - 60 of which are base cards. It includes 9 insert subsets - in total 41 cards. The collection has 12 Limited Edition cards. The collection consists of the three best teams in the Turkish Süper Lig.

The subsets are:
  • 60 Base Cards - Standart Kart
  • 3 Club Badges - Logo
  • 6 Rising Stars - Genç Yetenek
  • 9 Fans' Favorites - Taraftarın Gözdesi
  • 3 Goalkeepers - Kaleci
  • 9 Key Players - Kilit Oyuncu
  • 3 Double Troubles - Süper İkili
  • 3 Legendary Players - Efsane Oyuncu
  • 3 Inventivenesses - Yaratıcı Oyuncu
  • 2 Checklist Cards - Checklist
Unlike many collections, Süper Gol 2014-15 has 2 checklist cards, which are mini versions of the checklists found on the inside covers of the binder. I will try to upload scans of the checklist cards later - here is a scan of the inside of the front binder cover:

The products released for the collection are:
  • Multipack with 3 Packs + Play Pitch (18 Cards)
  • Multipack with 6 Packs + Limited Edition Card (37 Cards)
  • Starter Pack with Binder, 3 Packs, Play Pitch, Game Rules, Play Pitch and a Limited Edition Card
  • Collectors Tin with 9 Packs + Limited Edition Card (55 Cards)
  • Şut ve Gol Magazine + 2 Packs
The packs each have 6 players in them, each costing 3.00 Turkish Liras. The display has 50 packs, worth 150.00 Liras. Starter Packs cost 27.50 Liras. The small multipack costs around 10 Liras (I think), and the larger one about 20. The tin cost about the same as the starter pack.

Here is a scan from a page in the Şut ve Gol magazine, displaying varios cards from the collection, belonging to Fenerbahçe. Many thanks to Ali on, for providing this image:

What has caught my attention is that the Süper Gol 2014-15 cards look very much like their Polish counterparts Ekstraklasa, and last seasons's Süpet Gol cards looked like their Champions League counterparts (from the same season). Proably because Panini hasn't really bothered to design anything new.

More updates to come..