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Interests Hello, I am new to this fandom. I have discovered Watership Down in the year of 2016, and I am completely in love with it, and I want to become more involved in the fandom and in the community, but I will need some help for this is all new to me. I am not an artist, but I am a writer and have written fanfics Of Watership Down already such as my first "The Battle Of Watership Down". I've heard I seem to have a writing style that makes my stories somewhat unique, so I've adopted it for some for my new stories, but once and while I will probably write in a different style. You all have inspired me to take the initiative in the fandom, hopefully, one day I can turn from the Inspired, Into an Inspiration to others. But Until then, I would really enjoy the support, help and advice of those in the fandom/community. I hope that I will someday make a significant in impact in the fandom with my work, and may the Luck of El-Ahrairah be with us all for I will definitely need it.;)
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