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Jun 1 2018, 08:44 PM #1

I read somewhere that Tapatalk will remove any forums that have no activity for more than a few months so I guess I should make a comment now and again, or the entire archive of the forum could go bye bye!  Almost nobody posts on my forum anymore but I'd hate for all the past information to be lost.  The web site does have copies of old sites but I don't think that includes my forum when it was on InvisionFree. 

I have four chicks that are now six weeks old.  Otherwise, not much is going on new with my animals.  I've had no time to process photos now for a few years so my web site is out of date.  I do post some photos to my Fishpondinfo Facebook page now and then.

Anyway, I'm still here if anyone has stories to share or questions.  I can't guarantee that others will also reply but I should see all the posts!
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