Idle with AC on

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Just took delivery of an 83 DR30 RS-X last week.
Curious how idle is adjusted when AC turns on or the additional load is compensated for. In the research I've done so far, my ISC (idle speed control) and the air regulator down on the block is still intact. My EGR has been deleted (although I'm not sure why that would effect idle). The issue I'm experiencing is when the AC compressor is on, the engine will idle if I maintain the throttle for a moment when stopped, it will then idle although low.

The primary issue is any throttle or change in revs at all and accelerator is let off the car will typically stall if the AC is on.The idle set screw operates as it should, it reacts quickly to adjustments and holds that idle, it just seems the idle is already set slightly high as it stands (1000rpm+. When the AC turns on there is a noticable drop in RPM, probably 200rpm or so. Any suggestions on how idle kicks up when AC is on? On my z32 there is an FICD that does this automatically. Am I looking in the wrong place by thinking this has somethign to do with idle control?