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Hello all. I have lurked the forum for years, but never really had a question until today, selfish, I know.

I'm thinking about digging out one of my old mothballed FJs from back in the day and doing a serious power build. Unfortunately, real documented power figures on the catastrophic end of the scale are hard to find. I see numbers tossed around and don't doubt they are true, but I really need to see some dyno graphs. Peak power is great and I need at least 600hp to make it worthwhile, I believe that's about 450kw, but what is more important is the area under the torque curve.

Were I sticking it in an R30 it wouldn't be so crucial, but this is a heavier car and spins a much more challenging drivetrain and it will offend everyone so there will be the constant need to fight for its honor so it needs a real deal stump puller not a screamer dyno queen. If I can't get the necessary torque it sort of becomes only cool for the oddity and I'm not interested enough to do it just for that.

If any of you kind folks have some dyno graphs of engines clocking over 450kw could you post them up? In the meantime I'll be digging up some on the other more common and new school candidates to compare them to. I'm only being ambiguous because I have all sorts of whacky ideas, most of them blow up in my face and I'm a little embarrassed at all the grandiose plans I announced in public that fizzled. This could be another one, but I hope not.

It's a pleasure to speak to you all and I hope I may be able to contribute to the forum in the future.