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30 Sep 2017, 14:14 #121

Thanks for the update.

It's difficult to tell how close (or far away) the product will be released from the posted images.

Surely, Sketchy can give us some feedback on the status of the VC textures.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to the completed project. Hopefully sooner rather than later.


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30 Oct 2017, 22:15 #122

This is looking great – it'll be worth the wait. The Firely featured MB444 is from 1771 squadron - the second operational Firefly squadron which formed up at Yeovilton in February 1944 then transferred in March 1944 to Burscough (HMS Ringtail). It saw action from June 1945 on board HMS Implacable attacking the Japanese mainland – Harima shipyard, Konega Bay, Koriyama & Matsushima airfields etc.

In the meantime there's a nice later mark (AS5 & AS6) of the Firefly by Doug Smith over at Sim-Outhouse. It's a bit old now, but it's a good model & does have an interactive cockpit:

There's a fix for the brake gauge by DarrenL here:

and a fix for the flyablility issues by the venerable Milton Shupe himself here:

and a transparent glass and prop fix here: