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Pond Diagnostics

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Hi Everyone, wondering if you guys could help with some advice. I rebuilt my pond bringing the depth up to 3ft from 4. It is 18ft long by 10wide. I keep getting air pockets underneath the liner so I worked them to the sides and out. They kept coming back so I put beach rock on the bottom but now they are forming on the sides. Problem being I have fastened down all the edges with no where to work the air to. Why do I keep getting these and what can I do? Thanks!

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Are you sure it is air under the liner and not water? If you have a high water table, it could be water; however, if you didn't have this problem when the pond was even deeper, that seems unlikely unless you've had a lot of rain lately.

I'm not sure why they are forming. I assume there were no pockets when you first put the liner in.

Good luck!
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