Hogsmeade is the only entirely wizarding village in Britain. It is made up of little cottages and an assortment of shops to visit (detailed here). On certain Saturdays throughout the school year, Hogwarts students (in their third year or above) are allowed to spend time here.

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As Rigby listens to Fitz recall the process of landing a gig as the world's most unlikely stripper in bemused silence, offering little noises of understanding where appropriate. It's a ridiculous story. Absolutely mad. Had he not known Fitz as he did, he may have even thought that he was lying.

But he knew Fitz, knew that this sort of story was something that only the very close and privileged were told. The recounting seemed awkward, almost embarrassed, despite how casual his tone was. This was probably something of a black mark Fitz's mind, the unspeakable shenanigans that he had managed to get into while in America. If Rigby were a right bastard he could black mail him with this shit. But he wasn't and he wouldn't.

No, Rigby just thought it was fucking hilarious.

"You managed to accidentally become a stripper." The amusement in his tone was unmistakable and he couldn't help the light laugh that followed. "Who would have thought, Fitzwilliam? I never woulda pegged you for a stripper. Don't get me wrong, I can see it. I bet you were damn good at it too. Maybe someday you can show me your moves." He raised his eyebrows in a look that was meant to be suggestive, but always came off a little goofy on his face.

For a moment he found himself lost in the image of Fitz shaking his hips and arching a well-oiled back. It was almost enticing, save for the fact this was his best friend and he was primarily into women. Still...if he had to pick a dude...

"I'll assume you have more questions?"

And he did. He had so many questions. But there was one resounding in his mind that he couldn't keep at bay, couldn't help asking. One that was rooted so deep in his soul that he wasn't sure he could fend it off if he tried.

"Did you ever get a chance to see the desert while you were out there?" It slipped past his lips before it could be stopped and he tried to shrug it away without looking like the often-homesick fuck that he was. "That's where I grew up, man. Miss the shit out of it. There's a little pang in his insides and he searches his pockets for a cigarette on instinct.

"Do you...do you ever miss it? America, I mean. Ever think about going back? Shit, dude, where did you even live? And who did you move there with? Jesus, man, I can't believe you never told me about any of this." And he's laughing and the questions starting to spill out of him, but he can't help it. This new information is arguably the coolest and most ridiculous thing Fitz had told him, save for when he first found out that Fitz turned into a bear.