2 Gold Ferdinands

Limited Edition
Limited Edition
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November 19th, 2011, 1:35 am #1

At the match attax launch tour I was chatting to one of the masters about the gold ferdindnd and enquired if it had been found.
He said that it had only been claimed the previous week, (would have been somewhere around the end of october)

Apparently a little guy got it and took it to school where a bigger guy took it off him. A couple of weeks later they realised what they had and couldnt get it back.
The mother of the little guy wrote to topps and somehow (dont know how) were able to prove that he had it. The prize for the 1st card was never claimed by the guy who nicked it off the kid a school so the little guy who got it originally was given the prize to meet Ferdinand and A REPLACEMENT CARD. There are therefore 2 GOLD FERDINANDS IN CIRCULATION SOMEWHERE!!!

I know it sounds a bit of a story but it came from the mouth of one of topps masters.