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i grew up in wareham dorset, immagrated in 1994, recently saw an ad for a 1975 fizzy, rekindled that passion i had when i was 16. Woke up early on my 16th hot and horny to ride my fizzy that i got from the bike breakers 3 months previous fo 50 quid. Had done all the stuff i'd heard about like setting the points with a rizla cover, putting a round file in a drill and hogging out the rotary disc etc...

Ran like sh!t but it ran, i was the envy of all me mates (they werent old enough yet). Got my tax disc i'm rollin.

Took a long time to get her running good, but after a few months and countless 65 bb kits i had the fastest one in town. Dropped bars, micron pipe, puch maxi cylinder head, all kinds of stuff we tried. Used to love blowing by dt 50's and ts 50x's. She'd do about 65mph down on the tank with a tail wind.

Ah, the good old days.

Had to have an RD 80LC next then a mark 1 125 LC with a 175bb then an RZ350.

Now living in Guelph,Canada riding an RZ 500 tricked out, working on a fuel injected h2. Teaching up and coming motorcycle technicians at Conestoga college Own and operate Matt's Motorcycles.

I owe it all to that little yamaha and ronnie ring ding.
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Matt's Motorcycles Guelph Ontario Canada Servicing, mods, and parts for all metric motorcycles http://mattsmotorcycles.com/
Owned bikes; Fs1-e RD80lc mk1 RD 125 lc RZ 350 currently RZ 500 FS1-C RZ 350 IT 465 YZ 490 TDR 250
Moved to canada from uk in '94
Canadian '75 FS1-C mad b.astard mobile http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GT_Uv4UGFqA
Professor of motorcycle and power sport vehicles Conestoga College Guelph Canada