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Looks like we're sort of slowing down to almost dragging speeds here, and it's really awful for me to see, but as much as I wanna try to get as active as I was before my arm pain is just not getting any better. So I've got all these threads that are months and months old, some years old, that are at a standstill mostly because I can't devote the time I should to the longer replies I love to give. I'm asking ya'll to reply here in regards to these threads telling me if you're all right with any of the following:
  • Accepting much shorter replies (1-2 paragraphs) so I can reply faster (you're also allowed to shorten your replies to me to keep it moving)
  • Closing our older threads with us agreeing on a short summary of the events we didn't get to play out (ideal for any of the threads that have been around for so long that we've lost all steam for them) so we can start new plots or threads instead (even some in the Timeturner that we meant to play out sooner)

If you're not all right with either of those that's okay, just be aware that my responses are going to stay as slow as they are now haha. I just want to be able to move all of our plots forward if possible so we can liven the place up a little more. <3 Here's a list of threads I have with everyone here divided by the people I have them with, some of which I owe replies for and some of which you owe replies for! Just lemme know what you're comfortable with! And let me know if I'm missing any of our threads on here!


Painfully Quiet - Claire and James
What Did I Get Myself Into? - Cassie and Rigby and Mariela
Curiosity - Cassie and Mariela


Tap Your Feet - Aron and Ross
Very Special Three Amigos - Aron and Fitz and Ross
Where Did The Party Go? - Aron and Fitz and Ross
Dirty Dealings - Aron and Mariela
Skin on Skin - Rigby and Mariela
What Did I Get Myself Into? - Rigby and Cassie and Mariela
Young Volcanoes - Gregory and Christian
Isn't That Curious? - Gregory and Phoenix


Lighthouse - Magdalene and Zacharias
A Dark Congregation - Magdalene and Percy


Feint - Marius and Zacharias
Ides of March - Melania and Zacharias
Death and Money - Marius and Zacharias
Gotta Steal to Live - Delia and James
Nights I'll Never Remember - Fitz and Ross
Very Special Three Amigos - Fitz and Aron and Ross
Where Did The Party Go? - Fitz and Aron and Ross


Impudence - William and Lucius


Paintball Express - Astoria and Zacharias
First Impressions - Lelantos and Zacharias
Dreams That Shouldn't Be - Astoria and Lucius
Hidden Secrets - Astoria and James


The Inevitable Decline - Dante and James

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I certainly don't mind shortening replies for James and Dante. As long as we keep it going! I really need to get back to replies though. Hopefully this week

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I am all about things picking back up, so short replies are mostly a-okay for me. I think Tap Your Feet is just about to wrap up anyway, as is DD, so we can hurry those along. All of our multiple person threads really need to be sped because they have been dormant so long. You know I love me some long posts, but it is more important to have active threads.

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I'm more than happy moving our threads to the archive, most are all but dead anyway. I would like to finish "First Impressions" the most, I was having fun in that but up to you. Moving forward with character's and new character's I think would be interesting anyway. Keep in mind I struggle making short replies but if I make long ones do not feel the need to match it by any means just post your short replies, I have no issue with that.

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Oh, hahaha, awks. I see you're going to archive Ilianora, but we talked about this before in a trillion times past, and I made this thread for her and Michelle, but if we don't want to do it, that's cool with me and we can just act like Michelle got help and that she totally knows what she's doing with her trainwreck of a life or something and we'll do something with Michelle and Alexander some time, some day I dunno.

also hi i still exist and my semester ends in a month and maybe things will actually happen here whoops. i'm so lucky y'all are patient with me, haha.

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I don't mind shorter posts in the slightest. If I happen to make a long one because I get carried away, you are not obligated to do so. :]

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Im fine summing up the pack thread if that helps

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Oh shiiiiit I totally didn't notice this thread like A MONTH AGO good job Haide but omg I! Don't mind shorter replies! I love our threads beb. If you feel like dropping either of them though let me know, I don't mind moving onto greener pastures!
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I think feint is done. I think I can archive that. I will look at the rest and tell you what i want to do. I totally understand your replies might be shorter than usual. It's fine i know you are busy.