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Friends are a little difficult for Collin, as he doesn't always understand the lines between them. Some friends it's okay to sleep with, some it isn't. Some friends will tell you their secrets, and some will tell his. He can't always tell the difference, so he tends to be a little withdrawn. If someone can get past that and deal with it, though, he's loyal until he dies.


He likes to think there aren't many enemies in his life, now that He Who Must Not Be Named was defeated. If he has any enemies now, he hopes they're there because of his personality, and not what he stands for.


Lovers are hard to quantify. Is a lover someone he's slept with? Because that would mean there are plenty. Is a lover someone that he feels deeply for? If that's true, he's never had one before. But wait, friendship could be felt deeply. Would that mean he'd had a few?

No matter the definition used, Collin doesn't keep lovers long. Eventually, they grow tired of his emotional distance and he lets them go because he isn't cruel enough to make them stay.

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Claire &Collins

Okay I think she would be patient enough to be friend Ashe just need a friend like him

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Ava & Collin

What's that? Two emotionally distant people that like to hook up with people they feel kinship with? Does he like hanging out in the woods? Because she will totally show him the best places to hang out in the woods. And probably sleep with him.

Corvus & Collin

A cute little trash baby that likes books and being a bartender. Something could totally start there. And Cor is so far in denial about being hopelessly infatuated with Christian Davies that he'll do just about anything to forget he has feelings for a while.

Stellan & Collin

"Friends totally pay friends for sex, right? C'mon, bud, we're friends. What's some money between friends? Seriously, pay up I have a poker game tomorrow."
-Stellan to Collin at some point probably