Simple safety courses by IOSH

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IOSH or institution of occupational health and safety is a globally recognised organisation for health and safety professionals. iosh offers training courses such as working safely and managing safely. Working safely is intended for all employees and it improves the safety culture within organisations. The training course includes identifying hazards and risks in work, controlling hazards and identifying the causes of accidents. The course will provide information on basic risk assessment principles. It also encourages the workers to work safely. It is possible to recommend safety measures within the organisation. Managing safely is another training course intended for managers and supervisors of any organisation. The course contents include assessing and controlling risks, identifying hazards and investigating accidents. Employers should ensure that their employees attend these courses. These training courses improve the safety culture within the organisation. IOSH has many memberships including Chartered Fellow (CFIOSH), Chartered member (CMIOSH) and graduate member (Grad IOSH).IOSH has several thousands of members, most of them are chartered safety and health practitioners. Courses accredited by IOSH are popular in many countries across the world. IOSH issues certificates for working safely and managing safely after the completion of the courses. These certificates are valid in many countries as IOSH accredits courses in many countries across the globe. It is important to assess safety factors and the causes of accidents in any industry, these courses ensure safety within organisations. Several measures can be adapted to improve safety based on these courses.[B][I]

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