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One Sip

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14 May 2012, 09:22 #1

One hot summer day in Florida my friend was working on his boat. While I am not a drinker, a beer sounded very good.
Since he was drinking one, I said hey can I have one of those? He said sure. So, I took a small sip and remembered why I didn't drink.
I said I'm sorry but I can't drink this, he said OK I will finish it.
Then he asked me to hand him a wrench that was on the trailer. I was already in the boat so I just leaned over to get the wrench and fell out of the boat. He said I sure am glad you didn't drink the whole beer if that is what a sip does to you.
He laughed until he had tears in his eyes.
Of course, the beer had nothing to do with me falling out of the boat.
I heard about that for years. :)

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14 May 2012, 21:34 #2

Great story! LOL